Navy Revokes Guidance Allowing Same-Sex Marriages on Bases

Following outrage from social conservatives like hate group leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and anti-gay military crusader Elaine Donnelly, the Chief of Navy Chaplains Rear Admiral Mark Tidd has (likely temporarily) revoked guidance it issued allowing ue of base facilities for same-sex marriages in states where it is legal, and allowing Navy chaplains to perform such services.

Tidd The Washington Post reports:

Despite the decision, military officials said Tuesday night that the Defense Department may still eventually permit gay troops to use military chapels in states that recognize homosexual marriages for same-sex weddings after President Obama lifts the ban on openly gay service members known as “don’t ask, don’t tell.”


Tidd said he issued the revised guidance after chaplains asked about same-sex marriage ceremonies during mandatory training sessions about the end of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

But he reversed course late Tuesday, saying he was suspending his guidance “pending additional legal and policy review” and closer coordination with the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard.

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network released a statement in support of Tidd's earlier decision, saying it was entirely consistent with the administration's position on DOMA.

Expect this to be addressed at today's meeting of the House Armed Services Committee, along with the amendments from the GOP which hope to derail repeal efforts.

More on that to come but you can get caught up below.

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  1. Rob says

    “Organized religion” (and affiliated groups FRC, NOM, etc.) is just a general term for “Organized Homophobia”. Even if we’re lucky enough to see DADT actually repealed later this year, it appears we’ll have to be on constant guard for stupid actions like this recision action by the US military – by both civilian leaaders and enlisted personnel. Our community has to realize there are millions and millions of our fellow citizens who don’t approve of us – as full citizens deserving of equal rights or, in some case, as fellow human beings deserving to live.

  2. Rowan says


    Hate to break it to you but maunt in the ‘community’ don’t care.

    Furthermore, 25% voted for the GOP in 2010.

    Maybe work needs to start within the ‘community’ first?

    Anyways, 1-0 to the GOP & Anti-Gay groups. Again.

  3. Bob R says

    Once DADT is ancient history, things will fall into place. I can assure you the courts will see to that.

  4. Fenrox says

    Awww, I liked that guidance that they passed on, It was well worded and effectively just said “Yes, if gay marriage is legal you can do a gay marriage”

    The fact that people had a problem with it shows how ignorant and selfish they are.