MN Senate Approves Ballot Initiative to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

After several hours of debate, the Minnesota Senate has approved a ballot initiative to allow voters to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage, the AP reports:

Minnesota The amendment approved 38-27 Wednesday sets the vote on whether to define marriage as between one man and one woman. That definition already exists in Minnesota statute, but supporters of the traditional definition of marriage say the extra protection is needed to guard against judicial rulings.

Critics of the amendment say it would enshrine discrimination in the state's most important document and that it's a distraction from more important issues facing the state.

Sen. Leroy Stumpf of Plummer was the only Democrat who voted yes. All Senate Republicans voted yes.

Passage is expected in the House. Governor Mark Dayton opposes it but is unable to block constitutional amendments.


  1. says

    Absolutely sickening. This is NOTHING more than a political ploy to bring the religious wrong to the polls in order to vote for whoever the Republican presidential candidate is and make sure Obama does not win MN. This is an absolute disgrace!

  2. One of the CA 36,000 says

    The Right Wingers are in complete panic mode now. Eventually ALL of these anti-marriage equality statutes will be struck down on Fourteenth Amendment grounds– I’m fairly confident it will happen. They just want to clearly express how much they hate LGBTQ folk.

    Right back at ya, you horrible Christianist pig-people. Burn in Hell. I will personally piss on your graves after your hopefully-painful and hopefully-agonizing deaths.

  3. Zlick says

    Uh, I’m pretty sure the “federal” ruling we’re all counting on will trump their constitution, ahem – as will ANY federal court ruling that their (unfortunately presumed) amendment is in violation of the U.S. constitution. Sheesh, what dopes! Lying, evil dopes.

  4. ricky says

    So the daily passage of the ban on gay marriage continues – soon, instead of a prayer the legislature will simply start each day with passing a gay marriage amendment ban — still, there is something magnificent about making these members put their ignorance and hate to a vote – to get it on record – so that history can one day judge them for their stupidity and pandering.

    Glad to see Target’s conservative homophobic legislative agenda continues – the legislators they gave their political dollars to in Minnesota really delivered for them.

  5. Rowan says

    “Sen. Leroy Stumpf of Plummer was the only Democrat who voted yes. All Senate Republicans voted yes.”

    Sen. Leroy Stumpf of Plummer…is your new enemy.

  6. Eduardo P says

    To Billy who posted about Minneapolis being the gayest city in America. It is and has NOTHING to do with out state right ringers who are homophobic. All of the Minneapolis Democrats voted against this measure. To the geographically challenged, Minnesota is our State, and Minneapolis our largest city. Kinda like saying Los Angeles IS California…get it.

  7. Pete n SFO says

    It would be lovely if the SCOTUS would rule on 14th Amendment in our favor… but they also have a history of wrong decisions.

    The GOP pandering to prejudice to get people to vote, I understand. The silence of the Dems & other ‘leaders’ everywhere is absolutely the most disappointing thing about this.

    Aren’t those Ugandans crazy, huh? Are we really so different?

  8. TSG says

    While debating this the Republicans kept their mouths shut and didn’t say a word in support, probably to stay off the public record because they don’t have any arguments that would make sense to rational people and they don’t want to sound like the raging homophobic bigoted idiots they all are.

  9. walter says

    another example for lcr and goproud of the love their party shows for them. these clowns better wake up before it is too late. their work to change the repuks is not showing any results. the repuks have continually proven to be the party of the straight rich white. gays blacks hispanics need not apply just give them your vote that’s all they want. the repuks keep saying the most important thing is jobs and the economy yet they waste time on everything but.

  10. Michael says

    Where are the protests? Where are the pro-equality people of faith–gay and straight? Where are the acts of civil disobedience? Where are the pro-equality prayer vigils and fasts? As long as most people sit on their butts and do nothing, the radical anti-gay activists voted in last November will continue to impose their “religious beliefs” on everyone else.

  11. Josh says

    I just cannot believe we are even having this debate in a country that is a]supposed to be “United” and b] The Land of the Free. To make things even more psychotic [cause I believe so many people live in an unreal world there] Obama had the gall to preach to the Chinese about human rights. And to think these people allegedly run the country. All double standards, lies and deceit- but as long as they are in power the idea of actually being a “public servant” will not enter their heads.

  12. Mark says

    blah blah blah. The complaining in here does nothing to help the situation. I have a better suggestion on how to spend your free time: instead of gluing your eyes on and posting complaints, how about volunteering some of your free time to the local faction of the democratic party in your area to help elect as many democrats as possible in the next election? It’s really about the only thing you can do that really counts when it comes to avoiding sad events like these. (well that and making a full day out of election day, by giving unmotivated people a ride to the polls until they close)

  13. Matt F says

    De-Target your homes this weekend. Take every cheap knick-knack, any half used UP brands, sheets, towels, clothes, plates, etc,( and I’m including the crap you bought years ago that are probably taking up room in the basement or closets) back to Target customer service and tell them why you are returning things that originally brought you pleasure, but you are now aware of the their chief executives vendetta and Target’s corporate giving was only to involve you and your loved ones with unfair laws.

    You can ask customer service to donate them to whatever charity they use or use their dumpsters to trash it. I took another set of plates back a few weeks ago…I forgot they were Target brand until I looked underneath and saw the Target bulleye. They were ugly anyway and probably used them twice in 4 years. Seriously, I you can do without some of the Target items you purchased in the past, take it back to Target. I challenge you! Be forewarned, they will be unhappy with you so make your point short and sweet!

  14. Billy says

    To EDUARDO P, I do understand geography, and probably better then you. My point was the poll’s methodology had to be off if the number 1 spot goes to a city within a state the is hostel to it’s gay community.

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