News: Hurricane Adrian, Gwen Stefani, GOOP, Tracy Morgan

Road SALON: How would Weiner do on Grindr?

Adrian RoadAdrian is first Pacific hurricane of the season.

RoadOne of the richest dogs in the world is dead.

RoadNuclear fuel has melted through the base of the plant at Fukushima: "The findings of the report, which has been given to the International Atomic Energy Agency, were revealed by the Yomiuri newspaper, which described a 'melt-through' as being 'far worse than a core meltdown' and 'the worst possibility in a nuclear accident.'"

RoadTracy Morgan's anti-gay stand-up routine.

RoadThe Facebook friends arm tattoo is a viral stunt.

RoadVirginia Department of Juvenile Justice votes to protect gay youth from discrimination despite Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's objection: "The board voted 3-0, with chairwoman Barbara Myers abstaining, to keep its proposed protections pending re-enactment at a special meeting, which could come later this month. At that meeting, the board wants advice from the Attorney General’s Office as to what would happen if they insist upon keeping the anti-discrimination language."

Paltrow RoadGwyneth Paltrow takes on homosexuality and the Bible in GOOP newsletter.

RoadGwen Stefani giving up her solo career. That was a moment in time.  It went on a little longer than we all thought it would, because it was inspired and you have to go with wherever you’re at in that time in your life … [But] everything works out how it should.”

RoadGawker hosting benefit for marriage equality in New York.

RoadGay man killed with platypus statue, court hears: "A Melbourne man who was angry at being propositioned by his gay housemate assaulted him with a platypus statue during a fatal fight, a court has heard. Aaron James Johnstone, 29, 'lost it' after his drunk and naked housemate Phillip Higgins propositioned him in September 2006. Johnstone told police he assaulted Mr Higgins before dropping the platypus statue on him. Johnstone has pleaded not guilty to murder and is facing trial in the Victorian Supreme Court."

RoadChord Overstreet drafted as Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise spoof for CMT Music Awards.

RoadWho doesn't?

Chameleon Road"Glam rock" chameleon among new species identified in Madagascar.

RoadThe first gay cruise on the Amazon River?

RoadArchbishop Nienstedt says Minnesota marriage amendment is not anti-gay: “Regrettably, the media and some secular commentators have chosen to mischaracterize this measure as anti-gay, mean-spirited and prejudicial."

RoadBay Area Reporter celebrating 40th birthday.

RoadLGBT writers list their favorite books.

RoadConservative UK tab Daily Mail says British soap Emmerdale went too far in showing assisted suicide of gay lover.

RoadHolland, Michigan to address anti-gay discrimination: "After hearing a number of opinions both pro and con, the Holland City Council last night instructed City Attorney Andrew Mulder to draw up a proposed amendment that would, if passed, extend the city’s non-discrimination ordinance and equal employment opportunity policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity."


  1. Paul R says

    I’ve never found Tracy Morgan’s boorish, immature “humor” remotely funny, I’ve always found him the very weakest link on 30 Rock (which is otherwise quite funny) and have always suspected he’s basically playing himself, and it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that he’s virulently antigay. He simply doesn’t seem that bright, but he definitely seems obnoxious as hell. Even worse, I think he reinforces some horrible stereotypes about black men.

    I also cannot imagine paying $86 to sit through one of his routines, and I would have walked out in a heartbeat once his antigay tirade began. Hell, I would have walked out before I walked in. I’d sooner eat glass than see him “perform.”

  2. MacroT says

    This is good to know about Tracy Morgan. I have always considered him a harmless buffoon, but now he is hateful and talentless buffoon. It seems he want to pick a fight with the gay community, and I say bring it on.

  3. matty says

    I dont get why everyone is focused on that one quote from gwen not releasing anymore solo albums. duh, no doubt is about to release a new record and besides that you should have focused on the fact she gave $1mil to japan relief and recently had her fundraising event for the same charity where no doubt performed. jeezus.

  4. Francis says

    Tracy Morgan needs to be fired from 30 Rock. Didn’t he virtually say he hated gay people a few years ago? The guy is an awful homophobe and no, he isn’t bright at all, he’s well-known as an idiot, as his homophobic actions prove. NBC and other cast members of 30 Rock, specifically Fey and Baldwin who have come out in major support for our equality, need to take a stand and make it clear they do not support and will not associate with anti-gay bigotry.

  5. says

    Well, a lot of comedians got demons. That’s nothing new. Still, I wish this wasn’t true. I really want to watch the footage, because, in this case, for me (I’m a big fan), seeing is believing.

  6. says

    Paul, I believe you misunderstood me, judging by your reaction.

    I would say Michael Richards, for example, has some demons. It’s either that, and/or he has a screw loose. I would say Mel Gibson (who is not a comedian, but illustrates my point) has some demons. What part of “demon” do you not understand? Do angels make us say awful things and distort our perspective on life towards the nasty? What do you find so offensive?

    And, if someone I’m a huge fan of does something highly inappropriate that I get second-hand information on, what is so offensive about me wanting to see it for myself?

    Please explain.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    I went to NBC’s website and contacted them, politely asking if they’d keep employing someone as a cast-member of one of their t.v. shows who had made anything approaching the level of what Morgan had to say about gays if it had been aimed at any other minority (like Morgan saying he’d stab his son to death if his son was or acted gay).

    It’s clear they wouldn’t. Imagine what would happen to a performer who made public jokes about how they’d stab his son or daughter’s girlfriend or boyfriend to death if their kid brought home somebody black, Jewish, or any other minority? They’d be fired faster than you could you could even pick up your remote and turn to NBC. And that’s only one of many “jokes” Morgan reportedly made at this concert.

    Call or write NBC. Don’t let them play “double-standards” about this kind of stuff. Morgan needs to be fired immediately, just like anybody else would if they launched anything near this kind of diatribe against any other minority. Let him go join Charlie Sheen on the “way too far and one time too many” unemployment line.

  8. Paul R says

    You could say Michael Richards has demons. You could also call him a hateful racist, which is why I despise him too. And for the record, never found him funny either.

    You could say Mel Gibson has demons. You could also call him a racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic jackass who I have never respected for a second.

    Why are we talking angels and demons? People don’t say things because of either. We’re talking about bigots, all three. And if it’s not true of Morgan, good for you and bad for me.

  9. says

    Paul >> Things appear more black and white to you than they do for me. Labels appear to work for you.

    Next time you disagree with someone, I suggest you don’t use the phrase, “Wake up” in response to them. FYI: it’s rude. I suppose, if labels were as important to me as they are to you, I could call you a jerk. Or, I could just say you had a very passionate reaction and lost your cool for a moment.

    The nuance would probably be lost on you.

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