‘Patriotic American’ Diver Launches Underwater Search for Osama bin Laden’s Body

California salvage diver Bill Warren wants to find Osama bin Laden's body to prove that he's dead, the NY Post reports:

Warren Warren, who has discovered more than 200 wrecks, is confident he can find bin Laden's body. American Special Forces killed the jihadist on May 2 in Pakistan.

"I'm doing it because I am a patriotic American who wants to know the truth. I do it for the world," Warren told The Post.

He expects to spend about $400,000 on a two-week jaunt next month. He plans to rent a ship in India for $10,000 a day, and spend another $1,000 a day for a remote-operated submarine.

Warren plans to scour the Arabian Sea. "If Warren finds the body, he will hold a DNA test at the ship," IANS/RIA Novosti adds.


  1. Jack M says

    Why doesn’t this “patriotic American” do something constructive with his half million, like giving it to a school or a charity that feeds the hungry? What a dipshit.

  2. luminum says

    Right. He might be alive and he’s laying low and Al Qaeda is acting like he’s dead because they just want the US to feel good about itself again.

    Even in his most well-intentioned, this reminds me of the fanatic American John Yettaw broke through security and trespassed on Aung San Suu Kyi’s home, resulting in an extension of her house arrest.

    Stupid actions, without thought of consequence or frivolousness, will help no one and embarrass or endanger everyone.

    Go away and do something worthwhile and actually helpful with your money.

  3. davd02657 says

    Arabian Sea(*):
    Max. width: 2,400 km (1,500 mi)
    Surface area: 3,862,000 km2 (1,491,000 sq mi)
    Max. depth: 4,652 m (15,262 ft)

    … so much water; so little time. publicity queen. conspiracy nut. idiot.


  4. Dennis says

    I’m usually anti-violence and pretty much always anti-AlQueda, but if terrorists were to “suicide boat bomb” this IDIOT’S search boat, I wouldn’t shed a tear.

  5. Paul says

    For the love of Pete – Just when you think the world cannot get any crazier! $10K a day to rent the boat upon which to base this totally needless farce! Fools and their money – just wish he was spending it here in the states to give the economy a shot in the arm.

  6. Bryan says

    Bin Laden is underwater to prevent his body from becoming a shrine and furthering his cult. Burial at sea was a brilliant move.

    Nothing could be less patriotic than drawing attention to his bloated, crab chewed corpse. The real point of this stunt is to fail – so that right-wing bat-shits can claim Obama lied.

  7. mmike1969 says

    So, if pirates seize this idiot, should the US send the US Navy to rescue him? I am thinking this fool is trying to get his own reality show or something. :p

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