Activists React to Prop 8 Hearing Over Judge’s Sexuality: VIDEOS


Activist Sean Chapin put together a video reel of the highlights of the rally held yesterday outside the Federal District Court House in San Francisco before the Prop 8 hearing over the preposterous motion to vacate Judge Walker's ruling because he is gay.

Kendell Also, remarks from NCLR Executive DirectorKate Kendall, who was in the courtroom at the time.

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Here's a lengthy report on yesterday's hearing, with this juicy bit, from NPR:

Ware also heard arguments on whether he should prohibit Walker from using videotaped recordings of the trial in public speeches. Cooper said Walker's post-retirement use of the recordings violated a U.S. Supreme Court ruling barring the trial from being broadcast beyond the federal courthouse in San Francisco.

Ware said he would issue a written ruling at a later date but suggested he was disinclined to prevent his former colleague from making personal use of the videos.

Ware said Walker had been given the videos as a parting gift during a "passing the gavel" ceremony.

"It was done under my auspices," he said. So I want to disclose that in case you wish to make an argument that somehow having presided over that event ... I should recuse myself."

A ruling is expected sometime today.

Watch both clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

Catch up on yesterday's report...
Following Hearing, Ruling to Come Within 24 Hours on Judge's Sexuality in Prop 8 Case [tr]

NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell: