1. nodnarb says

    I don’t know anyone who watches American Idol anymore… at least no one who will admit it. But we did happen to flip by it for a few minutes several weeks ago, and that country bumpkin was singing an Elvis song. It was beyond terrible.

  2. redball says

    AA! Fierceity-fierce-fierce.

    fierce hat. fierce chola-inspired bandanna (per her new post-Judas era).

    i will follow this b!tch to the Edge any day. she makes it easier to come home for the holidays (or any time) to my bigoted parents.

  3. TC says

    It really is a shame that, with all the really talented and interesting contestants, a guy who can barely sing and was NEVER EVEN ASKED to sing anything but country, would have won. How boring. Will look forward to his episode of “What Ever Happened to…” in five years.

    I would comment on Lauren but, frankly, I don’t remember a single song she sang.

  4. OhpleaseMike says

    The final show was nearly 90% pop music including the Gaga number…how in the world did that thing end up a hootenanny with the most boring members of the season?
    But back to Gaga…the hat was a reminder that its all been done before, in this case, a Cyndi Lauper inspired headdress and a melody that hinted at three other songs. Gaga is good at writing these anthems and she is always entertaining as any spectacle is.

  5. Wes says

    It was a little pitchy, dawg.

    I think the budget should provide for a new saxophone and/or player. It reminded me of the song Sax Man by The Lonely Island, where the guy can’t play every time he has a solo.

    Anyways, Alfred E. Neuman won. Great.

  6. Papa Tony says

    I have never watched American Idol until this season. I was intrigued by the Adam Lambert stuff posted here on Towleroad, so I gave the current season a chance. I’ve loved it, but I could see the writing on the wall a good dozen episodes ago. Scotty is young, he wears a cross around his neck, and he’s an aw-shucks, non-threatening man-boy who is pure catnip to Midwestern tween girls. He can’t sing his way out of a paper bag, the judges gave him an un-earned pass on every damn song he ever did, and Haley proved last night that she could confidently match style with Tony Bennett, but hey – Scotty loves his momma. He was the weakest singer onstage during the entire evening’s entertainment.
    He needs to cash-in FAST, because those young girls ovulating at the sight of him won’t stay young for much longer.
    Haley is the new Adam Lambert!

  7. Wes says

    Battle lines? You do realize that such over the top polarization only plays into Gaga’s marketing strategy and becomes a reflection of her cultural relevance.

  8. Dave says

    Great performance, but the bit where she and the boytoy were dancing around on top of the cliff looked for all the world like Ross and Monica’s Routine from “Friends”.

  9. meh says

    literal much? tacky. messy. embarrassing. girl’s got talent, but needs to focus on quality. honestly makes me long for a certain Bonnie Tyler video….

  10. Patric says

    Agree with those here who’ve commented on what a disappointment it was to see these two finalists, and very much in particular Scotty, as the last ones standing. Never in its ten years has a season fallen as short of its initial promise as this one. The top 13 included several contenders who could have easily gone up against winners from past seasons: Pia, Stefano, Haley and, at moments, James and Jacob. For Scotty, a one-trick pony who was never once challenged to leave his comfort zone and who never received criticisms from the judges all season, to be left standing after those others were given the boot both made this season a big disappointment and confirmed what we already know: it’s more valuable to appeal to Red America (plus tween girls) in this competition than to actually be one of the best singers or performers on the stage.

    Also, the judges ended up being worse this season than in any prior season. Every performance was “amazing.” I could count on my hands the number of critical assessments rendered all year. Had Simon been around to critique Scotty, he would have put him through the ringer.

  11. Alex N says

    Rob Sheffied who wrote the review for Rolling Stone is a huge fan and Gaga champion. He’s also the moron who claimed that while Born This Way, the song, is a complete ripoff of Madonna’s Express Yourself, it is better because it is faster. Not only is he a terrible writer, but it is against principle for an all out fan to write a review in what was once the rock bible and has degenerated into nonsense over the past few years as readership has dwindled. In order to compensate for this, they embraced idiotic and disposable pop that they wouldn’t have even acknowledged 15 years ago. Therefore, I would hardly say that the sycophantic nonsense Sheffield wrote has any true bearing whatsoever. The album reviews have been mixed at best, and like all modern pop singers, Gaga will eventually be seen only for her over the top outfits, bland Eurodance retreading and a frankly iffy live voice. I’m really amused when people say she can sing live. She is flat throughout most of her performances and has absolutely no nuance whatsoever. Her dancing seems to get worse and worse. I can see what she is going for, but that requires confidence and agility, and she really has neither when it comes to dancing. Just my opinion, of course.

  12. lito S says

    I personally loved Scotty. He has a pure country voice. Overall I enjoyed the show. Didn’t dig Casey paired with a joke instead of a singer. Loved Priest but Screechy mcBigEars ruined it for me. also disappointed Jacob didn’t come to terms with herself and belt out “don’t be a drag just be a queen” during the opening number.

  13. mikel1814 says

    Rollling Stone, as a publication, has a vested interest in the survival of the corporate music machine. Their bottom line depends on people being interested in purchasing music.

    Gaga is really all they have left at this point, isn’t she?

    Of course they are going to promote the sale of her record.

  14. romeo says

    The Idol “results” were hardly of any consequence. You’ll note that the two finalists were all but ignored in that mega-spectacular. Who knew Tom Jones was still ambulatory much less could sing? Stephanie sounded a little strained, but who wouldn’t be knowing they had to jump into a volcano. LOL There was such amazing talent on the show this year, and the fact that these two ho-hum performers got to the top has everything to do with obsessive Southerners spending hours on the phone to take revenge on the yankees. Casey should have won – what a talent. And Haley wound up totally surprising me. The real winner last night was Mad Magazine for all the publicity they’re going to get every time that kid shows his face.

  15. mark desy says

    Who is Scotty?
    If you DVR’ed this, be sure to check out Stefano when they are all singing in white pants.

    Never been attracted to Stefano, but WOW, he is packing a lot of heat in those white pants

  16. NorthoftheBorder says

    Idol blows. I think they should change the public voting system to picking the singer you want to LEAVE the show.. not that wants to stay. That would make more sense to me.

  17. ashton c says

    I actually love the new album, then again I like Gaga. I dont understand the haters then again my world is way better without sad know-it-alls spewing hate in it.

    Its just pop music people. Can you at least allow those of us who like it to enjoy it in peace without putting in your nasty two cents every chance a Gaga post pops up??

    Damn!! do you guys go around bursting little kids balloon’s at the fair too?.

  18. jaragon says

    Spectacularl sexy cheese! Can’t wait for the video I hope she gets Kelan Lutz to leap into the volcano. Who cares about the winner of American Idol which leads to instant oblivion

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