1. Paul says

    sorry to be realistic here but you are never going to get undecided republicans to come round to this idea. Undecided means they don’t want to come across as a bigot at this stage but will pretend they have been ‘listening to their constituents’. How often do we have to remind ourselves that Republicans are the only thing standing between us and Equality ? How long are we going to be held hostage by them ???? This is doomed.

  2. MiloTock says

    Unfortunately, it is not only Republicans. If anyone is really to blame, it is the Democrats. As was the case with the last vote, when the Democrats were in the majority, the fact that we cannot even get all of the Democratic senators on board provides perfect cover for the Republicans. The few Republicans who are now considered “undecided” and might be willing to vote their conscience with a “yes” vote know that the bill cannot pass unless all of the Democratic senators vote for it. None of these senators see any reason to break ranks with their party or stick their necks out for a bill that is doomed to fail anyway.

    If all of the Democrats were on board, at least some of the “undecided” Republicans might find the courage to vote yes, and have their names counted on the right side of history. With a bill doomed to fail, they have no reason to do so.

  3. wimsy says

    The official policy of the Republican party is to defiantly shout “NO!” at the rising tide of change in this country. (see Huffpost). So long as Republicans remain in lockstep, they will not change. The only answer is the ballot box, or death, whichever comes first.

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