NY Conservative Party Chair Mike Long: ‘I’m Sorry to Say But the Bill’s Going to Pass’

LongMike Long, the chairman of NY's Conservative Party, predicts passage of the marriage equality bill tonight.

Reports John McCormack at The Weekly Standard:

"I'm sorry to say that the bill's going to pass," Long told me in a phone interview minutes ago. He said that the recently released religious liberty amendment would serve as an "excuse for some Sepublican senators to hang their hat on."

"I know they've got the 32nd vote, and I think they've muscled two more people" to give the vote some cushion.

"Hopefuly all of that blows up," Long said. "I don't see that happening."


  1. Charlie says

    It’s too bad that the bigot wing has the political power to get special privileges. But compromises often need to be made. Over time public opinion will change about this.

  2. torrentprime says

    It *really* seems like they’re trying to fake us out. Ball’s statements mentioned that it was “likely to pass”, now this. Seems too good to be true. Also, the “we came from behind and won!” frame they will run with if marriage equality fails will energize their side. Suspicious.

  3. BobN says

    Now, think. Why would one of our worst enemies shrug “oh well” just before a vote?


    The exemptions are terrible for us.

  4. sleepy bear says

    The pink in his tie really brings out the color in his lil piggy cheeks.

    Baby steps, ya’ll… one toe in the door… just one by one… until we can stick the whole foot up this d-bag’s booboo and kick him and his ilk out to the curb.

  5. will says

    You know, we don’t have to call every social conservative who doesn’t agree with us a bigot. Some people need time to evolve. The key thing is: we’ve convinced enough straight people now that gay marraige is a civil right & we deserve all the same basic protections and pursuits of happiness as everybody else.

    As a cultural struggle, most of the heavy lifting is almost over – we’re being assimilated and these fights are going to start to take on their own accumulative momentum because we’ve got a majority of americans on our side – and we can now afford to be generous and charitable. When we call every anti-gay person who comes down the pike a bigot (or worse) we sound like losers. We’re like those desperate activists who glitterbomb politicians. We can AFFORD to be magnanimous because we’re in the right and the numbers are finally coming to our side.

  6. Eastender says

    Saland, Grisanti are probabale, but watch LaValle. He’s on Rules and lots of pressure on him out east…he could “evolve” from his support for civil unions. Remember, Rules still controls if GENDA advances. And Watch Little.

  7. Michael Self says

    I have things to do, but I keep refreshing my Twitter and Facebook page and keep checking CNN and keep un-pausing the NY senate conference. And I don’t even live in NYC anymore. I’m in my hometown in Arkansas. Note to Self: Get OUT of Arkansas. THAT’LL be a long wait.

  8. Mark says

    Nothing gives me greater pleasure than when conservatives don’t get their way. I hope that tonight, when this bill passes, they get depressed and commit suicide ‘en masse’.

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