Tracy Morgan Speaks: ‘I Would Love [a Gay Son] Just as Much as if He Was Straight’

30 Rock star Tracy Morgan speaks to Russell Simmons in a new interview at Global Grind.

Morgan Says Morgan: "I guess the reason I am successful is because I am so unfiltered. And sometimes as a result I say really stupid s**t. The truth is if I had a gay son, I would love him just as much as if he was straight … I might have to try to love even more because I know of the difficulty that he would have in society."

Morgan adds: "Of all the sicknesses, there is probably none more abusive than homophobia. My heart is committed to giving everyone the same rights that I deserve for myself."

Morgan says that the controversy has helped him understand "how hurtful his words were" and tells Simmons that he supports marriage equality and would attend a rally in support of it:

"I believe everyone deserves the right to be happy and marry who they want too; gay, white, black, male or female. Let me know where the rally's at Russ. I'm there!"


  1. says

    i had already forgotten about this…but at least this is better than that first apology. if he means it or not doesn’t really matter, but he surely learned a lesson

  2. Wes says

    That’s pretty much the polar opposite of what he said in his act. So, is it a change of heart or is he suggesting this is how he felt all along?

  3. Jeff says

    I really want to believe him, but there’s a part of me that suggests that he is doing this just so his so called career won’t fall down any further.

    I guess this is better than staying silent.

  4. Ryan says

    Damage control can be so wonderful. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next to save his ass.

  5. Jeremy says

    I accept his apology. What I have a problem with is the “because I am so unfiltered” line. It’s something comedians use whenever there is controversy and it irritates the hell out of me. There is always a line and a comedian knows that line better than anyone. I can’t imagine his rant just came out as he was saying it. Tracy should have known better in the first place.

  6. Oliver says

    i wonder which spin doctor got paid how much to arrange this timely interview? (he forgot to cry)

  7. Steve says

    We all say stupid things. Words are important, but ACTIONS are even more so. Judge someone by how they act overall. If he follows thru on his promise to attend rallies and such, he is FORGIVEN by me!

  8. Tom Anderson says

    Its NOT enough – in these times when our children are killing themselves, this gut thinks its funny to say he would stab and kill his own child for being gay. Sorry NBC should make an example fire him NOW!
    Bullys’ of all ages and perfessions must be stopped

  9. jj says

    can we give this guy a break? we have bigger “enemies” than some guy that said ignorant stuff at a stand-up in TN and apologized multiple times for it. we’re crucifying the wrong person. go against real political movers instead.

  10. David says

    “no filter” means to speak what you really feel without considering the consequences. He is a biggot and now a liar. His message of hate needs to be buried in obscurity just as his career! If Tina Fey and NBC don’t fire him…I will never support Tina Fey again!

  11. doug says

    that was definitely not a “non-apology” apology. He works with a ton of gays and gay friendlies…he obviously got an earful, and seemingly learned his lesson. He’s not the brightest bulb…but that was a pretty straightforward mea culpa. I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

  12. Josh6852 says

    Tracy Morgan has three boys, this is what he said last Friday to a packed TN audience..“ If my son told me he was gay (high pitched voice), I would take a knife and stab him in the chest” EVERYONE (Tina Fey-NBC-Comedians-Athletes…etc) needs to read and take action against the vicious hate that Mr. Tracy Morgan (30 Rock- SNL) said in his (rally for violence against the LGBT community- FOX can take a day off) questionable comedy act on June 3, 2011…NO NO NO apology accepted…20 yrs in entertainment working side by side with many gay parents and people with gay children and potraying us in offensive skits on SNL… NO surprise you would sperminate your flock of uneducated bible belt bullies in TN of all places ( Where two bills recently passed 1) you can be fired from your job for being gay 2) you cant use the word gay in schools….look it up) I can take a joke- Im ALL for free speech- not hate speech…Now it’s time for the gay community and supporters of equal rights for ALL to raise your voices and be heard…..


    We as a community pushing equal rights for ALL need to make our voices heard NOW and encourage celebrities and politicians through TWITTER- FACEBOOK- EMAIL-…ETC. that they need to speak up when its not convenient to advance their careers…..You accept our hard earned money and go to our award shows and preach tolerance and standing up to bullies….Time to STAND UNITED in the fight for Equal Rights…. Tina Fey and 30 rock have received many awards from GLAAD….NO MORE LIP SERVICE- ACTION NOW…You use free speech Mr. Morgan as a front to spew hate…. Now its time to pay the piper…..I speak up for the thousands of GLBT kids who have no voice….. kids that don’t even have parents that love them enough to let them live at home….. church leaders telling 8 yr old kids they’re going to hell to their face…When family, friends, church leaders and your community abandons you all based on nothing you can control because your same sex attraction is natural, SUICIDE MIGHT SEEM LIKE THE ONLY OPTION….ITS NOT KIDS….IT GETS BETTER…IT IS BETTER…. WORDS HURT….. WORDS KILL !!!!!!

    Tina Fey your half as@ed apology sucked… Tina fey says “ Tracy is to sleepy to cause anyone harm” What does that mean Tina? Mr. Morgan is FINISHED in my book. Don’t go down with the ship Tina. You hired Tracy knowing that his stand up is very homophobic. Now pay the price. This is the core of Tracy’s beliefs…..Believe what you want Tracy…. Say what you want Tracy….. Now pay the f@@king price you piece of sh@t….You would think growing up being black you might be a more thoughtful person when it comes to the LGBT issues and working with them for over 20 Years…. WRONG……TIME TO HOLD OUR POLITICIANS AND CELEBRITIES ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE THINGS THEY SAY OR DON’T SAY IN REGARDS TO LGBT ISSUES FROM NOW ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *****ALL THE FOLLOWING COMEDIANS NEED TO STAND UP AGAINST TRACY MORGAN NOW* ******1) Kathy Griffen 2) Lisa Lampanelli (Your 15 mins with the F word is up) 3) Sarah Silverman(been hitting up Sarah’s twitter) 4) Margret Cho 5) Whoopie Goldberg 6) Joy Behar (Finally a good topic for The View/ All The View does is talk about their other gigs and SPONSOR EVRYTHING/ LOVE YOU RO and…… The Talk is on …..No more View 7) ALL GAY COMEDIANS……WE HAVE TWITTER NOW……TELL THESE COMEDIANS TO STAND UP AGAINST TRACY MORGAN’S HATE SPEECH…. YOU AND I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN WHAT THESE AWFUL COMICS CONSIDER FUNNY ABOUT YOU AND I…..DO IT FOR THE KIDS THAT HAVE NO VOICE OR HOPE LEFT….JUST DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! COMEDIANS, NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP.NOT WHEN YOU’RE COUNTING OUR HARD EARNED MONEY. Thank You Wanda Sykes- Chris Rock for realizing his mistake and most of all LADY GAGA. Shes been a fierce advocate around the world.

  13. Dennis says

    Fine, now put your money where your mouth is and donate THE ENTIRE BOOKING FEE/PROFITS you earned that night to PFLAG and/or a local Tennessee LGBT charity.

  14. Jonathan says

    I wonder if the initial comments in his act were an attempt at irony (i.e., he was talking as a “redneck” black man). This apology and these comments are so polar opposite and sound completely sincere. He went farther than any homophobic has ever gone in an apology — coming out in favor of gay marriage, etc. that I can’t help but think his comedy just misfired. And I was ready to hunt him down and kill him last week.

  15. Buster says

    Sorry — if he had said nasty stuff about adult gay men or lesbians, about gay stereotypes, about gay sexual behavior, he could apologize (or not) and move on. He said HE WOULD PULL OUT A KNIFE AND STAB HIS SON TO DEATH if he “spoke like a gay man.”

    That’s extraordinarily terrifying. What competent parent would EVER say something like that about their child, even as a (ill-considered) joke. I’m am more upset and concerned about the parenting issues here than the homophobia (as bad as that was.) His apologies are insufficient because that kind of a threat is not something for which a simple apology is sufficient. It should be a matter of intervention, counseling and investigation by child welfare.

  16. UWSGUY says

    was this an on-air interview or print? cause to me it doesn’t sound like Tracy Morgan. It sounds like Tracy Morgan’s publicist.

  17. says

    Didn’t I tell you the Gay “community” would end up backing down from Tracy Morgan? Our collective wimpiness is so predictable, you could set a clock by it and not even be a second off! This latest “apology” is just like his last one: Solely motivated by the danger of his career ambitions being derailed. The only thing sorry about this dude is his act.

  18. says

    Apology accepted. I don’t know what more “we” could want. This became a huge public thing, it got homophobia addressed in the public consciousness again.

    He’s not on Our side. Whether some of you want to admit it or not.

    He’s now on our side. Let’s back to fighting the real enemies: legislators and politicians and religious leaders who promote hatred and inEquality.

  19. Michael says


    Josh that is way too much to read I respect your passion though.

  20. Lexxvs says

    On today’s world, it seems that some people BELIEVE that words are cheap, that now you express bigotry and the next minute you clean them up with new words conveniently saying the opposite, well crafted, just tuning up your wittiness. I don’t believe just in words. I trust on ACTIONS. If he shows real support –by actively participating in things pro gay related, by donating to organizations who take care of young gay people, etc.- then I will consider that he –maybe- really mean his apologies.

  21. justme says

    I’m glad Morgan thinks he knows the reason why he’s successful because it has so far successfully eluded me.

  22. Attmay says

    He’s like the thief who’s not sorry he stole but is sorry he’s going to jail.

  23. says

    This is his second anti-gay offense. Don’t know what the rationale was last time, but obviously it didn’t work. Two strikes and he’s out.

  24. rob says

    Gee..thanks for that heartfelt apology…not. This isn’t his first frank discussion of how he feels about gay people, so excuse me if I don’t believe it. Honestly, here in Tennessee, we don’t need to import bigots. We have enough already and many of them are in our state legislature. Oh, and Tracy Morgan’s “comedy”? Not funny, just annoying. So, Mr. Morgan…go F yourself.

  25. dizzy spins says

    oh please–this is completely orchestrated and scripted. He’s now saying 180-degree opposite of his routine. He’s a friggin comic, not a shaman channeling spirits. Michael Richards was rightly crucified for his rant and Tracy should be too. The only difference is that Richards career was in the dumps an Morgan is a current sitcom star. (And African-American)

  26. Wes says

    Oh look, Whoopi is just so annoyed… that people were outraged over this. I’m so relieved she can see the real victim here was Tracy Morgan. Thanks for having the backs of gay kids facing daily hostility from everyone in their lives, Whoopi. FREE TRACY MORGAN

  27. Fahd says

    The law provides for cash payments as one way to remedy a wrong one party has done to another. Why doesn’t Tracy put his money where his mouth is? NBA players get fines (however paltry) when they say the f-word. Tracy ought to pony up with some major contributions and at least one public service announcement. Since so many remained silent when Ellen did practically nada to defeat Prop. 8, why do we expect more from Tina Fey? Stop watching 30 Rock if you want to make a point.

    Also, isn’t it grammatically correct to say “if he were gay”?

  28. Kevin says

    At 42, he is who he is. He only had a change of heart because he got caught. Since business is business, he realized his current and potential income as an actor is on the line. We fans and family are mere satellites; our sole purpose to orbit his greatness.

    And to make a joke about stabbing your son in the chest if he’s gay? Wow. I know of no parent who could even think of those words, let alone saying them out loud.

    Sabrina will never forget that statement.


  29. Kris Evans says

    Remember when Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson dressed up in black face? I guess she’s taking the approach of people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    I am wondering if Tracy’s remarks and the number of Tracy’s African-American celebrity supporters somehow reflects the higher rate of homophobia in the African-American community.

    Blacks voted disproportionately for Obama and for Prop 8 in California, and I think it would be racist to say they were mixed up about whether “yes on 8″ meant they were for or against gay marriage.

    As the sign with the arrow pointing to the Westboro church protester said, “F*CK this guy”.

  30. AdamA says

    He seems to be saying, “This is how I feel in real life, and that other thing was a joke I thought would be funny, and it wasn’t.”

    Who knows if that’s true, but it at least helps me make sense of the dissonance between what he said and what other people seem to think about him (i.e. that he’s not hateful).

  31. adam says

    Tracy Morgan’s apology was probably written by his agent. As for why the GLBT community seems to have cooled down on this, it’s probably because Tracy is a liberal. Gays ultimately give liberals a pass when it comes to homophobia.

  32. says

    I really don’t care about how “sincere” his (PR scripted) “apology” might be.

    What’s important is we stood up for ourselves and refused to take this laying down.

  33. RJP3 says

    So he was so willing to be funny he defamed and entire group of people to get laughs — spreading hate in the process.

  34. romeo says

    To all of you accepting Morgan’s apology as sincere, I have but one word: SUCKERS!

  35. Sean R says

    Surely you love your children *unconditionally*, so I don’t think this apology is really helpful.

  36. daws says

    I don’t bear a grudge against Tracy. I’ll still watch 30 Rock lol, but considering this is the exact opposite from what he said, I just find it disingenuous. He’s just doing damage control.

  37. Mel Smith says

    As a black gay man, I accept apologies. Homophobic or racist, I do accept apologies.

  38. Jersey says

    I think it’s a very good start. I think he’s sincere but he will have to do more than just release some statement before I’ll support anything he’s associated with again. Hefty donation of money AND time to Trevor Project or Ali Forney Center anyone?

  39. Ricco says

    Lets be real . . . okay? When this whole business started Morgan could not be bothered . . . and spoke through his publicist, basically saying nothing at all, not even an apology.

    When he saw it was not going away, then the publicist made excuses, saying this was only part of his stand up, and gave a half-baked apology for Morgan, but still not Morgan himself.

    When it still did not go away, then Tina Fey, while not supporting Morgan, gave him a veritable slap on the hand, and started pleading with us not to end his career, and that Morgan was really a good guy deep down.

    Now, and it still has not gone away, he has this BS to say, that if he had a gay son he would love him as much as his other sons . . . more because he knows what his son would need his support and love more than the others.

    His apology comes in stages. At any point during the four stages of a Morgan apology, he could have stopped, waiting to see if we were ready to buy his BS.

    People make radical, tasteless jokes, say things that come back and bite them in the ass, things that do not reflect who they are, but a whole diatribe? An entire rant with one tasteless joke after another?

    Seriously? I do not buy Morgan’s four-stage apology. But even if he was a good guy with mush for brains, one could forgive him, but excuse him? No way. This is not some guy shooting his mouth off at his local pub. This is a man who shot his mouth off in a crowed theater of southern bigots, in a state that just passed some of the most wretched anti-gay legislation in recent history.

    Morgan needs to know, and others like him, that they need to PAY a price for their words, because the fact is that young people especially are paying the price for his words.

    I am all for tasteless jokes that poke fun at people of different races, at gays, straights, that are politically and horribly incorrect, but a joke that has no punchline is only hate mongering.

    I am not looking to see the man beggared and broke, but lets get real, in most companies, even conservative, an employee who sprouted this kind of hateful speech would be fired. I love that Hollywood talk as if they worked real jobs like everyone else but can get away with crap that no one in a real job could get away with. There is only one work ethic Hollywood expects, and that is do not piss anyone off who is bigger than you.

  40. Attmay says

    Ricco, I think you said it better than anyone else. This is not a matter of mere racial/ethnic/sexual/gay jokes but a death threat.

  41. says

    This is something I believe is sincere. Hopefully, Tracy has learned his lesson and doesn’t (in retrospect) appease his homophobic audience again by repeating such unacceptable ramblings.

  42. says

    Blacks voted disproportionately for Obama and for Prop 8 in California, and I think it would be racist to say they were mixed up about whether “yes on 8″ meant they were for or against gay marriage.

    As the sign with the arrow pointing to the Westboro church protester said, “F*CK this guy”.

    Posted by: Kris Evans | Jun 13, 2011 5:32:16 PM

    Hey Kris you idiot…reading is fundamental

  43. Brian says

    You know, sometimes we do stupid things and are really remorseful. Tracey Morgan does not strike me as homophobic and I believe that he is sorry. I also believe he is going to say more stupid stuff. I believe this may not be the last time he offends the gays but I also believe that he is not hateful!

  44. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Tracy Morgan needs to pick up the phone and convince New York Senator Ruben Diaz (the last and only Democrat holdout still opposed to marriage equality) to switch his vote in favor of the bill. Better yet, call all the Republican undecided Senators and secure the 2 votes needed for passage. When he has accomplished something truly constructive for gay people, then I would be willing to believe his change of heart. Until then …

  45. Zinc Alloy says

    “Unfiltered” means he’s not filtering his true feelings/opinions for public consumption. I don’t believe a word of his apology, and I won’t be watching 30 Rock anymore. There’s edgy comedy and there’s truly hateful. This wasn’t comedy.

  46. Sebastian says

    Nice way to save your Ass or Job Tracy? If it had been the first routine where he used this hompphobic rant, maybe, just maybe, I could accept his apology! But for now? No! and no he is not on our side….he is trying to save his ass!

  47. wimsy says

    He’s sincerely sorry he got caught. He’s sincerely sorry that his bigotry in Nashville leaked out. He’s sincerely sorry that the news media has made such a stink about it. He’s sincerely sorry that he stirred up gay rights groups. He’s sincerely sorry that everybody in his industry has abandoned him. He’s sincerely sorry that appearance offers have been withdrawn. He’s sincerely sorry that NBC Entertainment is furious at him. And he’s sincerely sorry that 30 Rock offered to rip up his freaking contract if he didn’t shut his hateful foul mouth.

  48. Leroy Laflamme says

    Everything RICCO said! Two facts should not be forgotten. Firstly, his initial reaction (through his publicist) was arrogance & sarcasm, ‘We have no response. Thank you for your inquiry.’ Publicist needs to go back to publicist school. Secondly (& more important) his own words – that if gays could take a *ick up the *ss, they could take a joke. I’d give a testicle to have been a fly on the wall at those damge control meetings, & to know how Tina & the network brass really feel. Apology not accepted – must try harder.

  49. says

    We must believe that a person can redeem himself …. or we are all doomed at one point or another .. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and now move on …..

  50. says

    Whether or not Morgan truly believes in his words, it is encouraging to see such an apology to the gay community from a public figure. The apology shows that people are beginning to understand the effect that their words have on LGBT children. Oftentimes parents say hurtful things to their children upon finding out about their sexual orientation because they have not learned about how harmful their actions are during this critical time. There is a great new resource for parents who have recently learned that they have a gay, lesbian, or bisexual child – it is a 35 minute film called LEAD WITH LOVE. It is available for free online ( The film is consistent with mainstream scientific information on sexual orientation and offers parents support, comfort, and guidance on how to be a good parent to their child.