1. Jesse says

    Sacramento is a hotbed for anti-gay groups in Calif., dominated by their large Russian baptist population consisting of ruthless thugs (who have traded their venom for jews and poles, etc. in the “old” country for gays in the US)

  2. Jonathon Edwards says

    Always good to be reminded: get more than about a hundred miles from the coast in California and you are in serious wing-nut, Deliverance territory. While there are obviously a few pockets, in most of California…”Do you hear banjos?”

  3. Sac Native says

    I was born, raised and still live in Sacramento and although there are many conservative, bible thumping religious people here, there are also a lot of great, friendly people here. I’ve never felt threatened because of my sexuality. The biggest disappointment in this story is the lack of outrage and marching in the streets for this hate crime. It barely made the local news and didn’t make any news in our local gay news.