Catholic High School Bars Lesbian Comic from Anti-Bullying Event Because of Her ‘Affiliation with Gay Marriage’

A Toronto comedian has been disinvited to perform at a Catholic High School's anti-bullying event after school officials discovered she's a married lesbian, Postmedia News reports:

Whitwell Dawn Whitwell, who addresses homophobia in her material, said a teacher invited her in late May to be part of an anti-homophobia event that took place Tuesday at Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School.

Last Thursday, the teacher told her not to come. Whitwell said a school board member searched her name on the Internet and learned she is married to a woman, or, as she said she was told, has an "affiliation to gay marriage." Whitwell, who attended Catholic high school, found the phrase laughable.

"I was telling people about it, because it was funny," she said. "Then I was getting angry that they can still do this kind of thing. Not so much for me performing there, but you've got to be kidding me — I thought the tide was turning in '87."

It's the second anti-gay incident at a Canadian Catholic high school this week. Yesterday, I mentioned that The St Joseph Catholic Secondary School told the school's unofficial Gay-Straight Alliance that it couldn't display any rainbows at an anti-homophobia event on June 3, so the students responded by making rainbow cupcakes.