Anthony Weiner Tells Friends He’ll Step Down

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is reportedly stepping down, the NYT reports:

Presser_weiner "Representative Anthony D. Weiner has told friends that he plans to resign his seat after coming under growing pressure from his Democratic colleagues to leave the House in the wake of revelations of his lewd online exchanges with women, said a person told of Mr. Weiner’s plans…Mr. Weiner, a Democrat, came to the conclusion that he could no longer serve after having long discussions with his wife, Huma Abedin, when she returned home on Tuesday after traveling abroad with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton."


  1. Mike says

    This is ridiculous! He is stepping down because he sent a few photos on twitter. Of course everyone will so, no no no… it is because he lied about his crime. What fricken crime? In any event, let this be a lesson to all – if you are accused of such things, your answer is no comment, and then pull the republican card of righteous indignation: “This is my personal life and how dare you ask such inappropriate questions.” How very sad we lost a great congressman over such nonsense.

  2. AedanCRoberts says

    F this. F his constituents, f his spineless, pathetic democratic colleagues. F the hypocritical Rethuglican base. F this whole situation. F you, Anthony Weiner, for succumbing to that pressure and letting these prudish, pathetic gas-bags pressure yout into resigning. Your spine is a lot weaker than I initially imagined.

    Why is it that Republican senators and congressmen can have sex scandal after sex scandal, most of which are actually doing illegal things in the process, and GET AWAY WITH IT CONSEQUENCE FREE while Democrats who don’t even run on a platform of moral superiority and family values get run through the shitter?

    I have lost all faith, yet again, in US politics. And the very fact that Obama actually weighed in on this? Good job losing me again- ass clown.

  3. Matt26 says

    He didn’t do any criminal, he just acted idiotic way. He was sutpid. He should have let the voters in Brooklyn and Queens to decide in the elections.

  4. suede says

    I feel bad for Huma.
    She’s pregnant and stuck with this guy and they’ve not even been married for a year.

    Weiner has made so many wrong decisions here.
    1. cheated, or tried to
    2. posted pics to strange southern women
    3. said he got hacked
    4. defiantly stuck to his seat (giving the republicans more opportunity to release more pics. If he had stepped down immediately, this would have stopped, because thats all they wanted).

    While we are on the subject, did you guys check out his college photos (the one in spandex)? Impressive bulge.

    I give his marriage a year or two. He was in it for the Clinton connection and the Moral highground of being a Jewish-Muslim couple.

  5. Gregoire says

    Did you ever think that maybe it was his wife who asked him to step down? He certainly didn’t heed the calls before Tuesday.

    It’s unfair for him to do so, in my opinion, but this is the 21st century, and the rules of conduct in the digital age have apparently changed, whether we like it or not.

    And, thinking of him, I think it will be better for his career. Trust me, he can run again in that district and win in three years — it is, after all, New York City — and will have completed this banal ‘redemption’ narrative that politicians often have to go through.

  6. Rowan says


    A distraction to what exactly? Name me ONE Democrat who is as honest and direct about the GOL like Weiner? Do you also know he is one of the only Democrats to speak publicly about being pro gay rights?

    But somehow I think you are either a right wing gay weasel or a stupid left wing weasel. Either way, you are a weasel.


    I’m in two minds whether Obama did weigh in on the issue and if he did, you have to remember that they aren’t on the same side. Wiener is Clinton old guard and would do anything to bet H back in, so in one way, one of HIS adversaries has left.

    Also, the fact that he is being this pressured to step down people by his OWN people, not the Biebart or the GOP, tells you something.

    This was an inside job. He has been sold by someone who wanted him OUT in his own party. Biebart has contacts EVERYWHERE.

  7. Tonic says

    This is absolutely stupid. What should be kept as an issue for his wife and him was allowed to blow up do to media circus and spineless fellow democrats.

    His tenacity and advocacy for the people will be missed.

  8. says

    As a resident of his district, we WANT HIM TO STAY!

    for real. this is so stupid. his indiscretion was wrong, but it has nothing to do with his political platforms or his ability to do his job.

    this man is a terrific politician and this insanely tame “scandal” should not have cost him his job.

    there will be more than a dozen deaths in America today due to gun violence. Plenty of politicians take pictures of themselves proudly brandishing firearms.

    As of 2011, no deaths in America have been reported from exposure to, or use of, Sexy Jewish Penises.

    this is ridiculous. America’s priorities are out of whack.
    pun intended.

  9. Disgusted Gay American says

    seriously OBAMA weighs in on this – and NO word, squat does he say about NY marriage equality? God the dems suck so bad, meeley mouthed worms…who throw each other under the bus,at the 1st sign of trouble….while the GOP runs Roughshod……….. I was Hoping AW would STAY!!!!

  10. Jack says

    I cannot fault someone for doing exactly what I myself have done — especially someone with such a nice dick. I wish he had held firm, like Barney Frank. (Look how much Frank has done for us since his scandal.) On the other hand, when both the President and Bill Maher say you should resign, maybe there’s something I don’t know.

  11. Rowan says


    You don’t think his ‘poor’ wife knows about Weiner? If she isn’t gay and sleeping with Hilary, I will eat my foot! Before she got together with Weiner-so convenient-there were soo many articles about their relationship.

    And then suddenly she marries the Clintons right hand man.


    I would agree with Maher wasn’t a jack ass and Obama didn’t actually gain from having a Clinton spy out of his team.

    Again, can anyone name any democrats who challenge the GOP on the floor like he does?

    I think he would actually be of great use a news critic! He’s the only one that goes there and has any balls! Pun not intended.

    This is what happens Weiner when you marry a lesbian!

  12. suede says


    Perhaps you should live in the real world, not the rumored world. Stories about her+Hillary started coming up when Hillary was running for president. Do you ever wonder why?
    There is a 10% chance that she is gay (perhaps lower) and no credible evidence of it. The Clintons call her their daughter.

    Eat your foot already.

  13. Bob R says

    “In olden days a glimpse of stocking
    Was looked on as something shocking,
    But now, God knows,
    Anything Goes.”

    Well, apparently not. Weiner gave us more than just a “glimpse of stocking” and although I’ll be branded a prude, I think there is such a thing as propriety to be expected from public officials. I expect my leaders to observe a higher standard. Of course that bar has been lowered so many times that now you have to walk down a flight of stairs to step over it. And that is a shame.

    Weiner was not a “great” or even a good legislator. He really accomplished little in his legislative career. He did speak truth to power and gave the GOP hell on the House floor. So did Grayson. He lost his seat to the Tea Party loon Daniel Webster. The outspoken, bold Democrats in the House are getting fewer. For his out spokeness, I shall miss Weiner.

    But, the truth is, his scandal diminished if not totally blunted his most powerful weapon, his ability to speak and be listened to. So, given that was all he had to offer and now that was neutralized by his sexual exploits, other than his vote, Weiner became useless to the party and his District.

    I do not excuse his behavior. And unlike the Republicans who gave Vitter a standing ovation after his despicable and illegal behavior, I don’t applaud Weiner. Right now I think the best thing Weiner can do is get professional help, leave Congress and seek to use his talent more effectively by eventually becoming a political pundit. Or maybe someday mayor of NYC.

  14. Shannon says


  15. dms says

    The shame is that he got himself into this.

    If he didn’t realize that distributing photos of his wiener would get him in hot water, then he’s not very smart and shouldn’t be in office.

    But we know he’s a smart man. He did it because he’s insecure and needed attention. But his lack of discretion made him an easy target. It’s disappointing because it is ultimately silly and has nothing to do with public policy.

    But he had to go. Just as Chris Lee had to go. Maybe you can split hairs and say former rep lee was a “family values” guy. But I don’t buy it. As someone who is pro gay rights, I consider myself more family values than these right wingers.

    And at the end of the day, all the controversy, all the easy attacks (i mean, if anyone shouldn’t be passing out pictures of their wiener, it’s someone named, wiener!) is bad for our government. Fair or not, right or morally wrong isn’t the issue. The issue is, can you do your job? And because he’s become a joke, I’d say he can’t. Every day should be spent on how to create jobs, get marriage equality, get us out of these endless wars in the middle east, get us off petroleum, figure out immigration, etc. And with new pictures appearing daily and the babes he sent them to just beginning to speak, these topics could be pushed aside for months.

    Maybe this is the beginning of a new era, where there is zero tolerance for sexual escapades, who knows? But so that his stepping down will not be in vain, hopefully this will finally send a clear message to those who seek to serve in public office that they will be held to a higher standard.

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