1. gwyneth cornrow says

    Hot. Love the glasses. Love Sean Avery. Love the Rangers. But seriously, isn’t single issue voting a bit passe?

  2. cg says

    Coming from an notorious racist and homophobic meat-head that makes me embarrassed of sharing the same nationality…wow.

  3. chriss says

    Avery is great..the Rangers are great and hockey is the most forward thinking sport….because of the Canadians.

  4. says

    Too bad Sean Avery is possibly the most classless person in hockey and a complete tool. I’m just being honest “Towleroad” so please don’t block my comment. Thanks!

  5. BK says

    @Ioann and @Richard Farias, what Avery does on the ice is one thing, he is supposed to get under the skin of the opposing players. What he does off the ice is another matter. Every time I have ever met Avery he has been nothing but nice to everyone. Bravo to Avery for standing up for marriage equality for all. Avery has also made it clear in the media that if a young hockey player wanted to come out to his team he would be there to support them. What Avery does off the ice speaks more than what he does on the ice.

  6. FunMe says

    Sean is standing up for equality for all. I say, good for him.

    And THANKS! :-)

  7. chris says

    to the 2 haters…look inside yourselves…how much or how little have you done for marriage equality before you start criticizing Avery. Thanks for the support Sean Avery!!

  8. says

    @Chris: Calling it like it is doesn’t make you a “hater”. Christina Aguilera bombed at the Super Bowl. If I say that am I a Christina Aguilera “hater”? Anyone familiar with hockey knows that Sean Avery has earned a remarkably bad reputation.