1. Funbud says

    Love, love, love Matt Gutman! He brightens up every newscast he appears on. Besides being a good reporter, he is HOT. Even fully dressed the man is sexy!

  2. Kevin says

    He’s cute but there’s no Monty to be seen, Full or otherwise. What? He has no comment on what it feels like to have a speedboat motor lodged between your ass, propelling you forward?

  3. esther blodgett says

    What kind of a name is ‘Kirk Krack’?

    It sounds like a 70s nom de porn for some uber-bottom, doesn’t it?

    On the other hand, gotta get me some of that Matt Gutman….

  4. Gianpiero says

    Even as a scuba diver I find this a little tough to watch. With the propeller between their legs, how do they equalize the pressure in their ears?

    And anyone who has ever been on a dive boat knows that watching people (even pretty ones) squeeze into their wetsuits is often a decidedly unsexy visual.

  5. Paul R says

    That is honestly one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen, but then I have a huge fear of brain damage and don’t care about bragging rights of any type. Obviously the prize money doesn’t begin to cover the teams’ costs.

  6. Jay says

    Andy Towle, is your background in advertising? You have a penchant for misleading headlines that , like ads, promise more than they deliver. This guy goes nowhere near “the full monty.” In fact he misuses the term. The full monty means naked and EXPOSED for all to see. Getting naked under a towel is not the monty, full or any other kind.

  7. chad hudson says

    Matt goes to my gym. Caught him in the steam room – majorly hung!!! 😉 He caught me checking him out – thought that would end it – but no!!! We’ve had a couple of hot times together – dude is totally versatile and HUGE! Awesome on camera – and (getting) off!! :-)

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