1. Xtab says

    Wait, so the guy said he doesn’t support marriage equality because Obama hasn’t gone on the record for it? What a pathetic way to think about politics.

  2. says

    Apt response. It’s about time there was a visible person at the helm of the gay rights movement with some courage. Civil rights are won by demanding not pleading and by protesting not elite fundraisers.

  3. SKOC211 says

    Considering the batch of Republican presidential candidates we’re facing, I think the animus towards Obama, while justified because he has yet to endorse full equality, is not worth our energy at this time. Let’s fight our real enemies.

  4. Topher says

    I’m about as liberal and gay as they come and I find Dan Choi to be somewhat of an embarrassment. I want full equality as much as everyone else but I don’t think he is bringing the right attention to the cause, IMHO.

  5. Clif3012 says

    Wait, not having been to Netroots I’m not entirely clear, did someone just walk up to a panel discussion and start handing out pamphlets? Weird.

    And yes- thank you SKOC211. Whilst it may give fleeting pleasure not to vote for Obama because of his lack of support, it won’t be so funny under President Romney.

  6. cakeordeath says

    I don’t see a problem with this. Obama refuses to be anything slightly left of “moderate” and hasn’t made good on the promises he made 3 years ago. Frankly, there isn’t a more appropriate time than now to be angry… Good on ya D. Choi!

  7. Marcus says

    With all due respect, Dan Choi may be brave and politically active but I don’t find him all that bright. Say what you will about about President Obama but he has been the best president for the gay community in the history of our nation. No other commander in chief has signed so much legislation for the sake of civil rights since LBJ. From ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to signing The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law to ending the legal defense of DOMA, this president has done more in three years in defense of the gay community than all 43 previous presidents combined.

    And because he hasn’t gone far enough to suit Mr. Choi, that gives him the right to act like a child on a panel discussion? I respect Mr. Choi for his service to his nation, and for his activism. But as with any other political discussion, discourse should remain professional and positive. People can have a disagreement with Mr. Choi without him acting like a spoiled brat because he hasn’t gotten his way.

  8. MacroT says

    Choi is spiraling rapidly out of control once again. He needs to be under medical supervision until his attention-seeking and increasingly hostile episodes are back under control.

  9. ronjay says

    I can’t believe anyone here would have anything to say against this! Not bringing the right attention?? He thinks he is Gandhi?! Urghh pathetic. He’s mad and he should be! People like him should be viewed as a gay icon, not Judy Garland. Not Kylie Minogue. Not any other pop singer.

    I don’t understand why African-Americans constantly support important voices within their community and we cannot. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, on and on, African Americans created black iconography and important cultural symbols on their own. And this was possible because people stood behind them. And here you are criticizing Dan Choi while he is arguing for our rights! This is saddening.

    Please think about that.

  10. Matt says

    Two things we can always depend on from Towleroad commenters: 1) if a picture is posted of someone who’s even slightly overweight, there will be cries of “He needs to get his ass to the gym!” to the exclusion of anything that individual actually had to say, and 2) if anyone dares to object to Obama or one of his minions, 50 Democratic Party hacks will jump to emphasize how necessary it is to toe the party line no matter what, because OMG Palin!

    I especially love the dreary commenters like Marcus whose comments have been pre-approved by the flacks at the Human Rights Campaign for maximum groupthink. Obama’s done more for gay rights than Chester A. Arthur, you say? I’m convinced!

  11. JeffRob says

    @”Me”: Really?

    I’m actually a Dan Choi supporter. But: “The harshest treatment would be our acquiescence to the view that we do not deserve equality”?

    I’m sorry. Thanks for your passion and all, but come off it, sister.

  12. NY2.0 says

    Dan Choi seems to be quite irrational. It’s Obama’s fault that there is no same-sex marriage? He needs to check the real culprits that stymie progress, his own party the GOP.

  13. Francis says

    Um, I have nothing negative to say about what Dan Choi did. Here you have some bisexual kid coming up and handing pamphlets and saying flatly “I don’t support marriage equality.” at a known liberal event with known gay and bisexual people on stage and in the crowd. Who did he think he is? And to say he doesn’t support it because Obama hasn’t come out for it shows me that this kid needs a reality check, especially since he himself is same-sex attracted.

    Sorry, but I fully understand Dan’s anger and his frustrations. Sometimes it takes a stand as expressive as this to get the point across that, no, there is no compromising on marriage equality and that the mere thought of being against marriage equality is an insult that will not be tolerated.

  14. Marty says

    It’s not that I think Dan is a bit off in his methods, I guess it’s just that I don’t “really” believe Dan is being himself,but rather some character. It’s like he’s acting or something. It feels like if he pulled that with someone who wasn’t a passive type guy who turned it back on him he would cave. And cave badly.

    I dunno. He doesn’t strike me as a strong man. He seems like he’s all mouth.

  15. Francis says

    A thought just ran through my mind——was that bi guy a troll? A plant? Obviously, he had a motive to be there, which is handing out Obama flyers. Does he think that he’s doing what Obama wants from him by being against marriage equality? That was such a weird situation from the beginning.

  16. Scott says

    Look, Choi has always evoked these kinda of responses with what he does- part shock, part admiration, part puzzlement, and part disgust. Because he was right – we need to stand up an demand that Obama AT LEAST start coming out strong for civil unions and ENDA passage. Yeah, I want full equality too, but God knows we’re gonna have to convince every person in this country before it happens.

    Yeah, Obama tackled DADT and the Matt Shephard bill, so I guess he has done a few things. ughh – I just wish we had a Presidential contender with balls- and they didnt have to fall back on the excuse ” Oh, the times not right.”

  17. anthony says

    Dan Choi is one of our heros. We need SO MANY more Dan Choi’s !!! Otherwise, we’ll never get full equality. Key word people: “EQUALITY”

  18. Steve says

    Didn’t Larry Kramer say, “If you’re not outraged, then you’re just not paying attention”?

    I agree with Choi’s anger. Until we show that we’re pissed off and we’re not taking “no” for an answer, we’re not going to get anywhere.

  19. Grover Underwood says

    I’m tired of being told to vote for the least repugnant candidate. We almost lost DADT because of Obama sitting around with his thumb up his butt waiting until the last possible minute to get it passed.

  20. Phil says

    I’ll vote for Obama, not Mitt Romney and company. But who do you these detractors think they are dissing Dan Choi? He’s brilliant. Are some people just too dense to realize that Choi spearheaded exactly the pressure on Obama that moved DADT repeal forward at the end of 2010? No, really. If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t understand this, they are either slow on the uptake or self-loathing. Dan Choi is a hero, and a damn good strategist as well.

  21. Scott A. says

    To all you HRC / equal sticker wearing Obamabots: Obama doesn’t give a rats ass about gays. He will never do anything for gays that will hurt him politically because he does not care. Only when gays stop treating politics like a white party and stop being automatic votes for Democrats will we ever get any respect. And BTW the last time I checked, DICK CHENEY – a REPUBLICAN – is the ONLY major politician in either party to support gay marriage.

  22. Daniel says

    Dan Choi is spot on. The marriage equality “question” is absolutely about equality as citizens … and humans. Anyone who thinks that marriage between two adults of the same gender is of lesser value than the marriage of two adults of different genders doesn’t see members of the lgbt community as equal human beings.

  23. Phil says

    @Scott A,

    Your idiotic quote was: “And BTW the last time I checked, DICK CHENEY – a REPUBLICAN – is the ONLY major politician in either party to support gay marriage.”

    Have you been hiding out in a cave during the last few weeks? Governor Andrew Cuomo (DEMOCRAT) has been heroic in his efforts to make history and tip the balance in favor of equality. But go ahead and vote Republican. Just don’t choke on the Koolaid that your asshat friends in GoProud are serving you.

  24. Reader says

    Why does anyone give this attention whore a platform? He was a good talking head on CNN for DADT, but he’s no serious thinker and it’s long past time for him to go.

  25. Phil says

    @ Scott A again,

    Where in the hell do you get the nerve to stump for a political party that has done nothing but harm to the interests of LGBT people? The only time Republicans display the least bit of enlightenment is either after they’ve been outed (think of your favorite sex scandal) or after they’re safely out of office, as is the case with Dick Cheney. I sure never heard anything enlightened from Dick Cheney when he was still in office. Hey, Scott A, crawl back under your flat rock and take your GoProud friends with you. (Not that you have the balls to reply to this comment.)

  26. LAXJFK says

    Dan is brilliant and brave. The government destroyed his military career because he was gay. He can be as angry as he chooses–grow up everyone. He actually suffered because of DADT–it wasn’t just something to discuss over cosmos at some gay bar.

  27. andy says

    he does seem unbalanced, and all the stuff he’s probably seen while in the military i dont doubt it. the only time i hear about him is when he’s in a manic episode. i never hear or read about him when he’s just calm and not in front of a camera, NEVER. he’s always off the rails AND on camera.

    i agree we need strong leaders, however, he’s an embarrassment and needs help. reminds me of that lohan kid’s father.

  28. Francis says

    The last time I checked, social conservatives (Rep. and Dem.) and the Republican party in general, have actively sought and succeeded in denying LGBT citizens basic equality in America. Not Democrats by and large, and not progressives. The “I’m not supporting politics anymore, I’m against Democrats…..etc.” thing didn’t actually do anything for us and has proven to hurt us as a country as a whole and as a community when it comes to our legal rights in many cases.

    We as a community really need to realize who are big enemies are right now. We’re at a major tipping point. Society is in a schism period on this issue, where you’re seeing hate crimes in the name of ignorance and fear, but a greater and stronger support for our rights than ever before, and us as a community more mainstream now. Now is the time to actually be strong and stand up against all forces who seek to dehumanize us. Conflating the issue doesn’t do us any favors. Support the strongest those who support us the most. But also know who our enemies truly are, and as the saying goes, keep the friends close and enemies closer.

  29. Phil says

    @ Reader,

    Choi isn’t a serious thinker? Try making your way through the lecture he delivered a the Harvard JFK Forum. This is part 1 of 9 parts:

    I suspect it contains more serious thinking, “Reader”, than you’ve ever done in your life. By calling Choi an attention whore, you’re just slandering someone who’s contributed to progress. Your childish outbursts prove that you’re the one who’s really looking for attention.

  30. Scott A. says

    To Phil: Although I am certainly appreciative of his support, a newly elected governor does not equal a vice president who has had that position for years. The push for equality is alot easier when you cultivate support on both sides of the aisle and it’s folks with your intolerant attitude – (“asshat friends from GoProud”) – that prevent us from having a productive dialog. Right now, the only difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats will shake your hand and take your money. I say this as a Maryland resident that saw marriage equality go down in flames in the lower legislative house that is controlled by Democrats 98 – 41.

  31. Phil says

    @ Andy,

    I’ll give you the same video recommendation as I gave Reader. Harvard JFK Forum, part 1 of 9:

    Andy, it’s *you* who are an embarrassment.

  32. Phil says

    @ Scott A,

    Your quote: “a newly elected governor does not equal a vice president who has had that position for years”

    No, Cuomo certainly doesn’t equal the damage that Cheney did by supporting virulently homophobic policies and rhetoric for the eight years that he was in office. I’m amazed that you continue to hold up Dick Cheney’s record in the Bush administration as an example of enlightenment. Bush and Cheney spent 2004 trying to demonize gay people and write an anti-gay amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I really question your sanity.

    I have no quarrel with LGBT outreach to the Republican Party. I’m in favor of it, and if it reaps some benefits in the fight for marriage equality in New York, great. But Dick Cheney’s record in the Bush administration? Think that one through again.

  33. Douglas says

    Dan Choi serves a purpose. He is an agitator. He is not a policy maker. We need slightly inappropriate agitators to ignite our senses to the real action of negotiation and dialog with policy makers. I appreciate Dan Choi’s passion. Now cooler heads need to pressure Obama to provide equality to all gays.

  34. NY2.0 says

    @Scott A, you are being disingenuous, same-sex marriage failed in Maryland because your bigot party did not supply the votes to the overwhelming majority of democrats to have it passed.

    You claim that support must be cultivated from both sides, where are the GOP votes?

    BTW, the only reason Dick Cheney supports SSM is because of his lesbian daughter and he uttered not a single word about SSM during his 8 years in office. Don’t let your love of tax cuts delude you of the facts.

  35. Marty says

    Choi was certainly annoyed by this kid pushing an Obama pamphlet into his hand, that’s clear in the video. And it’s known Choi is clear and vocal in his challenges against Obama. But here his ire comes up when he realizes he’s speaking to a self-loathing queer who thinks the most important thing is to get in line with Obama, something that takes precedent over even believing in your own equal rights.

    It’s clear to me: when he ripped up that pamphlet, he is insulting the kid more than Obama. So all you who think Choi’s an embarrassment, an attention whore, etc. – watch the video again, because he’s tearing up that pamphlet and throwing it in YOUR face. That’s what’s really bugging you. And you should be angry – at yourself. You’re beyond pathetic.

  36. says

    I’m SORRY as I understand the anger. But the Gay Community has NEVER had access like this and when they do. It’s all about RADICALISM BEHAVIOR?
    They NEVER did to Clinton, nor BUSH. But maybe because lack of respect for Obama some feel that he should believe as you believe. Well he doesn’t and as much as I don’t like it’s his free will.

    You kids will NOT satisfied until they’ve had enough of these tempertantrums. So when the GOP gets control. Then we all will have something to cry about. Dan needs to stop his bullsh8t he does not love Obama and will not support him.

  37. garyj says

    Obama has used the Gay community for political gain, he has done some token moves of putting Gay people in positions. But then you hear nothing about those people again. I think this why his people are quitting, they’ve seen it’s just politics, he’ll never take a firm stand and fight for Gays. I’m tired of hearing it takes time, no it doesn’t when you put the full power of the President behind it. If we continue as it is, we’ll be posting the same comments twenty years from now and nothing would changed then. IMHO

  38. Paul R says

    I can’t believe all the attacks on Choi for this one. I’ve had very mixed feelings about him for many things, but this is clear and simple. A supposed member of the LGBT community said he wasn’t for marriage equality. He deserves to be told to go to hell. How else can you view it?

  39. sparks says

    Given the circumstance, I can totally understand Dan’s anger.

    A guy who’s essentially portraying himself as a member of the LGBT community gets up and says “I can’t say I’m for marriage equality…” to someone who has lobbied, marched, and been arrested in pursuit of equality? That’s not a difference of opinion. It’s disrespectful.

    I am so tired of self-loathing gay men who kowtow to their religious friends by trying to meet them halfway or by agreeing with them on “traditional marriage.”

    To those who say Dan’s too extreme or unbalanced, I initially thought that way too. But the more I see what’s happening (or not happening) in Washington, the more it looks to me like he’s expressing the outrage and indignation that this whole community *should* be expressing, considering the time, energy, and financial support it has given to politicians only to find itself sitting at the back of the bus after each election season ends.

  40. qjersey says

    Wait, everyone is ripping on Dan and I just wanna smack the bi kid who doesn’t support marriage equality. Love it when “bisexuals” hold on to their heterosexual privilege.

  41. Rin says

    I used to like Dan Choi until I realized that he is either completely full of manure or a misogynist.

    “Harry Reid is a pussy,” Choi angrily said after the failed vote in the Senate last month, vowing to speak out about the Democratic leader, “and he’ll be bleeding once a month.”

    “Pu$$y” is the equivalent of “f@g” when used towards a man, meaning you’re “girlie” and “bleeding once a month” means definitely that being female is used as an insult in this context.

    I think that SWAN (Service Women’s Action Network) put it better than I can:

    Your comments about women are irresponsible, indefensible and inexcusable, and you should publicly acknowledge that fact. As a human rights advocate, you should know that degrading one group of people to promote the rights of another disserves everyone. Your sexist comments also undermine SWAN”s efforts to achieve our policy objectives, which include promoting equality for all servicemembers.

    As an organization that advocates for equal opportunity for all servicemembers and veterans, SWAN is keenly aware that there is still a tremendous amount of misogyny both within the military and the LGBTQ community, and that misogynistic and homophobic language is rampant in the military.

    Comments denigrating women”s bodies, or suggesting that simply being a woman is abhorrent, are unacceptable. Unfortunately, this type of language is all too familiar to women in the military.”

    His apology wasn’t really one, he just said that he’s okay with being called both a misogynist and a feminist because he believes in reproductive rights. That’s like saying it is acceptable for me to call my gay friends the f-word and rump-rangers and any other derogatory thing I like because I support a single gay issue like gay marriage.

    You can’t support some equality, you must support all equality. You also can’t truly support someone without respecting them.

    The more I see of Dan Choi, I see an instigator and self-promoter. All of you are just as mad, just as vocal, because you are publicly posting on blogs that other people read.

    He is the wrong person to push gay rights unless gay rights also includes a willingness to steamroller other people to get ahead.

    Women aren’t weak, being “feminine” isn’t weak. Alice Paul was confined for months at Lorton on a hunger strike being forcibly fed eggs and garbage via a tube shoved down her throat so women could vote someday. Drag queens led the stonewall riots. Oh, and as for the people saying to idolize Choi over Judy Garland…at the time that Garland championed gay rights, gays weren’t even second class citizens they were abominations to pretty much everyone, not just conservatives. Her death and funeral had a lot to do with the events that day.


    Dan’s “rage” doesn’t mean he has more passion than any of you. He doesn’t have more passion than RuPaul, Ellen, or even James St. James. He’s trying to fit into this macho military tough guy stereotype that he believes signifies strength.

    Strength isn’t ripping up pamphlets and getting angry, strength is doing what is needed to get the larger mission accomplished.

  42. Ryan says

    That volunteer was bi and against marriage equality? What a self hater! I swear OFA is for tools. Creepy way to take over the party on Obama’s part, and piss on everything that howard dean did, which gave a lot of local control as it empowered the nat’l party with a 50 state solution. Obama for america – wait, I’m sorry, I meant “organize” for america, is all about centralized control and depends on people to be mindless automatons if they want to have the “privilege” of volunteering. I refuse to get involved with OFA and say that as someone who’s been known to run local field campaigns. OFA creeps me out – no thanks.

  43. Francis says

    OK, so I just had a facebook conversation with the guy in question. He says he supports marriage equality but can’t go on record to say it publicly, because Obama hasn’t said it. So basically, he’s just repeating Obama talking points.

    Honestly, the blame shouldn’t go on this young man. The blame should be on Obama, and in actuality, 90% of government leaders in this country, who haven’t fought for our rights. That is who the blame should go on. Don’t blame Dan for being upset. Blame the people who continue to hold us back as a community.

  44. Arby says

    Dan is angry. We should all be enraged that we are still being denied the rights that every citizen, every human, should already have.

    Why does each “group” have to fight these battles all over again? Equal rights — it isn’t just for [insert formerly acceptable but now forbidden epithet here] any more. Society isn’t ready? Too bad, we’re part of society, too.

  45. Rin says

    He is polarizing. He also chooses not to listen to the advice of others, jumps to his own conclusions, and agitates even at cost to others.

    From the Village Voice:
    He butts heads with activists on the most local of levels. When organizers in Maine didn’t want him going door-to-door on behalf of gay marriage because they’d “done a poll, and Mainers only trust eighth-generation Mainers,” Choi says, he thought, “That’s a very subtle way of saying ‘No Asians.’ ”

    Having been to Maine, spent much time in Maine, having friends that are Mainers and people who spent their whole lives there but happened to be born From Away…I can tell you that he CHOOSES to think this is about Asians so that he can create controversy. Mainers don’t like white people From Away, either. They don’t want Wal-Marts, Supercenters, public swimming pools, etc They want their small towns, their quiet, less traffic, etc. It has nothing to do with gay or asian. I have gay friends who grew up near Bangor and they are very much accepted by their communities because they are from Maine, not From Away.

    They urged people like Gaga and Choi to stay away and let gays from Maine handle it.

    Sometimes people need to look at the big picture and make choices based on more than their internal gut reaction to something.

    Yesterday, this crazy person almost caused me to wreck my car. I wanted to shout, punch, etc. because my adrenalin was hot, but I simply took down the info and handled it calmly.

    It is possible to get ahead without people aggressive and agitating.

  46. says

    The reason nothing ever really changes in America is because of the ridiculous people in this forum. The reason you hear about Dan so much is because he does things like this which gets media attention which brings eyes to the cause. Every civil rights movement has the visual & radical side & the press release calm and collected side. People that are suggesting he is unhinged should really evaluate how seriously they take tearing up paper. He has a right to be pissed off. He was fired for being gay and the was arrested for protesting in a country that supposedly champions free speech. Just because the right wing is worse doesn’t mean Obama shouldn’t be criticized. Government should constantly be criticized. It doesn’t make you that detestable word ‘Anti-American’ to find fault with your country & government it shows that you want to improve and become the best you can be. Until full equality is reached no president has done their job.

  47. Phil says

    There were a lot of necessary components in DADT repeal. Some of the heroes in Congress are Carl Levin and Patrick Murphy. And yes, I understand that Obama’s lobbying the military brass in the Pentagon was vital. But please stop dissing the people in GetEqual, like Dan Choi, who were just as vital in keeping the pressure on throughout 2010. The LGBT community owes them a lot. No one ever got anywhere by being a doormat.

  48. Adrian Kimberly says

    I find it appalling that the negative comments about Dan Choi’s political activism seem to be coming from those who only sit back and criticize. We’ve missed you on the front lines, LITO S, and I don’t recall seeing you marching or being very vocal about our civil rights (except here, where you criticize Dan…), JeffRob.

    Now be good little gay boys and go take your disco nap.

  49. MaryM says

    I fully support Dan Choi here.

    Obama may be the most gay friendly president we’ve ever had.

    But Obama believes we are 2nd class citizens.

    He deserves loud condemnation for his position.

    It is entirely unacceptable that a man who has personally benefited from the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s is opposed to the civil rights of another group.

    It is beneath contempt.

    I’ll be voting Green in the next election.

    The Democrats needs to learn the lesson that there will be consequences for them for opposing equality.

  50. Bob R says

    The gay community needs more outspoken and bold agitators like Dan Choi. I applaud him, not condemn him. I’m also thankful for “obnoxious” agitators like Larry Kramer and outrageous groups like “Act Up”, knowing without them many more gays would be dead due to AIDS.

    We should embrace our “attention whore”, “off their meds”, “think they’re Ghandi” activists and agitators as much as we support those cocktail party elitists who “tsk tsk” people like Dan Choi.

    All these people are important and each are different weapons in our fight for equality. MLK inspired people with his non-violent policies, Malcolm X and other militant black leaders frightened people with their insistence on civil rights “by any means necessary”. All these people and groups played a big role. All are still important.

    Civil rights are not won at cocktail parties and WH dinners alone, if at all. Civil rights are won in the streets by militant protests, by people who refuse to sit in the back of the bus or boldly sit at the lunch counter. It’s when people take to the streets and yell nasty things that attention is brought to the struggle. The majority has to be made aware that the minority is angry and not going to take it any more. People have to be made uncomfortable, insulted, ridiculed and maybe even a little scared before attention is paid and progress is made.

    So, keep it up Mr. Choi. And thank you Larry Kramer. If anything, we need to be more militant, more angry, more outspoken, not less. Perhaps too many people have forgotten the impact some angry drag queens had at a bar called Stonewall. They weren’t polite, PC and I’m sure some referred to them as “off balance” and “attention whores”.

  51. says

    The fawning little peon with the pamphlets (a “bisexual” volunteer can’t say he personally supports marriage equality because he doesn’t have Obama’s permission–give me a break!) deserved to have them thrown back at him, and more. It was an entirely appropriate response. Volunteers need to learn that they don’t have to be obedient little puppets to those they volunteer for. It’s actually ok to have a conscience and a mind.

  52. mike128 says

    I love Dan Choi – and he’s absolutely right on this one. I also like Obama. But the message: stop trying to convince us to get on board with politicians, and start trying to convince the politicians to get on board with equality… absolutely correct.

  53. Anders says

    I admired Dan Choi in the beginning of his activism on Rachel Maddow but I really think he’s become an unhinged distraction.
    I try to appreciate his activism. I mean I thought it was for all the right reasons but it all seems over the top, lacking ANY balance, sense or thoughtfulness. This is not the same as Malcolm X who was thoughtful in his message and motivations. I thank Choi for his past service to our country. However,I would NOT want someone with so much out of control rage and lack of discernment holding a weapon.
    I worry FOR HIM. I thought the hospitalization would cause him to slow down, reevaluate, take appropriate medication. Now, I go between thinking he is an out of control attention seeker to someone out of control period.

  54. James says

    Hey, HRC peon commenters, quit your shameless little girly pokes and jabs at Lt.Dan Choi.

    You’re stooping to the level of actually defending some jackass who interrupted an event, talked in the middle of a panel discussion, handed out some miserable flyers and THEN announced that he was AGAINST gay marriage simply because he’s bisexual.

    And you traitors and jerks are attacking Dan Choi for tearing up the flyer after he found out that the guy who gave him the flyer is anti gay marriage? And that too, this ‘activist’ has been hired by the Obama re-election campaign! So a representative of the Obama re-election campaign is openly anti gay marriage and you traitors are cool with that?? How crazy are you people?

    What exactly is the HRC prescribed way to respond when an anti gay marriage activist hired by the Obama re-election campaign shoves his campaign materials in your face?

    Oh right, as long as it’s from Obama, the answer is ‘Thank you for shitting on us’.

    How dare you make this a referendum on Dan Choi? This isn’t about Dan Choi.

    This is about how stupid and ridiculous the OFA is for hiring some anti gay marriage bigot to interrupt an event just to spew some pro-Obama propaganda at gay people. This is a major fail on the part of the OFA.

    And you HRC peons commenting here should be ashamed of yourselves. You people are traitors and crazies. You can’t even acknowledge that the OFA screwed up really badly in hiring some anti gay marriage bigot and letting him air his homophobic ideas in public.

  55. Harold Venable says

    Civil unions? Why don’t you grab a drink from that ‘other’ water fountain and go sit at the back of the bus and keep quiet if you’re ok with that.

  56. just_a_guy says

    Bravo, Dan Choi!!!!!

    Look, folks, every day when we walk to the back of the bus in order to keep our lives afloat, we remind ourselves that it’s the prudent thing to do. AND IT IS. But pity those of us who think it’s really right, or that we don’t need leaders to SAY SO.

    yeah…we need leaders to SAY SO… we are equal in any real God’s eyes, but not in the eyes of the ruling religio-political classes, even in the eyes of too many of those who are working for us.

    I CAN’T HOLD HANDS WITH MY BOYFRIEND IN PUBLIC IN MOST PLACES AND I ALSO CAN’T MARRY HIM OR ADOPT CHILDREN WITH HIM… The list goes on, and is longer than I usually care to think about. I have no choice but to approach these REALITIES with a measure of acceptance and politeness to those privileged folk surrounding me. But D**m if I don’t applaud someone with the freedom and gall to SPEAK THE TRUTH.

    I’m an Obama fan, still am. But we would SHAME Obama’s support of us if we did not believe in and commit to fight OUR OWN EQUALITY.

    Be MEN, some of you apoligist commenters above. BE MEN (or WOMEN, or whoever YOU are, truly.)

    And shame on you for dissing this leader (Mr. Dan Choi) who has stood up and asked for equality.

    We need more Dan Chois.

  57. Phil says

    Please don’t interpret this as a Mitt Romney/Republican plug. It’s not. Keep those fundie Christian asswipes out of office at all costs.

    Some of the commenters here using a double standard and declaring that a queer, like Dan Choi, doesn’t have the right to stand up for his principles, and if he does, he’s “crazy, unhinged, ad nauseum”. You wouldn’t make those same criticisms if the activist were straight, would you? Some commenters on this thread are using this double standard, and they are pathetic self-loathing basket cases.

  58. mmike1969 says

    I am reminded of those poor, pathetic politicians running for office in the new Iraq just after getting Saddam out.

    The saps refused to continue running for office and officially called their supporters for a boycott of the elections.

    After the elections and the suckers were left out of the process, they looked pretty stupid for not voting…

    So Lt. Dan, if you don’t vote for President Obama, who exactly are you going to vote for? Not a single credible Repuke is supporting for equal rights.

    Are YOU going to sit at home in the next election if YOU don’t get it all YOUR way?

  59. says

    “2) if anyone dares to object to Obama or one of his minions, 50 Democratic Party hacks will jump to emphasize how necessary it is to toe the party line no matter what, because OMG Palin!”

    So, if anyone disagrees with you about Obama they get called names? Whatever.

  60. Jerry6 says

    To me, Dan Choi is doing our cause more harm than good. He gives our opponents more reasons to continue their hate than any so called good some may think he is doing to help our cause.

  61. FunMe says

    I truly LOVE Dan Choi. He’s a real American Hero!

    Thank goodness there are people like him that refuse to be treated like 2nd class citizens.

    That OFA deserves more than a torn paper. He needed to be tossed out of the place. I DO NOT believe for a moment that he is a “bisexual” … he’s simply a plant trying to discredit Dan Choi.

    IT IS NOT WORKING. thank goodness!

    Just like the COCKROACHES who come here to towleroad to discredit Dan Choi. They are Obamrats, OFA, and other trash trying to divide the GLBT community whose common goal is EQUALITY.

    For you cockroaches here at towelroad: nice try! We know who you are. And thanks for the LAUGHS!

  62. dolop says

    Dan Choi did what any self-respecting gay rights advocate would do: call out the ridiculous and bizarro comments by that wierd guy. I’m sorry folks, I just don’t get the whole anti-Choi thing. Give me a break. That guy with the pamphlets was bizarre and insulting. Anyone with any self-respect and decency would have responded the same way. No…Choi was not too harsh. He was appropriately offended.

  63. Brian says

    I could not agree with you more. While there is still more work that needs to be done, Obama has made strides and he is constantly cut down by the gay community because he has not been able to furnish what it wants. You never see the leaders in the gay community talk about the any of the legislation that has been signed into law that gives added protections to and recognizes the fundamental rights of the gay community. I do not think most of the people responding to this post know about half of the legislation passed that you mentioned. It sucks that the President will not come out in favor of full marriage rights but the alternative is far worse.

    I am glad that you injected race into this discussion because it gives me the opportunity to highlight just how racist and bigoted the gay community really is. The federal Congress and state congresses all across the nation are teeming with white legislators. The governors are mostly white but they gay community wants to frame the issue of gay rights as something the black community is keeping away from them. It’s ridiculous and a fallacious argument that the gay community uses to justify their continued racism.

    The black community has not anointed anyone as our leader and we do not follow the blowhards monolithically. So please stop imposing these so called leaders on us. That would be much appreciated ronjay!

    Finally, I think the gay community is right to not be satisfied until it achieves full recognition of it’s equal rights. However, attacking your own allies as enemies is nonsensical to me. Keep the pressure up but know where the real threat comes from.

  64. Dannine says

    I find Dan Choi to be revolting and just not smart; and take his comparison of this movement to the civil rights movement as an insult to black people. The same sex marriage movement has been going on a little over ten years, while black people have been fighting for equality for over two centuries, and still don’t have it. I am so sick of you people feeling like just because you demand marriage equality, you should be entitled to it. Then you threaten to not vote for the only President who has even tried to meet any of your demands. You people make me sick. Yeah, all of you, go on and vote for the republican/conservative. Not only will you never get the right to wed, but you will also help to strengthen these groups in their crusade to take away many of your other rights. You may think that President Obama has not done anything for you, but you will really see what you get when the republicans/conservatives are totally in the majority. And MARYM, you will also learn the lesson that your “green” vote also has consequences, which believe me, will be a lot worse under a republican president than they were under the democrat.

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