1. Jeremy says

    Not really a fan of her music, but color me shocked–girl is funny! And looks like she doesn’t take herself too seriously.

  2. Matthew says

    Born This Way kind of disappointed me, but after watching this I’m reminded why I love her so much.

  3. Aron says

    Where are all the haters? Guess they realized there’s not much to hate on – she’s talented, she worked hard and she seems grateful for her success and uses her platform to call for equality and acceptance and love.

  4. greg says

    As an older gay man, mid 40’s, I havent been too impressed by her music. Im from the Madonna mindset and era. But this girl has personality in spades. She seems genuinely nice, very humble and has done so much for the LGBT community in the two years shes been ‘famous’. Her SNL appearance last weekend was hysterical and I found this interview to be charming.

    So rock on Gaga.

  5. andypharmer says

    She is awesome. The album has made me so happy. Are all the songs great? Absolutely not, but its the first time I have looked forward to an album this much and it was great. I agree… rock on Gaga!

  6. says

    Here is a new link – since the currently listed link isnt working anymore:

    I love Lady Gaga, not all her music, but I love her as a person. Madonna and Lady Gaga are not the same person, you can love both. lol.