1. Leroy Laflamme says

    How do you say ASSWIPE! in Spanish? I want him to really know how I feel about him.

  2. Jon says

    WTF???! What’s wrong with people in US voting for this kind of human trash?! what kind of democracy is this?!

  3. Rob says

    This guy is brain dead stupid. The fact that a person this dumb can get elected to any office makes me scared for this country. The same can be said for Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, etc.

  4. LongByNight says

    Nature itself tells us we can’t fly, we can’t stay under the water for longer than a few minutes, we can’t go into space, we can’t travel faster than 15 mph, we shouldn’t be clothed, we shouldn’t have the diet we do…

    We are human. This is what nature intended for us to do. Like any good parent, it wants us to be more than it can be.

  5. Hoyle McCain says

    I have an idea, actually a suggestion to counter the gay sex=bestiality argument. If gay sex is against ‘nature’ because it does not result in procreation then so is using birth control. Start attacking THEM between the legs with their own argument and put them on the defensive for a change! Throw in marriage between post-menopausal women and men for good measure…. they can only ‘make babies’ the way us gays do- by adopting or surrogacy.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Why does his district keep electing a crazy man? He said Christians are persecuted because they aren’t allowed to pray in church! Is his whole district as delusional?

  7. Disgusted Gay American says

    he’s such scum I cant even listen to this ….aaargh – why doesnt the DNC just kick him out?

  8. David in Houston says

    Seven minutes and forty-eight seconds full of lies. No one is stopping people from praying in church; and if you want prayer in school, enroll your child in a Christian school.

    Mr. Benitez did a great job boxing him into a corner. Although I would have liked him to ask Sen. Homophobe, “Why are non-religious couples allowed to marry? You keep linking marriage to religion and God, yet non-religious couples are legally permitted to marry in the United States. Doesn’t that mean that marriage is ALSO a secular institution in your country?”

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    If he thinks gay relationships go against nature, which he says made males and females to reproduce, then why doesn’t he support twelve and thirteen year olds marrying once nature endows them with functioning reproductive organs? Having them wait goes against nature.

  10. JonB says

    Well, I obviously think that Sen. Diaz is a disgusting excuse for a human being (and I think we should also have more of a discussion about gay family members, like his granddaughter embracing him in public), but I think it is pretty great that Spanish language programming is challenging him on his absurd views… we should be praising the interviewer as much as we’re criticizing Sen. Diaz.

  11. Bart says

    What the hell is that outfit? Are the Village People hiring?

    This guy is an idiot and a mess. Doesn’t he represent the Bronx or Brooklyn? They should chase his ridiculous ass out with pitch forks.


  12. SFshawn says

    This man creates such violence and hatred towards his fellow human beings it’s just sad and disgusting. Hopefully his gawd takes him sooner than later so that the earth can be rid of ignorant scum.

  13. says

    I love reporter’s looks at the camera: “can you believe that this legislator doesn’t understand what civil marriage is?”

  14. Mark says

    At a certain gut level, I think we all know that it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to confront asswipe Diaz and his ilk with the logical errors of their arguments against homosexuality. We would like to believe we can change them by speaking truth to them but beyond a certain point we understand that it’s pointless to even try because their hatred has no basis in rational thinking or logical consistency. Maybe every now and then they might present a modification of their anti-gay arguments when it’s obvious how crappy the first argument was but at the end of the day they’ll never acknowledge defeat. They’ll just withdraw from the playing field with no further comment or explanation. In the end hatred will show its bare face. I can only think of one thing we can do with these people, work to unseat them.

    If New York elects this slime to its senate, I would hate to see the kind of people that get elected in, say, Mississippi.

  15. Dave says

    Thanks much for posting this. He is given a chance to expose his thinking, with appropriate questioning by the interviewer. At first I thought he was being opportunistic with the lie it would force churches to marry Gays, but as the interview went on, I realize he actually believes his confusions. His actions are based on fear and even the self-deluded sense of himself being persecuted for his beliefs. While people like him can NEVER be persuaded by logic, sometimes interviews like this can expose the distortions of reason and reality to others who might originally buy his confusions as real.

  16. Attmay says



    (But technically true. He is stupid, and he is black. The two are coincidences. Quite frankly, though, I’m getting sick of people being called r*c*st for throwing their hate back in their faces when they deserve it.)

  17. jexer says

    WEARING GLASSES goes against nature. God created you with poor vision and you’re defying him you sanctimonious hypocrite.

    New Yorker in a COWBOY HAT? It’s a sign of the end times if you ask me.

  18. jaragon says

    He is your classic ignorant Latino macho jerk who uses religion as an excuse to spread hate.

  19. Erick O. says

    He’s the typical Latino homophobic male. I am Latino and men like these make other Latinos look bad. He’s an ignorant piece of trash

  20. says

    @MARK: the reason to confront these folks, as this so-so-smarter reporter did, is to show those watching, who may not know much about Diaz, what an idiot he is. The faithful won’t change, but the unindoctrinated will hopefully see his idiocy and lack of understanding of law, and vote him out!

  21. truthteller says

    The reporter was brilliant!

    He simply ripped that ignorant homophone a new one with the facts. It was obvious, Dias, does not know what homophobe means and he had to read the definition to him – Diaz still didn’t understand!

    So sad, but so good the reporter exposed him like that.