1. redball says

    Aaa pulling a late night, Steve? :-) (I’m pretty sure this did not come up when I first refreshed around 3 or 3:30am). My Queen did a great job! Love her.

  2. AJ says

    I loved Liquorville and I laughed so hard at the sketch featured here I couldn’t breathe. They have such awesome comic timing!! Love you Mama Monster and JT. SO much fun to watch and the highlight of SNL this season for sure!

  3. bravo says

    I didn’t think this video was particularly funny.

    “Dick in a Box” was hilarious, and it was an unexpected viral hit.

    Perhaps this video is a parody of how difficult it is to come up with a sequel to an unexpected sensation. (Gaga’s new album will probably be testament to that.)

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