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Watch: Rachel Maddow Rips Santorum's Hypocrisy on Weiner Scandal


Rachel Maddow won't let Rick Santorum call for Anthony Weiner's resignation without reminding everyone that Santorum covered for Senator John Ensign when his mistress wanted to go public with their affair.


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  1. Who was the interviewer and why didn't he/she ask Santorum about Ensign? Are they simply not as sharp as Rachel, or are they afraid they'd lose access by challenging these guys?

    Rachel did an amazing job taking down Newt Gingrich last night, as well. Blew my mind. It reminded me of the type of muckraking "60 Minutes" used to be famous for.

    Posted by: Dastius Krazitauc | Jun 10, 2011 8:56:22 AM

  2. Rick Santorum is an easy target. Too easy.

    Does it really surprise anyone that Santorum is toeing the Republican line -- to call for Weiner's resignation? These guys are all hypocrites, especially the "my family values" are better than your's types. Frankly, Mr. Weiner's idiocy disgusts me too, almost as much as Mr. Frothy Mix Santorum.

    Posted by: Joe in CT | Jun 10, 2011 9:12:29 AM

  3. As a Pennsylvanian, I particularly enjoyed the description of the frothy mixture as "former PA Senator." Looking forward to 2016 when Toomey can also be a "former Senator."

    Posted by: Bob | Jun 10, 2011 10:06:48 AM

  4. I sure hope this hastens the end of Santorum as a Presidential candidate. He should be hoisted on his own petard regularly. Brava, Ms. Maddow, you're da bomb!

    Posted by: Abel | Jun 10, 2011 10:12:49 AM

  5. And for pointing out the obvious, Ms Maddow is constantly labeled a Liberal. I am always confused as to why it is Liberal to speak the truth.

    Posted by: Chadd | Jun 10, 2011 11:33:15 AM

  6. Maddow sat on the Weiner lies when she had the opportunity to break the story.

    Posted by: Inside | Jun 10, 2011 11:47:30 AM

  7. Thank you Rachel Maddow for once again giving context and shining the light in the dark corners of guilt, fear, fog, and self-denial that is our Nation's Political Climate.

    Posted by: Donny with a D | Jun 10, 2011 12:01:39 PM

  8. What do you mean, Inside? She sat on the Weiner lies? She had him on her show, and he lied to her too.

    Posted by: Dastius Krazitauc | Jun 10, 2011 12:11:28 PM

  9. So Santorum has no problem breaking God's Ninth Commandment?

    of course not. right-wing Christians know that God's laws don't apply to them....

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Jun 10, 2011 1:35:04 PM

  10. This may eliminate Santorum as a VP choice. He has zero chance of winning the Republican Presidential Primaries.

    Posted by: PLAINTOM | Jun 10, 2011 3:58:42 PM

  11. I don't see how this was bad of Frothy Mix, or showing him as two faced or contradictory, or covering for anybody.

    It seems he basically let a friend of his know this was blowing up--how is that in contradiction to what Frothy Mix Santorum said?

    Besides, did Santorum have any personal knowledge of the affairs, or was he just passing on an 'I accuse' letter?

    Posted by: Steve Dore | Jun 11, 2011 1:41:12 AM

  12. santorum = the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex, or, senator rick santorum, r-pa

    Posted by: frothy mixture | Jun 11, 2011 4:40:14 AM

  13. @ Steve Dore:

    The reason this shows hypocrisy is that Santorum NEVER expressed his disapproval or his desire to have his fellow republican senators/congressmen resign in the face of legitimately illegal, ethically corrupt sex scandals.

    And then when Weiner does something that is neither illegal nor violates any major ethics (the only real thing he did wrong was lie about it- stupid but not illegal) Santorum is suddenly high and mighty and claiming that he has no choice but to call for the congressman's resignation because he's a family man.

    The moron previously backed his scandalous Republican associates. Maddow shows proof of this by describing his involvement in forwarding the letter - which shows that instead of being the "ethical man" here he sat on the letter while warning his friend- giving that man time to attempt to cover his actions. Makes sense? It should. I don't know how it could be any more obvious.

    Democrat sending nudie pics to random fans? IMMEDIATE RESIGNATION OMGBBQ!!!!!!!!!

    Republican hiring hookers with government funds/ using position to force an affair with a staffer and then giving the family hush money to cover it up amongst a whole slew of other ethics violations? (Vitter the shitter and Ensign) A-OK BRO!!!!!!

    Posted by: AedanCRoberts | Jun 11, 2011 12:27:33 PM

  14. Amen, Rachel Maddow. That was an eye-opener!

    Posted by: Joe De Hoyos | Jun 11, 2011 1:52:43 PM

  15. My only problem with the entire Weiner situation is the lying and for that I honestly think he should resign. I probably lean farther to the left than Maddow and have since before she was born. I could not possibly care less if these guys sleep with sheep but when the get caught all they need to say is "In my personal life I might have behaved in a manner that some find offensive however, my personal behavior in no way reflects negatively on my ability to perform the job I was elected to do. So basically I'm telling you to mind your own business." I simply cannot stand the lying and feeble cover-up attempts.

    And let's be honest about it. There were plenty of liberals doing the happy dance when GOP Rep. Christopher Lee of Buffalo was caught doing exactly the same thing as Weiner and, to his credit, ultimately resigned his position. Fair for one is fair for all and just because Weiner has never waved the "family values" flag doesn't make what he did (the lying part) any more acceptable to me.

    Posted by: Tyron | Jun 11, 2011 7:45:49 PM

  16. Would be interesting, as well as more than a little scary, to see inside sanctimonious Santorum's mind. Anyone that publicly claims that gay marriage will lead to "man on dog sex" might be projecting his own personal fantasies to denigrate others. Personally I think he should undergo a psych evaluation because harboring such thoughts could be detrimental to his own family.

    Posted by: mattgmd | Jun 12, 2011 3:02:54 PM

  17. Great reporting, except for the MANY facts that were left out. Altho' facts or the ommision of facts has never stopped Rachel from creating a good story. So here it goes, short and sweet. The e-mail was forwarded to Ensign to let him know he was busted and the media had its hands on the letters, so he had better come clean. Secondly, Santorum as well as well as many other republicans did call for Ensigns resignation.
    But then again maybe they were taking the Clintons "Vast ______ wing conspiracy" defense and using it for their own benefit. As for Weiner . . . 'nuf sed.

    Posted by: Shawn | Jun 19, 2011 11:50:53 AM

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