Man In Critical Condition After Attack Outside Of Gay Club In Texas

A 22-year-old man is in critical condition after a brutal attack outside of a gay nightclub in downtown El Paso. San Diego Gay & Lesbian News is reporting the incident as a likely gay bashing because the victim was waiting outside of the club for a ride.

Op From KVIA's report:

Police said the victim, only described as a 22-year-old Hispanic man, was involved in a verbal confrontation with six other men. The fight escalated to punching and kicking and police said one of the six men even used a bat to hit the victim. A friend of the victim tried to intervene, but was stopped by one of the six men when he struck her Jeep with a bat and damaged the windshield, according to police. The victim was transported to University Medical Center in critical condition.

The club, The Old Plantation, is known locally as "The OP."

The six men reportedly drove away in a van. Anyone with tips on the identity of the suspects is encouraged to call the El Paso Police Department at (915) 832-4400.


  1. Francis says

    This sounds extremely eerily similar to the hate crime by the out-of-city thugs in Austin late last year. Dudes in a van, driving past a gay bar, shouting slurs, gay man says something back, thugs attack gay man. It really says a lot that some of these thugs go out of their way to seek gay people out to attack, literally go to “gay” parts of cities and towns just to beat gay men. The female friend needs to speak out on what happened and give some sort of identity of the attackers. Even IF this isn’t a hate crime, it’s regardless a senseless attack by savages, who need to be off of the streets and locked behind bars. Hopefully the 22 year old young man lives. So young to have to go through something so horrible.

  2. Xtab says

    In the late 1980s, two gay men were actually killed by a gang of thugs near Dallas’ gay neighborhood. That was about ten years before Matthew Shepard’s death. The guy who pulled the trigger was given a light sentence because the judge thought killing gays was like killing prostitutes, and felt you shouldn’t give out harsh sentences for killing gays or prostitutes.

  3. Bill Michael says

    This is one of those times when gay people in the club should have swarmed all over the attackers using deadly force. Only then will this stop.

  4. Kris says

    One of the saddest moments during the incident occurred when OP security was asked for help. At least one guard responded, “It’s not our problem.”

  5. Matt26 says

    “Not our problem”?? What? That’t the problem in today’s society. It is our mutual problem.

    (By the way, as a rule, people can wait for a ride outside of a gay club even though they are straight. I have waited outside of a straight club.)

  6. chris says

    The “customers” can control what security thinks and what the owner does by telling them loud and clear…”if you cannot make sure your customers are safe in front of your business, then i will go to another place.”
    those with the wallet (or purse) are always in charge. one night with a very small group will say a lot.

  7. ratbastard says

    Don’t kid yourself. So-called ‘security’ [really just thugs themselves] are just following the club owners policy regarding getting involved off the clubs premises. It’s all about avoiding any legal liability. And when has anyone ever known a club’s security to be ‘nice’ people? ‘Security’ and doorman/woman are aholes. Clientele tolerate it [and tolerate being ripped off] because they want to get into ‘cool’ clubs and bars, and want to be seen…LOL

  8. Xtab says

    That’s true. You don’t want private security groups to have authority over the street. That opens districts up the potential for all kinds of abuses.

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    Maybe one of the solutions could be refusing to patronize any gay club that doesn’t have proper security measures (Well lit in front and around the club, WORKING security cameras, gay-friendly security that stays at least 30 minutes after the bar closes and are posted out front, and relationships with the local police department.