1. Gigi says

    We’ve had police marching in our Toronto Pride parade for years. They get their picture taken, they get whistled at from both women and men, and they keep coming back for more each year.

  2. John says

    Oh, I can see that there might be some howling going on! There’s nothing like a hot man in uniform!

  3. JamesD says

    Most cops in Indianapolis resemble Clancy Wiggum. I for one will not be howling tomorrow morning…

  4. will says

    I live in downtown Indy, and have many gay friends who are cops & firemen. This midwest city would be shocked by how many there are and how many are out, and how many are high ranking!

  5. says

    “if they actually went to the Gay Pride Parade and see the activities that goes on there would be shocked…”

    I’m sure the Pride Parade _in Indianapolis_ is just shocking!

  6. David in Houston says

    That inbred bigoted hick has never been to a gay pride festival in his entire life. How the hell does he know what goes on there? Is he really the “spokeshole” for the Indiana Family Institute? He sounds like he never made it past the 5th grade. Big shocker.

  7. arch says

    At the pride march in London the marchers from the armed services get applauded and cheered. For many of them it is the only time they get to march through the capital city in uniform.

    Cops and firemen are easily robust enough to enkoy a little friendly admiration and banter, the London cops love it from men or women.

  8. hephaestion says

    “Howled at by homosexuals”!!!

    Ha! Like we howl at people! Ha!
    Those creepy closet cases at the Indiana Family Institute are unreal.

  9. anon says

    Sadly, flirting with the police does not get you out of speeding tickets.

    These nut-house interviews are getting a bit tedious. These people have no real political influence.

  10. Bryan says

    I understand that creeps have to spout hate-mongering nonsense with every poison breath they take, but do they have to be so inarticulate? These run-on sentences set a terrible example for young people who might be confused into mistaking the gibbering of lower primates for human beings speaking English.

    Really, think of the children…

  11. johnny says

    The Indy Pride parade is not shocking at all. It’s not like it’s a Castro street leather production… way tame, especially by other big city standards. There’s no “howling” going on, just applause for the men in red and blue. OK, maybe a couple of winks and whistles, but I’d bet most are from the cops, not bystanders!

    And yes, some of these wingnuts would truly be in shock if they realized how many of our police are out, gay and proudly serve. It’s just another attempt by a group of idiots to paint anything gay as perverse and wrong. Just go away, IFI, you aren’t necessary.

  12. Nick says

    I’m co-Chair of Circle City IN Pride, and we have always had a tremendous level of support from law enforcement in Indianapolis. We are pleased that IMPD has chosen to take it a step further and fully march in the parade. As one poster said, there are many out LGBT in both the police and fire corp (and they don’t look like Chief Wiggum!), and we even have an out member of our Board who was recently promoted to Captain. So, I hope this wing nut realizes that all he’s doing is giving us more publicity. For those of you who have never been, while we may not stack up against the big Pride’s in NYC, SF, or Chicago, we have a parade with over 120 units, a festival with 230+ vendors, and an estimated attendence of over 55,000. We are not the slack jawed yokels you may imagine we are…

  13. says

    THREE CHEERS, NICK, from this Hoosier native [and former president of the Bloomington Gay & Lesbian Alliance] who has long lived in San Francisco and been proud of the fact that both police and fire departments, with their chiefs, participate in SF’s parade every year. [There are some 300 out LGBTs on the police force.]

    This is HUGE, and a testament to the hard work of those LGBTs in Indiana who struggle against resistance that those who’ve never lived anywhere besides coastal urban areaa can ever imagine. I salute you all and wish I could be there.

  14. BobN says

    “if they actually went to the Gay Pride Parade and see the activities that goes on there would be shocked…”

    … at what a lying, scare-mongering hypocrite I am!!!

  15. Randy says

    He looks pretty lonely in that office. Where are all the staffers and interns? It’s so hard to run a hate-filled organization nowadays!

  16. BigGayJason'sBigGayBusRide says

    The Topeka, Kansas Police and Sheriff’s dept both have some fine, hot officers worthy of howling at and they would likely be very Okay working at any event that the Gay community sponsors. Flattery is just that no matter who it comes from. Some people need to just take the stick out of their butts.