Tom Ford Wears His Shirts Open to Prevent Migraines


Racked has a look at what you can expect from the upcoming June 24 OWN Visionaries program on designer/director Tom Ford, including this revelation:

"I wear my shirts open because ties give me a headache. I can only wear them for a few hours and then I start to get a migraine."

Who knew that the heavage trend was facilitated by a medical condition?


  1. Ron says

    I’ve never liked Ford but he is right. I too get migraines and ties around your neck will trigger migraine headaches, at least they do for me!

  2. Oliver says

    The one time I went into his Madison Avenue store I got a migraine. Still uncertain as to whether it was the price of the shoes I looked at ($11,200.) or the thick scent in the air.

  3. Disgusted Gay American says

    Im sorry did u mean 11,000$ for a Pair of shoes???? WTF? when people are starving in this world, in this country..and people spend THAT on a Friggin pair of shoes??? I dont care IF I had MILLIONS – there is NO way in Hell Id spend that for shoes..ever. I guess Im glad I grew up in a family with 8 kids on a fireman’s salary….it made me appreciate the Small things in life.

  4. jp says

    Whatever the reason, I for one am always happy to see a little of Tom’s chest. The more the better, in fact, when is his sex tape going to come out?

  5. Marie says

    I totally buy this. Anything is possible! Wearing certain hats or a headband can give me a headache. Don’t even try putting a wig on me. Feels like I’m being smothered. And nail polish makes my fingers feel heavy. Cannot stand it. #weirdness

  6. deusxmac says

    I suppose it is a gentleman’s prerogative to choose any placebo that works for him. Should the unwashed masses follow suit?

    @bad boy humor: they should follow unsuited, apparently.

  7. Paul R says

    I find him kind of sleazy, but I also hate wearing ties or hats for any length of time—anything constricting bothers me after an hour or so. They make me feel hot and I sometimes get headaches, so this makes sense to me. Good thing I work from home!

  8. Dback says

    I wore a dress shirt and tie every day for 2-3 months at a teaching job, and was getting terrible headaches every day around 4:00-6:00, and I could feel the muscles in the back left side of my neck just throbbing. Now I alternate dress shirts with nice T-shirts, and get headaches less frequently. There very well could be something to this. (And I like seeing Tom COMPLETELY undressed.)

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