1. says

    Everything about this campaign is insulting.
    Marriage between a man and a woman is not “under attack” because Equality doesn’t stop straight couples from marrying.

    Mother and Father? What does that have to do with marriage? Plenty of heterosexuals do not have children, and yet still marry. Plenty of heterosexuals do not marry, and yet have children.

    Not all LGBT couples that marry are going to have kids. Maggie Gallagher HERSELF was a single mother!

    Time and time again, idiots have said “you’re changing the definition of marriage!” yet have been unable to intelligently and specifically articulate what that actually means, and what it will mean for their marriages, or any heterosexual couples.

    Children are our future. Duh. And gay couples marrying doesn’t change that, in any way.

    Did IQs drop sharply in the last few years???

  2. patrick nyc says

    Let’s hope that Diaz goes the way of the other homophobe that called himself a preacher, Jerry Falwell. I don’t wish ill on many, but I hope this prick is six feet under soon.

  3. just_a_guy says

    The poster is such a farce. It’s dishonest: What genuine, loving marriage is built on denying the right to marry to other people?! Any marriage truly like that is a sham. EVERY ANTI-GAY SUPPORTER WHO ATTENDS THIS RALLY ANNOUNCES THAT THEIR PERSONAL MARRIAGE IS OR WILL BE A SHAM. Let’s get pictures!!! They need to be announcing their belief in SHAM marriage PUBLICLY!! hahahaha. Pictures, please :–). Lots of them, of every individual in attendance already. Close-ups = A+.

    And then the drawing of people supposedly raising their hands together in joy and community. Umm, no. Are you kidding? Any jointly raise hands against marriage equality are just that: Joined hands of hatred. It’s ugly. Nothing less. And it’s not community. It’s ANTI-community. Unless that community is BUILT on hate. But who wants to be part of a community BUILT on hate? Well, EVERY SINGLE ATTENDEE IN SUPPORT OF THAT EVENT wants to be part of a community built SOLELY on HATE. Again, pictures, please! Let them show who they really are. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Let history judge.

  4. just_a_guy says

    Their actions really do need to be memorialized. Otherwise they will not understand the gravity of what they are doing. Let’s see those faces; show yourself.

    Problem is, the haters probably mostly won’t. It would be a better world if they did. And they might learn a thing or two. It’s not as easy to hide personal ignorance when you have to show yourself for it publicly. Everyday gay people do show themselves every day for who they are. Do everyday anti-gay people?? Unfortunately not; if they did, they wouldn’t remain anti-gay for as long.

  5. MadM@ says

    I like how it’s a rally against groups that are “liberal and powerful”…. Always have to play the victim, even when heterosexual marriage is legal and is under no threat, and Christianity is the majority religion that receives a lot of government favor. At no point will anyone have to explain this, but people will just parrot that they are fighting powerful liberal groups until they’ve created some simulacrum neo-liberal police state in their heads that is going to force them to same-sex marry

  6. Rowan says

    Ahh Tranquilo,

    This is why gay rights and the left movement FAIL all the time.

    Did you not hear or see the images of THOUSANDS of people who marched in his last march in 2009???

    Have you guys not learned ANYTHING?

    You live in the USA for chrissakes and you think everyone thinks like you? Really?

  7. Jesus says

    @Rovex, your comments are both offensive and irrelevant to the conversation. Being mentally retarded does not make one a blathering bigot.

    @Rowan, that was two years ago. We can at least hope that the turnout will be as humiliating as was NOM’s marriage tour, but keep in mind that the numbers don’t always represent the actual voting position of the demonstration’s participants. I know a lot of people will be told to join in celebration of traditional family, but unfortunately not all of us are as acutely attuned to these code words as you or I may be.

  8. Bart says

    It looks like an ad for a jewelry store.

    Yes, marriage between a man and a woman will cease to exist if gay men and women get married! Only gay men and women will be allowed to get married

    Children will never be born again! And all those children in foster care, you must wait your entire childhood to be adopted by a straight couple, that’s the price you little ones must pay because we are saving marriage, you know, the institution that didn’t allow blacks and whites to couple until the mid-1900s.

    And if any of you don’t believe what I’ve written, please go to Genesis Chapter 1, verse 10-20 of your New Hater’s Bible. IT reads: And on the seventh day God did not rest! On the seventh day God created marriage and said, “This shall only be for men and women. And only for making babies. Cute ones. Only non-believers will have ugly babies.” And then he took a nap (The New Hater’s Bible, the Revised Version.)

    All I’ll say is that considering the district this guy is from, Maggie Gallagher better watch her purse at the Bronx rally.

  9. Bill says

    David: ‘”Since the creation of the world”? What the hell? Where to even begin?’

    Oh, I’d begin about 4.54 billion years ago, our best estimate to date of when the earth was formed!

    Earth to religious nuts: the radius of the visible universe is about 1.2 times 10 to the 26 meters. Any deity alleged to have created something that large is not going to be concerned with where one puts a certain appendage that is nominally 15 cm long when erect.

  10. FunMe says

    Something tells me that the local New York news will be about the AIDS walk. The Diaz CHINO (Christian In Name Only) rally will be a passing comment. With the major Spanish newspaper in New York endorsing EQUALITY, I think that Diaz homophobe is going to be on the losing end.

    Meanwhile, are there enough photos of Diaz and his ADULTERY yet? 😉

    Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” LOVE WHAT SOME HAD TO SAY ABOUT THOSE WORDS:

    “I will say I believe this statement. People say they are religious and they are judgemental. A true Christian heart loves all unconditonally that includes, the ill (both mentally and physically), the old,the wicked, the lost, the poor, the weak and even the strong, no one should be left out it the boat of true Christian spirit, but many times they are and I find it sad and distasteful.”

  11. Mark says

    Little Kiwi

    “Did IQs drop sharply in the last few years???”

    IQs have not dropped at all in the last few years. If you take yourself back even just 30 years ago, in the 70’s, you would see that things have actually changed for the better. In the 70s, the medical establishment considered homosexuality a mental disorder, and this is from educated professionals (let alone what you could expect from the 300-lb Kentucky redneck bubbas in overalls).

    What HAS changed, however, is that the opposition to civil rights has gotten a lot smarter and has come up with new tools to hurt us. Decades ago when states began legalizing interracial marriages, private groups did not think about sponsoring ballot initiatives to have people vote for constitutional amendments banning interracial marriages. This is just one example of a very powerful new tool the opposition has realized it could tap into in order to effectively block gay marriage.

    So the promotion of this new perverted logic they’re throwing at the masses: that ‘sincerely held beliefs’ deserve protection (even though they’re really crazy bigotry) and that every law, including DOMA, deserves the best defense in court (even though it’s a law passed by bigots just for the purpose of discriminating against gays), these arguments are just new tools they have discovered they could use against us. They don’t have to sell them to everyone, just to the majority of the population, and in that they are successful. You don’t need me to tell you how stupid the majority of the public is.

    This is sad but part and parcel of the IQ improvement. When it improves in the general population, it also improves in those that hate us the most, with obviously disastrous consequences.

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