Person Killed At Alaskan Gay Pride Parade

It appears as if the pedestrian was killed in a tragic accident this morning that involved the car carrying the parade's grand marshal. The AP reports:

Anchorage Anchorage police Lt. Dave Parker said the 50-year-old man who was killed was participating in the Celebrating Diversity Parade. He said the car accelerated and ran over the man just minutes after the parade scheduled for 11 a.m. started. Officers "immediately started CPR, but were not able to revive him," Parker said. "He was declared deceased at the scene." Police questioned the driver and authorities were trying to determine whether the collision was caused by mechanical failure or driver error. There was no indication that alcohol was involved. Grand marshal Doug Frank told the Anchorage Daily News that the convertible's driver had trouble with the car's accelerator. "It ran over a person, totally over," Frank said, sobbing. "This went from one of the best days of my life to the worst."

The parade was immediately canceled following the accident.

The Alska Dispatch has printed an eyewitness account on what may have caused the crash: "According to people participating in the event, the driver of parade grand marshal Doug Frank's convertible did not know how to operate the car's stick-shift. A witness called it an "irresponsible" decision that left a woman dead and ruined a day of celebration for Alaska's queer communities."

While the AP has said the victim is male, other sources report that the person's gender at this time remains unconfirmed.

(Above photo courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News)


  1. Carl Attman says

    The victims name was James Crumb, and he was a member of the local MCC church and very involved in the Anchorage glbt community. The driver was Edie Bailey, and she is a straight supporter of our community. Both were adored in our local community.

  2. Billy Wingo says

    If there was a God, it would have happened to that archbishop who has made a recent career of trying to emulate hitler re his hatred of gay marriage.

    Curious about the catholic church – go to someones website re why the church was all but untouched in Europe during WWII.

  3. Russell says

    I am sorry for any pain this has caused to anyone. I pray for comfort for all affected by this. Speaking only for myself, sincerely, I’m getting up in years and I’ve got to say that dying at Gay Pride is one of my top three ways to go. Just put me in the trunk and go on with the parade. Godspeed, James.

  4. MacroT says

    What a horrible fiasco. Why in the world would you have this woman driving a stick shift when she didn’t know how? Unbelievable.

  5. says

    I’m in Fairbanks, and I considered going to that parade. Now I’m glad I didn’t. That is just tragic :( My thoughts go out to the victim’s loved ones.

  6. ratbastard says

    WTF….whose idea was it to have someone unable to drive a stick, operate the car?

    I feel bad for everybody involved, including those who witnessed it.

  7. Joe in CT says

    The headline for your posting should better convey the accidental nature of this tragedy. When I read the headline, I immediately thought that some crazy Sarah Palin supporter intentionally killed a parade participant.(Admittedly, Palin’s crosshair targets still haunt me.)

    I’m relieved the killing was not intentional.

  8. Roger says

    We need no more significant a reminder of how important it is to BE GOOD TO EACH OTHER or how fleeting life than today’s tragic event. Condolences to family and the Anchorage community.

  9. Tom says

    I wondered how long it would be
    before a deranged Sarah Pailin hater would bring her name into

  10. AKChris says

    I was a witness. Less than 10 feet away and I had to flee the moving car. But let nobody speculate as to what happened inside the car. The police will make their report public as soon as they can. All of the media messed this story up in manifold ways. It was a horrible accident. It may have been a mechanical failure. It may have been a human failure. But shame on all of you who speak ill, without knowing anything, in the face of this tragedy.

  11. Mel H says

    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

    I hope when it’s my turn to go, I do it while doing something I love and feel matters, being surrounded by people I care about and who care about me.

    Sounds like this guy had A LOT of life in his years – kudos to him and everybody else who puts their energy towards that which they believe in.

    p.s. AKCHRIS – don’t you think there’s already enough shaming going on in this world without you adding to it? Not meaning to put you down, just asking you to consider being the changes you wish to see in the world.

  12. says

    My condolences to the victim’s family. It is a very unfortunate event. The grieving process is a long and painful one but knowing someone is going through the same thing gets it a little less difficult.