Catholic School Bans Rainbows Because It Doesn’t Want Gay-Straight Alliance Showing ‘Pride’


And the students fought back by baking.

The St Joseph Catholic Secondary School told the school's unofficial Gay-Straight Alliance that it couldn't display any rainbows at an anti-homophobia event on June 3, so the students responded by making rainbow cupcakes, Canada's Xtra reports:

Leanne Iskander, 16, who founded the school’s “unofficial” gay-straight alliance in March, tells Xtra the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board put the kibosh on displaying any rainbows at their information booth.

“We brought signs and posters with rainbows, and we were told that we can’t put them up,” says Iskander, who was recently named the 2011 honoured dyke and youth grand marshal. “They said rainbows are associated with Pride. There’s so many other things that a rainbow could be. It’s ridiculous.”

The teacher who delivered the news told Iskander the decision came from the board. “The board wasn’t there, but they knew about the event,” she says.

Since rainbows couldn’t be displayed openly and proudly, the students baked rainbows into the cupcakes by dying the batter in a rainbow of colours. The cupcakes were sold for 50 cents each, raising about $200 for charity.

 St Joseph Catholic Secondary School is in Missassauga, Ontario.


  1. Joel says

    As is so often the case, the children know more than their Roman Catholic teachers.

  2. JJ says

    It is moments like this that give me hope. No matter the current obstacles, there are so many others coming of age who are pushing further and further against this sick and twisted bigotry.

  3. ohplease says

    And then the priests raped the children, were transferred to another district, and their superiors issued instructions to everyone to lie and refuse to co-operate with authorities.

    Because nobody’s more moral than a professional Catholic.

    I’m sincerely glad to see these kids are doing such a good job in overcoming their education.

  4. Erich says

    I wish the rapture had happened. Most of the people who are making the world a sad place would’ve gone away.

  5. Baby Jesus says

    Defiance, even in the form of cupcakes and rainbows, makes Baby Jesus cry.

  6. Rob says

    @ Erich – I think that if there ever were to be a rapture, that an awful lot of those people who are making the world a sad place would be VERY disappointed to be left behind. I’m going to hold back my personal disbeliefs, but I always have found the earliest representations of the Christian deity to be far kinder and loving and accepting than the current “followers” pretend.

  7. Matt S says

    The gay-straight alliance raises money for charity, and the Catholic school outlaws rainbows. Which side is acting like Jesus here?

  8. says

    The Catholic schools allows the use images and statues of Christ on the Cross, with blood dripping down from his crown of thorns, but bans the Rainbow…
    I love these kids who know how to defy their so called teachers by using their minds. These kids represent the Rainbow of Hope for the future while the Church plays Bingo and Priest molest little boys. I am glad to see that there is a Gay/ Straight Alliance in that school, and hopefully someday all public school systems offer this worthy after school program for tomorrow’s leaders.

  9. Grego says

    Anyone have their paypal account info so I can make a donation for the next rainbow event?