Gay Corrections Officer Gets Permission to March in Pride Parade


Following yesterday's press conference led by attorney Gloria Allred, a gay corrections officer from Chino, California whose department said that marching in West Hollywood's Gay Pride parade in uniform would "discredit" the agency, will now be allowed to march after an abrupt change of tune by the department, TMZ reports:

The Department now says, "CDCR acknowledges that [its policy] is outdated and requires careful revision. Therefore, Correctional Officer Andrew Johnson will be allowed to wear the CDCR uniform in the upcoming Gay Pride Parade…"

Allred had filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation.


  1. Ninong says

    I don’t really care for Gloria Allred all that much, but, as Lyndon Johnson once said, “It’s better to have [her] inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in.”

    Good job, Gloria!

  2. ratbastard says

    We have too many people in prison in the U.S. for NON-VIOLENT offenses,mostly drug related. It is a BIG SCANDAL, and many people’s lives have been ruined.

    A BIG BUSINESS has also been built up around prisons, especially involving for-profit private corporations running correctional institutions [adult and juvenile], job creation involving both guards, administrative and facilities staff, and outside vendors making big $ with government contracts and private subcontracting [often no-bid and going to friends and cronies of the politically connected.] Add to this un-holy mix the seizure of assets [usually drug dealers], which allows many police organizations to keep and use at their pleasure, often not properly audited. And the amounts are often in the MILLIONS of $.