Mitt Romney Questioned About Flip-Flops, Gay Rights: Video


Here's the longer clip from the Piers Morgan interview asking Romney about his positions on gay rights, marriage, women's rights, and flip-flopping.


Romney takes it as a "gotcha" question when Piers asks if if he personally believes homosexuality is a sin.

MORGAN: Do you personally think homosexuality is a sin?

M. ROMNEY: Nice try, but I'm not going to get into --

MORGAN: That's a valid question, isn't it?

M. ROMNEY: It's a valid question and my answer is nice try. I'm not -- I'm not going to --

MORGAN: Nice try at what?

M. ROMNEY: I'm going to tell you that as a -- as a leader of the American people, I will do everything in my power to treat all people with respect and dignity and to -- and to advance the rights people have to choose their own course in life.

MORGAN: There are people watching you saying, "Nice try," Piers, repeatedly, saying, well, why doesn't he just answer the question?

M. ROMNEY: Well, for instance, if you were to say to me, do you think adultery is a sin, do you think someone who -- who -- who does something you disagree with is a sin?

Look, those are terms in the religious context. I'm not here in a religious context. I'm here as a candidate for president. And as a candidate for president or as a president, I would have to represent the interests of all the people. And I don't distinguish between sin and sinner as I'm -- as I'm looking at --

MORGAN: So if you were made president --

M. ROMNEY: -- as -- as I'm looking at a president. I --

MORGAN: If you were made president, you wouldn't make any pronouncements whatsoever of a personal nature about any form of personal behavior?

M. ROMNEY: Well, I -- I'm not quite sure what -- what you're referring to...


MORGAN: -- just hide all that behind the...

M. ROMNEY: I can't -- I can't...

MORGAN: -- of religious belief.

M. ROMNEY: It's hard -- it's hard for me to imagine describing something as a sin in a political sense. You can talk about something being wrong, about something being evil. There are -- there are murderers. That's evil and that's wrong. It also happens to be sin, according to most religions. 

But -- but the -- but if the terminology is religious terminology, that's probably not something which -- which would figure into -- to public policy.


In other Romney news, the former Massachusetts governor is getting hit by conservatives for his views on climate change:

So far, Romney’s reviews from the right are not positive. His views about climate change in particular put him at odds with many in his party’s base.

“Bye-bye, nomination,” Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday on his radio talk show after playing a clip of Romney’s climate remark. “Another one down. We’re in the midst here of discovering that this is all a hoax. The last year has established that the whole premise of man-made global warming is a hoax, and we still have presidential candidates that want to buy into it.”