New York Bishop: ‘Same Sex Marriage Is Another Nail In The Coffin’

The New York Daily News has published an op-ed by the Bishop of Brooklyn, Nicholas Anthony DiMarzio, wherein he naturally slams the fantastic news from New York. He writes:

Bishop Tragically, we no longer understand the primary purpose of marriage as the institution by which a man and woman bring new life into the world and teach the child to become a productive citizen.

In striving for that end, the man and woman discover their own mutual consolation. Tragically, we somehow have come to view marriage as legitimizing our individual need for love and affection.

As a consequence we have all witnessed the surge in numbers of divorce, single parenthood and cohabitation outside of marriage. Not even thirty years ago this would have been almost unthinkable and certainly scandalous.

I believe the passage of same sex marriage is another "nail in the coffin" of marriage. It is destructive because we fail to view marriage in the context of a vocation: a calling to participate in the great enterprise of forming the next generation. Marriage is reduced to an empty honor.

You can read the entire piece here.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, who has been very vocally against marriage equality, was mum on the subject during mass today. He spoke to reporters afterward: “I sort of needed a good dose of the Lord’s grace and mercy because I’ve been down a little lately as you can imagine.”