1. says

    The surveillance video is cut and spliced together with the first obvious point of cut and splice being 0:27-0:28

    The police need to release ALL footage

  2. Francis says

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t make it through the video. Too much stupidity. Given the stories we’ve heard from S. Carolina in terms of hate crimes recently, I 100% take Mr. Fuller at his word until proven otherwise. Just another example of a backwards culture that leads to irrational hate and violent behavior.

  3. E.N. says

    I don’t get it, didn’t the Matthew Shepard hate crime act pass federally?
    Then why does it matter now if a state doesn’t have a hate crime law?
    Can someone explain to me please.

  4. dh says

    i was attacked by a group of thugs up here in liberal seattle, and the police i talked to were homophobic douchebags. very similar story.

    the police asked me tricky questions to get me to contradict myself, asked me what i did to provoke the attack, etc. refused to look for the suspects, and tried to persuade me from filing a hate crimes report.

    if fuller’s testamony is contradictory, it’s probably because the police went out of their way to trip him up.

  5. Luminum says

    I can’t believe their counter statement suggests that because he reacted AFTER being called an anti-gay slur, he might be at fault for the ensuing assault against him.

    Jesus Christ…

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