Kellan Lutz Will Not Be Playing Britney Spears’ Man-Bot

Kellan Lutz won’t be starring opposite Britney Spears in her new video for “I Wanna Go”.

Lutz E!’s Marc Malkin reports:

Sources confirm that the Twilight hunk was offered to play the pop singer’s steamy boy-toy in the video for her third single, “I Wanna Go.” However, Mr. Lutz politely declined.

In the video, being shot in L.A. today and tomorrow, Lutz apparently would have rescued Spears from pesky paparazzi before going on to lock lips in the backseat of a car. Oh, said hunky character also turns out to be a robot.

Matthew McConaughey was reportedly also approached.


  1. Hollywood, CA says

    Ooohhh… so she’s been practicing a “Robot Glare” for the past couple years… that’s why her eyes seem so glazed over and distant. She’s serving a “Robotic Realness!” That explains it all!


  2. Justin says

    I watched him on Chelsea Lately the other night, he’s as dumb as a rock. Hot body, no brains.

  3. Brad says

    Seriously can Britney Spears just give it up. She ruined the Billboard Music Awards. Gaga is sooo much better than her. I am so sick of her flailing around like she has talent and people are Seriosuly buying into her act.

  4. Dick says

    Can you say “Has been”? Why doesn’t she ask Mel or Ahnold? They might agree.

  5. Ozzy says

    Oh you freaking queen.
    @Igor You want everybody to listen to your hipster music or Gaga. Go ahead listen to them but they not for everybody!
    @HE IS DUMB(smart) Tell me how the trainwreck look and compare it to Britney now. I’m sorry that Britney doesn’t dress up weird or in designer clothes where ever she go. A least she dress normal like a human begin.
    @Brad Britney haven’t failing anything. You know who fail? Beyonce! Her new song can’t even make to top ten on iTune and I bet you, it going to happen the same thing at the Billboard.
    @Dick Had been? Are you freaking blind or what? Look at the chart now and if you wanna know who is “has been” go look for Avril in chart.

  6. Drew says

    I would believe that he’s a robot if he did accept the part. That stud can’t act.