1. Jollysocks says

    Skelos is saying Cuomo changed his tune?? Skelos was the one who originally pledged a “conscious vote” on this bill and is now the one holding it up!

    I really wish we could hear a little more from our LGBT orgs on what is really happening. For nearly a week now they’ve been harping on about how the GOP just needs a few more religious protections and yet the language itself never materializes! Why can’t we at least see the language??

    It seems like we’re trusting Cuomo to get this done and to get the right language for us. Will there be a step in the process where we — the community — get to chime in on this language? Are the LGBT orgs going to leave this decision purely in Cuomo’s hands? Perhaps Cuomo believes the votes are there irregardless of language, but it seems the GOP has taken the stance of “we decide the language, or else there’s no vote.”

    If Cuomo now believes the votes are not there or Skelos isn’t going to bring this to a vote, he needs to let us know that NOW so we at least have the option to put pressure the GOP ourselves before the end of session. Speaking of which, will Cuomo even keep the session open if marriage equality is the last bill left on the table?

    I just don’t know what to make from the near silence from the leadership on our side.

  2. paul says

    Why do journalists not simply ask Greg Ball point blank to stop waffling and just say yes or no ?? He avoids answering the same question. Just yes or no…which way are you going to vote?

  3. NY2.0 says

    Greg Ball is just another attention whore looking for his 15 minutes. He obviously is a NO vote and it seems that majority leader Dean Skelos is looking to weasel his way out of bring the bill to the floor for a vote.

  4. Rowan says

    Another boringly tedious article from another liberal rag with no spine courtesy of The Voice this time.

    Oooh, an article about Diaz that says NOTHING we don’t know but yet fails to mention that this man is a thug that was done for serious drug dealing. Can you imagine the power this corrupt gangster wields in the bronx in the name of the lord? What a sinister man. And a really dumb granddaughter with her pussy article in the NY times that she knew would never be read by any Latinos.

    And surely an expose on NOM needs to be done? Have these guys not been systematically involved in making sure you have NO marriage rights ANYWHERE in the US?

  5. Robert in NYC says

    NOM refuses to provide details as to where it gets its funding. My suspicion is the Koch brothers and other wealthy republicans as well as some from the catholic archdioceses across the country. Let’s not forget, the NY Archdiocese donated $500,000 to defeat Maine’s marriage equality law.

    If it doesn’t come for a vote this session, you can bet it’s deliberate to give the GOP cover. Next year is a general election year. I doubt if we’ll get the same support from 2 or more republicans. Getting re-elected is more important.

  6. Glenn says

    Given the apparent resolution of all the other hot-button issues (rent stabilization, property taxes, tuition hikes), I’m having a hard time imagining what pressure Cuomo can bring on the Senate Republicans to force a vote. And I’m having a hard time imagining what is in it for Skelos and the Republicans to have a vote at all. I hope I’m wrong.

  7. Jollysocks says

    Perhaps I spoke too soon . . . they are now saying there is new language out there in the form of a chapter amendment. Hopefully we will be seeing this language soon (and more hoping it’s nothing too intolerable). Silver is saying that he finds the new language “agreeable” and that the Assembly will vote on the new language if the Senate does

  8. Bruno says

    One recent tweet: “Republican working the #gaymarriage vote insists a firm 32 in Sen GOP conference, refuses to reveal tipping point. Still no word on vote.”

    And another: “Silver says he’s seen draft chapter amendment on #samesexmarriage”

    And another: “Silver also says it would be “unfortunate” if Skelos wants to “slow things down” by voting on some issues like the cap and rent.”

    Things moving our way?

  9. bandanajack says

    nom may have released then pulled its self congratulatory statement, but i wonder if perhaps they have been tipped off and simply let the article slip out too soon. i think they may have pulled it off again, but if they have, i suspect the public will not take it well. they are no longer representing the majority, and the public is really getting sick of hearing about what most believe is a forgone, and fair, conclusion.

  10. says

    Religious protections ??? Give Me a break ! Who protects the “people” from religion ? Where do we go to get People protections ? Religion and Corporations want ALL their rights and OURS as well , as if there is a finite number of rights .. religion wants the rights to choke hold humanity as a whole ..

  11. acorlando says

    So what would happen if Cuomo telegraphed that he was going to stall (not sign) any of the recent bills pushed through by the republican extortionists until this was cleared for a floor vote?

  12. BigBlonde says

    Anyone else think that there will be riots if this doesn’t pass? (assuming they allow a vote). By stringing it along and drawing it out so long they’ve inadvertently caused very high tension and emotion. I easily see a Stonewall 2 on the horizon should there not be a 32nd vote. If there is I just pray the mobs target the senate buildings and the “religious” homophobes, rather than private communities and places of business.

  13. Bruno says

    @Bigblonde: That scenario seems more likely to me if the Republicans don’t allow a vote than if they do and it fails 31-31. But I’m not sure it would happen even then.

  14. steve talbert says

    The stupidity of people always amaze me. Ball talks about the ‘hate from the left’ being the same as the ‘hate from the right’. It IS NOT the same. The ‘right’ hate gays because we don’t do what they want us to do and obey their orders, while the left hates people who try to force them into submission and basically want to prevent them from having full civil liberties and/or kill them.

  15. billy says

    checkout capitaltonight:

    silver, from ny state assembly, has seen language for an amendment w/r/t the so called religious protections. he finds that language acceptable. cap-ton says its a chapter amendment. apparently the language came from a 3 way with Cuomo and Republican Sen Leader Skelos. Silver says the assembly is going to wait for the senate to pass it first.

    i’m thinking if there is language written, with any luck it had input from a fence sitter. skelos has reportedly been a firm no, but maybe this language gives someone like greg ball enough slack to vote yes. also hope its not something terribly hateful in there. this could be the whole ball game: equality looks like it might pass before pride. no champagne popping yet, of course. but i’m more optimistic than i was last night and this morning.

  16. Greg says

    I can’t imagine stronger exceptional language religions without creating an inherently unequal status for same-sex marriages (sorry to use that wording, but it fits here). If a straight married couple is allowed the right to sue upon being refused a marriage certificate by a clerk, or refused service by a wedding caterer, based on their religious-based bigotry, how can it be equality if gays are denied the right to sue.
    I don’t see how they can thread this needle.

  17. Jollysocks says

    This just in from Capitol Confidential (who along with Capital Tonight have been providing excellent coverage on this issue):

    Skelos also hinted that his conference and Cuomo are close on amendments to the same-sex marriage bill that would further clarify protections for religious organizations. “My colleagues and [the governor’s] counsel’s office are looking very closely at religious protections and I think they will conclude that. Once we have final legislation we’ll discuss it in conference,” Skelos said.

    For the first time, Silver said he saw a draft of the amendments, and is agreeable on the concepts. He said a vote could be held tonight “if the Senate says they’re doing it and they agree on it.”

  18. says

    As long as these ‘born again’ evangelical politicians keep getting elected, theocracy will prevail. We, as a nation, need to stop this! We abide by a constitution, not the church!

  19. searunner says

    @Bruno, thanks for the link!

    I guess it could be about the charter amendment language, but that wouldn’t make sense as there are 31 public supporters of the bill.

  20. dp says

    My answer to religous protections. Simply publish a list of organziations and businesses who do not want to serve LGBT people and we’ll gladly, along with our friends and families, spend our dollars elsewhere. I personally WANT to know who you are. In fact make it easy for us to identify you, put a sign in your places of worship and business.

    This religious freedom is a smokescreen. We need to start our own “Religious Freedom” movement. What about our religious beliefs! Why do they get “special rights”?

  21. milindoe says

    Ball is a media whore. He’s already made up his mind, but he’s putting on a show. Too bad he doesn’t do his frickin’ job as well as he preens for the media.

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