Tim Tebow Can’t Talk About Same-Sex Marriage


As Sally Quinn (who fawns over the Focus on the Family-supporting Denver Broncos player like a smitten teenager) notes in this WaPo profile, his publicist won't let him answer a question about same-sex marriage:

There is something very beguiling about Tebow. He seems almost an unmolded adolescent who is just beginning to think for himself, examine his life, and ask questions. He is open and friendly with a good sense of humor. It’s hard to imagine such innocence in someone his age and in his field, but talking to him, it’s hard to believe it isn’t genuine. When asked questions he clearly has not been asked before, he ponders and tries to respond as openly and honestly as he can. Only once, when asked about same-sex marriage, did his publicist, on the other end of the phone, protectively jump in to object that that was off message.

The article positions Tebow as a good Christian role model. But as one commenter on the WaPo love letter notes, "Until Tim Tebow distances himself from the hatred aimed at millions of Americans (including quite a few gay teens that end up killing themselves), he has no credibility as a role model."


  1. MikeBoston says

    Poor little Timmy wants to be a role model.

    He’s a football player. He picks things up, he puts them down. He isn’t supposed to think for himself.

    Let’s let him try to be a role model in 10 years when he retires from sports, has bad knees, and is showing the first signs of dementia pugilistica like a lot of other players.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Yep, he was taught beginning at an early age that LGBT folk are bad people. Since his background became known years ago, I’ve had no more respect for him than this “good Christian” has for me. End.of.story.

  3. uffda says

    If you even remotely subscribe to the notion that someone ever Atoned for your sins, or needed to, then you’re not thinking for yourself at all.

  4. Mike says

    @JackM you hit the nail on the head; and it reminded me of that song from the musical South Pacific: “You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught”. It’s amazing that people aren’t making the connection that this issue is the result of prejudices being passed down.

  5. Jim says

    More and more entertainment personalities in Film, Television, and Stage are coming out, along with more Politicians and the Military, the world of professional Sports is the last “taboo”; slowly, sports figures are ‘stepping up to the plate’ (no pun intended) to speak out for equality. Just as the pioneers did with inter-racial teams, so they will with sexual orientation. It WILL take time, but it IS beginning to happen.

  6. Alex says

    I don’t normally comment on people’s appearances, but either that’s a bad photo or he’s /really/ not aging well. But supposing he doesn’t grow up into a better message and continues to represent bigotry, at least he won’t be luring people in with his looks.

  7. walter says

    this is a man who has real problems, he is a spokesman for jockey and won’t even let himself be photographed in jockey shorts. real man like jim palmer, raffa nadal, david beckham and ronaldo christiano had no problem with their manhood. what’s the problem tiny tim.

  8. Charlie says

    Every time Sally Quinn gets mentioned I think “Who is she screwing to still have a job at the post?” And then I think, “Oh yeah. Him.”

    I am quite sure everyone at the Post is embarassed each time they see her by-line.

    Now on too Tim Tebow. His story about his mom not having an abortion when the doctors told her to do so it quite heart warming. I glad things worked out for him (and her). But I have a friend whose sister was also told not to have a child for medical reasons. And she died (a long slow death). So I object to him wanting to force his personal views on the public. I firmly believe in choice. My friend’s sister chose to have a baby. And she faced the consequences. Tim Tebow’s mom chose to have a child. Why does he want to take away other people right to choose?

    But the cramming your choices down other people’s throats is a common practice. The concept that if you don’t believe in same sex marriage then don’t marry someone of the same sex doesn’t enter into the minds of the religious right.

  9. Sam says

    I don’t trust him when it comes to the equal rights debate. Not because he’s a Christian (I have friends who are Christian who support allowing gay people to marry), but with the company he associates with.

  10. Gabe R L says

    I praise both Charlie and Sam for posting sensitive, thoughtful comments on this topic. And some of these other posters are calling Tebow immature? Puhleeze.

  11. jamal49 says

    I think Tim Tebow is just a little bit too old to be described as an “unmolded adolescent”. The guy is emotionally retarded as most evangelicals are. He promotes a religion that is rooted in bigotry and misogyny. Seldom do I pray, but in his case, I pray he fails at pro football–spectacularly.

  12. jobe says

    Wow,unless this is a fake anti Tebow blog… more PURE HATE here against TT than Timmy can hold on the head of a pin. If this is a real blog, you should be ashamed. Never seen such vehemence….You are not any better than those you accuse.

  13. jaragon says

    He has a great jock body but is obviously been religiously brainwashed. And as long as he doesn’t start doing anti gay preaching I can enjoy the masculine beauty.

  14. Javier says

    Tim Tebow is my personal role model, not as an athlete, but a genuine man of God who loves and serves Jesus Christ. An awesome brother in Christ!!

  15. Francis says

    You can like football and not like all of the players who are playing, this has little to do with the sport itself. I don’t care about Tim, he’s insignificant IMO, but yes, the people he associates with are horrible bigots and that is a bad reflection on him. It makes him bigoted by connection, and not many people want to support bigotry. I think he’s basically a walking robot with no mind of his own, and he’s just not important enough for me to get upset over.

  16. james jones says

    Francis, do you know the people he associates with?? have to talked to them?? or are you just judging them because thats what your queer buddies tell you to do?

  17. CARIBTONY says

    I sat down and watched Tim being interviewed (on I think Jimmy Kimmel) late one night only because I really wanted to hear what he had to say and how he answered any questions thrown at him.

    And honestly? I got the impression that he is very naive and kinda….well, a dumb jock. He really has no worldly outlook, and does not seem to have any street smarts. Kinda blonde in thinking if you ask me. Show him a shiny object to keep him occupied sorta thing….

    I’m not saying he’s stupid, he’s just not someone you’d have a conversation with on topical issues and general philosophies. He may be a role model on being a good athlete, but nobody to go to on political or social issues.

  18. walter says

    ps like football but don’t like narrow minded people . tiebow should keep his warped opinions to himself. not everybody needs to think like he does.

  19. Justin says

    There is a common theme in this comment thread that is troubling to me. Everyone wants him to keep his “warped” opinions to himself. Why is it that you people are so outspoken about your own beliefs but want to quell any opinion that differs from yours? As I read through your comments I can see that you are an example of the hate that you are accusing Tebow of having. You hate Christians far more than Christians hate you. And just so you know, just because someone is against gay marriage does not mean they hate the homosexual community.

    And people calling others queers and being hateful, is that really helpful? You really aren’t any different then the other side of the discussion.

  20. Mk_Ultra_Again says

    Justin, “You hate Christians far more than Christians hate you.”
    So you admit christians hate, but then you go on to say-
    “just because someone is against gay marriage does not mean they hate the homosexual community” Which one is it? Do they hate or not?.
    Secondly, let’s be real – it’s not gay marriage that christians are against- it’s gay equality.

  21. GatorFan says

    Why is it so easy to spew hate or rip a guy who until this point has done nothing but be a great college football player, win 2 national championships and a Heisman trophy? Like many of us, he has faced many obstacles and managed to overcome them. He is just a good guy who has a great deal of faith – leads by example – and tries to help others. Are we at the point in our society where being “good” is a bad thing?

  22. Joe O says

    All you Fags just want him to be gay, so you have to mock and snide and talk crap. When all you know is his publicist supposedly stopped him before he could answer. Hmmmm, sounds like an evil person, so let’s just call him names like we are in junior high school. Let’s call him: brainwashed, dunce, predjudice, “weird alien,” disrespectful, pretty boy, bigot, “man who has real problems,” and, of course ‘child.’

    Go on, little boy lovers, say what you must about Tim Tebow since he IS a major role model of young men who love God. In fact, say what you must about the God he follows and the people he associates with. YOU WILL NEVER FIND A BETTER MAN IN THE NFL! Which means, its perfect for you to pick on him with your little comments and funny words.

  23. Hypocrisy? says

    Allow me to point it out here…

    “All you Fags..”
    “little boy lovers..”

    and then…

    “so let’s just call him names like we are in junior high school..”


    Allow me to point out that Tebow isn’t going to read any of these comments on this blog, but I find it giggleworthy that some of you “God-Fearing Christian Folk” feel the need to protect his name.

    Seriously, I’m laughing here.

    And “Little boy lovers”? In 2011, really? So I guess the inverse for you straight assholes is Little Girl lovers, right?


  24. Mrkoe says

    Wow…. a lot of mean spirited comments on here…. he seems like a nice kid and he does not seem to be spewing any hate…. He is young and finding his way, we’ve all been there, one way or another.

  25. Kerry says

    I don’t get why he didn’t answer this question. Tim Tebow is a big deal right now and when he was in his mother’s womb her dr told her to have an abortion but she said no and thank God. His life almost didn’t happen I believe in my heart he supports the LGBT like I do and i’m Christian. I don’t think this boy is full of hate

  26. Mousemess says

    I have no problem with Tim Tebow being a Christian, I am one also. He just gets carried over the top and away with his faith to the point of nuttiness.

    Yes, I love Jesus also, but I don’t wear that on my proverbial sleeves or on my face. I keep that to myself. Loving Jesus more than your wife or your husband, and telling the world all about your love for Christ and your faith non-stop is kind of corny, weak-minded and not very adult for a grown man.
    If someone asks me, it’s one thing, but I don’t feel a need to hype it from every corner of the place like he does.
    He is a very sweet, dear, lovely young man, but someone needs to shake him out of his daydreams and tell him gently, sweetly and kindly as best as can be done that he is acting like he lost too many of his marbles years ago or acting like someone dropped him on his head when he was a young child.

    Love him, and love his youthful enthusiasm, but he needs to snap out of some of this. And I don’t think the average football fan is really all that revved up to get an earful of religion at a football game. She or he came to have fun and root for his or her team. If the teamplayers want to pray together as a team in a low, soft voice before a game, no problem, but don’t put it all over a jumbotron or force the unwilling to hear every word of it. And no-one has to hear about the abortion issue either. They came for a football game not for a kill-joy “wet-blanket” on their enthusiasm.
    If I have to hear about the abortion issue at a football game, I don’t think I would attend another football game in person every again.

  27. jodi says

    Someone may have already said this, but it’s quite telling of the Focus on the Family lot that they have an advocate who is “is almost an unmolded adolescent who is just beginning to think for himself, examine his life, and ask questions.” he’s exactly they kind of person they want on their team – gullible, naive and easy to program.

  28. Jonathon says

    Tebow is just another celebrity who is famous for being famous, like Kim Kardashian. From what my sports-fan friends tell me, he isn’t much of a football player. Sure, he is a handsome guy and I wouldn’t kick him out of the bed, but what else does he really have to offer? The right is trying to make him out as a hero, given his propensity for public displays of his faith. A real Christian would know Jesus’ teaching on the matter: Matthew 6:6 (NIV) – “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”

  29. RLK says

    Self-hating Gay man brainwashed by his stupid fundie mom. Hopefully, some day, he will become enlightened, realize the true meaning of spirituality, and live honestly. Till then, he will misuse religion for the fundie’s propaganda machine.

  30. Mikey says

    The Christian attitude to equal rights for all, is what turned me away from it. I cannot in conscience be a member of a group which borders on disseminating hate. Whatever happened to Jesus’ dictum, Do unto others? Would any evangelical want to have their right (God-given and Constitutionall decreed, since we are “One nation UNDER GOD.I used to wear my Xtian faith proudly. Now I am unable.

  31. Mikey says

    The Christian attitude to equal rights for all, is what turned me away from it. I cannot in conscience be a member of a group which borders on disseminating hate. Whatever happened to Jesus’ dictum, Do unto others? Would any evangelical want to have their right (God-given and Constitutionall decreed, since we are “One nation UNDER GOD.I used to wear my Xtian faith proudly. Now I am unable.

  32. MaddM@ says

    I agree that Tim seems a little naive/”unmolded adolescent”/emotionally and socially retarded, however I think we need a little more of that in the world. I’m familliar with some of his non-football background and it seems like he really has a genuine desire to help young people with problems and that is admirable.

    It is unfortunate that he’s been told repeatedly about how homosexuality is negative and that he’s gotten entwined with hate groups like FoF. I hope that at some point some nice dude’s pillow talk will involve ways he can help all young people regardless of sexual orientation in an open and non-jdgemental way.

    He has the kind of anne frank positivity that could do a lot of good if he coul intermingle with people that are truly trying to do some good and not divisive hate groups like FoF.

    Oh yeah and I want that sexy bear to be the father of our children we will adopt from war-torn countrues. That is all :b

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