Anthony Weiner Shirtless Photos, Allegations of ‘Sexting’ Emerge

The New York tabloids are having a field day over Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner's alleged exploits online, Jonathan Capehart reports.


Congressman Anthony Weiner's Twitter problem just got a whole lot bigger thanks to photos published today by conservative blogger Anderw Breitbart which allegedly show Weiner in his office with his shirt off. Radar has also posted a set of alleged sexts.

Ben Smith writes: "Politically speaking, what has already emerged may well have doomed Weiner's hopes of being mayor of New York, and could well produce calls for him to resign. The main lesson of recent scandals, from Spitzer to Vitter, is that he doesn't have to: No matter how gross the private conduct, these scandals tend to burn hot and fast."

Adds Capehart:

"You’ll remember that Breitbart is the same fella who selectively edited the video of a speech by Shirley Sherrod, then an Agriculture Department official, to make her look like an unrepentant racist. The opposite was true. That makes him a questionable source for attacks on a sitting member of Congress. That being said, the new photos demand an answer from Weiner."

UPDATE: Weiner is reportedly going to make a statement to the media at 4 pm EDT today.

UPDATE II: Weiner says photos are his, says he lied but he won't be resigning.


  1. Sonneillon says

    Sexting with WHOM? Because if he was sharing suggestive photos with his wife, I really don’t give a damn. This only has anything to do with his credibility if he was doing it with somebody else.

  2. David B. 2 says

    SONN — who in god’s name sexts with their wife — for goodness sake’s — from the office?

  3. Ninong says

    Anthony Weiner could have put all of this to rest if he had handled the initial questions about the brief picture properly. Instead of saying he couldn’t say with certitude if that was really him in that photo, he should have said, “I didn’t send that photo to that woman.” Period.

    If asked if that was actually him in the photo, he should have said, “I’m not commenting on private photos in my private files.” Period.

    Repeating the same semi-denials over and over again for days on end was a big mistake. If he didn’t send the picture, then just say you didn’t send it and STFU after that.

  4. Ninong says

    If I lived in his district, I would still vote for him but sending pictures like that — from your office no less — is really, really STUPID! Even juvenile!

    He was almost certainly “sexting” and that’s not cool for a married congressman to be caught doing.

    I sincerely hope he can survive this but he won’t if he keeps hemming and hawing and beating around the bush. Just say you did it but it’s a private matter between you and your wife and then STFU after that.

  5. nodnarb says

    What’s wrong with sexting? I’m sure plenty of women would prefer their husbands have web sex instead of meeting women in person or paying for prostitutes. His wife may even knew he was doing it.

  6. The TRUTH says

    he doesn’t run on a family values platform, therefore he’s not a hypocrit.

    I have no opinion – it’s not my business.

  7. Rowan says


    You said it. When will the left realize that the GOP don’t stop at getting at you?!!


  8. Matt26 says

    If this is true, Rebs will attack him big time, also FNC. If this is true, the main question is, why?
    I hope it isn’t true.

  9. Rowan says

    Guys you DO realize his marriage was an arrangement via the Clintons?

    Come on.

    Did we not learn anything about politics from even the Spritzer situation and that his wife always knew?


    It’s a game folks. It’s dirty but it’s a game.

  10. Disgusted Gay American says

    really he’s not running on family values and he aint no hypocrit – so, its none of my business…plus, he’s a GREAT Congressman who wrks FOR the People…period. (not a bad looking chest either)

  11. Rowan says


    He is a THORN on the side of the GOP.

    Google bro! It’s your friend! He’s the only one that tells the truth about them and boy am I disappointed he was this STOOPID.

    I couldn’t care about what he has done…everyone knows the relationship is an arrangement but why was he so stupid?

    Same old. We just don’t seem to understand that the GOP are out to make us loose.

    So depressing. But predictable.

  12. says

    And the new round of nonsense begins. Scandals that aren’t really scandals, personal conduct that has nothing to do with his effectiveness in his job, becomes the focus of the news media, while they strenuously pretend it has nothing to do with juvenile titillation. It indeed is a game, a silly one with serious consequences.

  13. Bart says

    Note to men in congress: if you’re trying to pick up women, don’t send pictures of your head photoshopped onto the chest of a 14 year old boy.

    Seriously, what an idiot. No wonder he didn’t answer the question last week. He didn’t want to be caught in a lie knowing this stuff was out there in the ether. Do these guys think these things aren’t going to get into the public eye? Really? They’re that stupid? That desperate? Guys, lock your office, watch some porn, wanker yourself and get back to work.

    If these photos can’t be verified as having been sent out to someone specific, then it is possible (not probable) that Weiner’s account was hacked and all these pictures stolen. It could be how the boner picture made it to some girl across the country he’s never met. But with the new sexting allegations and phone sex allegations with a 46 year old women – he also never met – it dims the prospect of any of this coming from the hands of an alleged hacker.

  14. justme says

    We don’t know the context. If he was engaged in legal activity, that’s fine with me. It’s not a great idea to take pictures of yourself with your your clothes off in your office, but it’s not illegal and it’s not bizarre. Vitter hired prostitutes to engage his diaper fetish. If Weiner hasn’t broken the law — as Vitter did — and has done somethng extremely common — as Vitter did not — then why on Earth should he resign, when Vitter has not?

    If no law was broken, It’s none of my business. I still think it was stupid and wreckless on his part, but men are men. If he’s done nothing illegal, then this is really stupid, yes, but utterly harmless.

    Meanwhile, we not only don’t know the context but we also don’t know how these photos were obtained. I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s what the crime is. But, really, Anthony — what were you thinking?

  15. ant says

    He has been married less than a year – these photos and any “sexting” could easily have been before the marriage.

    That said, Ninong has it right – the only thing AW appears to have done wrong is the nature his responses. And of course any expectation he had that the pics could or would remain private if they have ever been sent on the internet in any manner at any time.

  16. candideinncc says

    It appears that someone has invaded Weiner’s privacy and made a public display of his personal communication. That is all we know at this point. There is all kinds of speculation here. At this point, unless there is a complaint of some kind by an office employee such as sexual harassment, it seems to me that weiner, although he showed bad judgment in trusting the privacy of the web, is really the victim of someone else’s mischief, or possible criminal activity. Breitbart comes to mind.

  17. Houndentenor says

    And? How is this any of my business? It’s his wife’s business but it’s none of mine.

  18. Rowan says

    Why didn’t he think they would be after him?

    Didn’t GOproud say their misson was to “get rid of the left and Obama”?

    Urgh. How stupid!!!

  19. Alex says

    I’ll just say it: I think he’s kinda handsome. And now that I know more about him, I also think he’s in pretty good shape and hung well enough to do right by anyone.

    So now he’s not only handsome, he’s just plain sexy.

    And the sexting? Whatever. Unless it’s with a minor, I really don’t care.

  20. Adrian says

    Can’t he have a sexual life like any consenting adult? Like someone else posted, “Why are we so hung up on sex?” Oh… it’s institutionalized religion. Pffft.

  21. ravewulf says

    As it was posted by Breitbart, I’ll assume it’s a fake until proven otherwise.

  22. justme says

    Now, via his press conference, we know. He didn’t do anything illegal. This is a matter between him and his wife.

    Even if you think this is the worst thing ever — and, really, after David Vitter, who could think that? — the whole point of this was to embarrass him. Mission accomplished, as the Republicans like to say. The country will forget about this in a month, as they should.

  23. Craig says

    Now that Breitbart is having something to do with it … the scandal has absolutely no validity with me. I’m sorry, but that is an awfully good looking chest for someone that age … it sure does look photoshopped. Frankly, Breitbart is the only guy I know who has so little credibility that I’d believe a politician that their phone was hacked over something this dumb.

  24. Matt26 says

    He did and I still ask why? He made a huge mistake and the worst kind of action to his wife. I feel really sorry for his wife.

  25. PDX Guy says

    What really sucks about this is that it now gives a shred of credibility to Breitbart.

  26. nodnarb says

    “He made a huge mistake and the worst kind of action to his wife.”

    Honestly? Sending a picture of your junk to a stranger on the internet is worse than punching your wife in the face?

  27. justme says

    “he’s done”

    If you mean like David Vitter is done, you’re right. If the Republicans have no problem with criminal fetishists, then they won’t have a problem with a horny middle-aged guy who didn’t commit any crimes at all. When a legislator hires prostitutes, that’s our business. When a guy behaves stupidly on his own time, nobody cares. Weiner looks more human than ever, while Vitter will spend his entire life being regarded as a criminal and a creep.

  28. Sonneillon says

    Aaaaaand the other shoe drops with the press conference. Color me intensely disappointed. David B. I know this may be tough for you to understand, but some people actually love and are attracted to their spouses. I know, WILD, right?

  29. tom says

    Seriously, straight guys who want to sext should be required to take lessons from gay guys. We are SO much better at revealing as much of our goods as possible while at the same time revealing as little as possible about who we actually might be. Taking a picture with family pictures in the background – in the office ? That’s not even rookie, it’s like baby infant.

  30. Dana says

    The only people upset about it are the smaller “members” of the house…seriously, he just laid 8 1/2 inches of Weiner’s classic ‘suck it’ attitude on their doorstep. Good for you Mr.Weiner! I really hope you were sexting your wife though…cheating isn’t cool.

  31. BobN says

    Swallow your pride and sic the cops and lawyers on whoever invaded your privacy. DIG!

  32. Apsalted says

    If the photos and texts are so wrong that people are crying for him to resign they shouldn’t be publishing them so much.

  33. Xavier says

    This is so funny. Sexual repression in America causes all these hang-ups. And then…people like this guy (and the others who have been caught with their pants down)….EXPLODE! In many parts of the world this piece of “news” would have died in 30 seconds….In America, this, and Janet Jacksons breast are headlines. why?

  34. LAXJFK says

    All politicians are socopathic to some degree. I’d do him in a New York minute!

  35. Shannon says


  36. Randy says

    I just don’t care. We could talk about how hot he is. But beyond that, I don’t see what there is to talk about. His relationship with his wife and admirers is his business, not ours.

    If this was a Republican, he’d be nominated for president.

  37. Judy Weismonger says

    and now its Andrew Beitbart’s fault???? Anthony Weiner is a disgusting, putz….who is elected to office…and has insulted, berated, lied his skinny A@@ off, screaming at Republicans….and its Andrew Beitbart’s fault? You stupid Left Wing thug… will ALL be defeated in 2012….Why? Because you never, ever take responsibility, you just steal our money and then insult us with your inane, insane, and profane BS.