1. says

    AWESOME performance! Love her so much! She is the BEST thing in music! Keep it up GaGa! She isn’t even comparable to the other popstars in America today. She is lightyears ahead of them all. LOVE YOU GAGA!!!

  2. Bill says

    Awesome performances! The best I’ve seen of hers on live TV. You know she would have shown her va-jay-jay with blue-green hair if she could get away with it.

  3. DJSauvage says

    I love Lady Gaga for her support of gays, but sometimes she reminds me of Zoolander.

  4. Didaskalos says

    Gaga? There’s nothing human there. Just a girl hired to be a site for extreme fashionistas to spew their distorted fantasies through. Move along, folks.

  5. Drew says

    Why do I enjoy Gaga, but not care AT.ALL. when Britney Spears ‘performs’ her music. Oh yeah, it’s called talent and Gaga has tons of it.