1. TampaZeke says

    How sad that providing civil equality to ALL citizens is so f*cking difficult and heart wrenching.

  2. james says

    Refusing to issue a marriage license to an otherwise legally qualified couple is probably a violation of a clerk’s oath of office to administer the laws of the State equally to all citizens. Her only probable recourse is to stop issuing marriage licenses completely.

  3. Rick Bushnell MD says

    Brothers and Sisters:

    These people….Cuomo and the four Republicans who took a chance….they are our heros. Let’s all reward them with $10 or $25 checks as campaign contributions to help protect them from the haters who are giving them a politically hard time. They now need OUR help.

    Here are their addresses below. If we send them money, the word will get out and we will exercise our voice. Vote with your money.

    Hon. Andrew Cuomo
    Governor of New York State
    NYS State Capital Building
    Albany, New York. 12224

    Hon. James Alesi
    Room 512, Legislative Office Building
    Albany, New York. 12247

    Hon. Roy McDonald… 918
    Hon. Mark Grisanti…….room 902
    Hon. Stephen Saland….room 504

    Rick Bushnell, MD
    Pasadena, Ca.

  4. justme says

    Senator Mark Grisanti has discovered he has a heart and a brain, so of course he’ll be leaving the Republican party.

  5. walter says

    if the clerk refuses to her job fire her ass.
    she will be breaking the law and unfit to hold public office. kick the bigot out.

  6. says

    My own celebration…

    That town clerk is 75 and a Republican, what would you expect. Actual Conservatism is dying, Theocracy is thriving.

  7. Robert says

    Wait for the religious bigots to play the victim card once this goes viral. Fodder for the GOP to bait their bigot constituents. I suspect this is another area that Senator Greg Ball wanted protections for, individuals working for state government.

  8. Rowan says


    You also need to continuously thank the Democrats for doing the right thing.

    It wasn’t heart wrenching and the most difficult decision for them-it was about fairness and equality.

    Don’t take them for granted the left politicians, it’s not easy for them being to the left with such a poisonous right wing opposition.

  9. wimsy says

    The town clerk doesn’t have the right to pick and choose which laws she likes. Her oath of office promised to uphold the laws — all of them. if she won’t, she can’t be clerk.

    Good thing there aren’t any of THOSE kind of people in her town. Just like Iran.

  10. Jay says

    I just called Gov. Cuomo and left a message thanking him for his fight to pass same sex marriage. I also asked him if it would be possible to call Pres. Obama and explain to the Pres. what it means to be a fierce advocate for gay rights.