1. ohplease says

    Thank goodness some Towleroad readers cared enough to show up and insult hundreds of queer and queer-supportive people having a good time while promoting equality in a hostile red state.

    What’s wrong with the rest of you? I demand more insults now!

  2. James says

    @Gus thanks for the info. Left Columbus to go to college so makes sense that I wouldn’t know.

    @Philo you know that gesture in which someone waves his hand across to top of his head and makes a “woosh” noise?

  3. Jack says

    I don’t care much for Gaga, but I didn’t find this boring at all. If anything, seeing the incredibly diverse crowd was exhilarating and heartwarming.

  4. Bryant says

    It was great to see the enthusiasm of many of the participants, and of course the message is positive and affirming. I was with Chris in Irvine though and did not see how this was a “flash” choir – the element of surprise that makes flash mob scenes work was missing.

  5. lakas says

    heh–the money shot, boy in blue shirt in mother’s arms with his hands over his ears. 3:41 mark.

    i thought “choir” is supposed to have sections (SATB), everyone was singing the melody line. lacking any harmony. i didn’t hear it. that or the harmonies were weak. i can still critique on artistic merit, right? or are they using the “choir” terminology rather loosely?

  6. says

    In the sense of the lyrics of the song – I love what this stands for. I think it’s really heart-touching to see this many people that stand together to promote equality and unity. In the sense of being an artist and have this many people come and sing your song – thats just WOW

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