News: Alexander Skarsgard, Scotland, Anthony Weiner, Chile

 road Watch: The trailer for the US version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Alex  road Alexander Skarsgard smolders on the cover Interview magazine.

 road A sizable number of members of The Chuch of Scotland are withholding donations due to the decision by the church to allow gay ministers: "An internal report by Glasgow Presbytery described how in one church – St George’s Tron in Glasgow – the 'general disquiet and sadness about the Church of Scotland’s decision to set up a special commission on this matter had been a contributory factor in several members directing their sacrificial giving and tithing towards the congregation’s evangelical ministry and outreach, rather than the central funds of the Church of Scotland.'"

 road Weiner's Weiner? New York Rep. Anthony Weiner may have tweeted a photo of his bulge.

 road Christina Aguilera parties in West Hollywood.

 road Robert Pattinson suits up to shoot his latest film in Toronto.

 road Huge Memorial Day Weekend at the movie box office: The Hangover 2 expected to rake in $137 million.

 road President Obama tours tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri: "This is not just your tragedy. This is a national tragedy, and that means there will be a national response."

Chiel  road Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is pushing for civil unions in his country: "Mr. Pinera told Santiago-based El Mercurio newspaper he wanted to safeguard 'the dignity of those couples, whether of the opposite or even the same sex.'"

 road RIP gay actor and model Maurice Murrell who has just passed away at the age of 32.

 road Thousands of Serbs rally in support of recently apprehended war-crimes suspect Ratko Mladic.

 road The space shuttle Endeavor crew disembark from the International Space Station.

 road In celebration of Pride, Millennium Hotels offers hotel discount to its gay and lesbian guests.

 road Previously unseen photographs of Marilyn Monroe are unearthed.


  1. CaptKirkis80 says

    Funny how whenever a story about some democratic “scandal” such as the pic that may or (more likely) MAY NOT be of Rep. Weiner (source = Breitbart, which makes it ridiculously suspect) gets into the news, it’s always about a particularly troublesome dem who is a real pain in the ass to the repugs. Never just a random dem who is just going about his day, as with the Repugs’ Chris Lee, for example, where the pic was absolutely and undeniably him.

    I find it almost laughable to suggest that someone like Representative Weiner, clearly one of the more Tech-Savvy members of congress, is going to send anything like that on his public twitter feed which has over 46,000 subscribers. It’s painfully clear that this is an attempt to smear and degrade the man who is one of the best, most vocal champions the Dems have, by one of the dirtiest mouth-pieces the repugs have.

    I’m a little disappointed to even read about it here, framed as something Wiener did, rather than as a blatant attempt by Breitbart to make him look bad, which is far more likely.

    If he was REALLY sexting some lady, 1) why do it on his twitter feed, and 2) why not go all-out, a la Bret Favre, and show the real deal? Oh yeah! That would make it much easier to disprove… Size, shape, cut or not, color of the pubes, etc. All anyone really has to go on with this pic is whether or not the congressman wears boxer-briefs…

    Thank you, Andy for contributing to this distraction for the Congressman. As if he doesn’t have enough to do for us. The repugs are never going to believe that it isn’t him, but framing your post in such a way as to question the Congressman’s integrity rather than the scurrilous nature of the source is really doing him and Dems a disservice.


  2. Joseph Singer says

    I know you’re trying to be cute, but if you really wanted to be truthful it’s Weiner’s (whiner’s) wiener like a German sausage. You were too cute for your own good.

  3. PLAINTOM says

    The source is Breitbart then it must be true, The pillar of journalistic integrity. Why don’t we just ask the RNC what tomorrows news headlines will be.

  4. Joe says

    I’m extremely disappointed in the fact that you, Andy, would frame the Weiner fraud the way you did. Even the ‘may have’ doesn’t excuse it. This item was debunked almost immediately and has been several times, and yet you put this item up without one bit of research on your own part. Disappointed.

  5. Robert says

    Weiner in German is prounounced “viner” whereas Wiener (which means a native of Vienna the capital of Austria is written as Wien in German) would be pronounced “veener” to a German speaker or weener if you’re American. I’m always amazed why the English language always imposes its pronunciation on non-English words.

  6. says

    I’m a little disappointed with the Rep Weiner story posted here when that was really disprove before this was posted on Towleroad.

    The fact that this is a fake is not up for debate, it is, the only thing left to answer now is whether Wiener’s account was hacked AND the picture was photoshopped to include Weiner’s twitter account name on it, or if someone just posted the photoshopped picture and merely a link with it to the Congressman’s yfrog (which anyone can do), then posted a RT as if the thing really happened.

    Andy, I think you owe it to your readers to post a correction on this story and ensure — in a more obvious and read article — that the photo was doctored and this was an example of fraud.

  7. groan says

    The only story concerning Wiener is the smear that Breitbart is doing. As others have pointed out, it was debunked almost immediately. Towleroad should update with the truth, and an apology for aiding the smear would be appropriate too.

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