1. says

    GOProud gave kudos to a man who is quoting the Bible –fire and brimstone? C’mon GOProud, the Bible says that gays who have sex SHALL BE STONED TO DEATH! STONED TO DEATH! You really believe that Cain is going to side with Constitutional Democracy over the Bible. I don’t think so. Delusional people can see in the Constitution what they want to see…. and believe me, Cain wouldn’t have a moment’s hesitation to issue a Christian FATWA against all gays were it to work to his advantage!

  2. Paul says

    Baron is the worst kind of turncoat. He is disgusting. Horrible man should be ashamed of himself… props to Herman Cain ? I suppose he will be supporting Bachmann next.

  3. AllBeefPatty says

    And just remember, 15 percent of the Republitards think this man is acceptable presidential material.

    Which dovetails nicely in today’s headline that companies can’t find skilled workers. That’s right buddy…you are too fuccen stupid.

  4. Sully says

    Why are these idiots pushing this Sharia law nonsense? The irony is that these wingers would love nothing more than to pass their own Bible-based Sharia. Look at Cain’s own statements about the law coming from God. What makes him and his ilk any different than Islamists who don’t believe in separation of Church and State? They both want to impose their religion as the law of the land.

  5. BobN says

    Too bad there’s no follow-up question on whether the gay cabinet member would have the right to be married.

    Anyway, the GOP objection to sharia is just racism and religious bigotry in disguise. The worst parts of sharia are, like American fundamentalist “morality”, based on the Old Testament. Sometimes I think the only real objection the GOP could have is to the Muslim practice of taxing non-believers more than believers, and we all know it’s all about taxes…

  6. says

    Idiots. Cain said right in front of a bigot that he would have no problem with a gay cabinet member. Do you have any idea what a tizzy that sent those self-righteous SOB’s into? Cain would be great for the country, get money rolling again, be a real role model for black youth, and apparently not stand in the way of gay rights as Obama has, repeatedly. Ummm, who is the gay cabinet member in Obama’s administration? Or gay high level WH aide? Can’t seem to recall.

  7. Redebbm says

    @TED While i do recognize that he would have no problem appointing a gay cabinet mender, why exactly are other comments stupid? He still distracts people with sharia law, while his would be republican colleagues try to slash Medicare. Tell me how he will get the money rolling again? He supports policies that have been tried, and tried, and tried again and still have resulting in nothing but hurting the economy. Just because your Republican doesn’t make you all knowing when it comes to the economy, and hating on Obama doesn’t help when GDP went from shrinking to growing (albeit slowly) in trying to fix the economy from a financial crisis that certain policies Cain supports led to.

  8. Mark says

    I wouldn’t go so far as call the comments in here stupid. A waste of time is a more appropriate phrase. This man doesn’t stand a chance of even getting the republican nomination, let alone getting elected. He won’t get the republican nomination because the republican party is white men’s party (the fact that Cain believes a white men’s party can nominate him speaks to the deficiency of his mental faculties). If you were to pit Cain against Obama in the general election Cain would do worse than McCain. He would lose the white vote because he’s black and he would lose the black vote because he’s republican. End of discussion.

  9. E says

    Sorry, but as a gay person, I do have to say that nothing is ever good enough for the liberal gays. This guy said he WOULD appoint an openly gay cabinet member as long as they’re qualified and believe in the Constitution. Not good enough? Of course not, because you’re blinded by your own hypocrisy. The guy expresses an opinion about Sharia law, and you run with THAT, instead of saying, “Hey, this guy is open to gay people as long as they’re qualified. That’s kind of a big deal, since he’s a Republican, and we’ve been busy trying to solidify the stereotype that Republicans just want to round us up and send us to camps.”
    Y’all need to stop the whining and just appreciate progress. This is a Republican who’s running for President and said he’s open to having gay people in his cabinet. Nothing will ever be good enough unless it’s in line with YOUR politics. And that’s why we, as gays, don’t deserve equality yet – because of people like you who won’t celebrate diversity WITHIN our own community! Laughable. We’ll get it when we’ve earned it.