‘True Blood’ Character to Enter Into Gay Relationship


A straight character on True Blood will be entering into a gay relationship this season.

Writes Michael Ausiello at TV Line:

"…perhaps no transformation in the show’s colorful history will come as quite as great a shock as the one that we find out about during the HBO hit’s ferociously anticipated fourth season, premiering June 26: A major character, heretofore heterosexual, will be involved in a same-sex romance. I’m not going to reveal any more clues about the character…so as not to risk getting fanged by series creator Alan Ball. However, I will say that, having witnessed the big reveal, it doesn’t feel gimmicky. In fact, after the initial shock wears off, I imagine you will do what I did and go, 'Yeah. Makes total sense.'"

Nothing should be inferred by the photo above…I have no idea who the character is…this was just an excuse to feature said photo of Jason Stackhouse.


  1. Paul says

    If the show follows the book it is likely Pam. She is very much interested in the ladies :) Now while that is great – I really would love to see the plot change up if Jason and Hoyt were to get it on!

  2. Mike says

    Well, all the vampires are more or less Bi, so I wouldn’t think it would be one of them. So that leaves Andy (can’t imagine) – Hoyt (doubt it since he is dating Jessica); which leaves Sam (could be since drank Bill’s blood and had a dream about him) or Jason. I think having Jason go gay would be hot, but it’s probably Sam.

  3. Zlick says

    All the straight guys are on the show are hotter than the vampire dudes anyway, but odds are this will be a gal relationship. Um, Pam’s already been with women, so she’s not a strictly hetero vamp from the get-go. Sorry, not being a straight guy myself, I give a big yawn to the idea of some lezzie action on True Blood. Wake me up if Jason or Sam decide to wise up. 😉

  4. Lysana says

    Hi, this is your irregular kick in the ass for bi-erasure. That’s not “going gay,” that’s “going bisexual.” And it’s not a gay relationship, it’s a same-sex relationship. Do try to keep track if you’re going to claim to speak for all of us. Thanks ever so.

  5. breckroy says

    Thank you @Lysana. If we can’t get acknowledgement and sensitivity on blogs like this one and from our LGT brothers and sisters then we’re in bigger trouble than we thought. Thanks for making the point.

  6. Zlick says

    I think Tara as well. But really, not a “gay relationship,” but rather a “same-sex relationship?” Are we going to play P.C. semantics here, on a thread about a freaking Vampire show and its hotties? Sheesh.

  7. ScooterRoo says

    I’m pretty sure it will be Tera. She’s the only one I can think of where I go ‘Yeah. Makes total sense.’- like the author stated.

  8. andregide says

    Maybe this is where a certain blogger was jumping the gun. Their character may engage in a same-sex relationship, but the actor is straight. Hmmm…

  9. Sean R says

    True blood is such a fine show, with a wonderful cast. On who’s gay… there’s a wealth of choice, no? But if the character who has a gay fling/relationship is someone who’s “identifiably” heterosexual, then we might think about Jason himself. He does try very hard with the ladies, too hard to “convince” if you ask me.

  10. BamBam says

    Tara does sound the most likely, but my male-on-male obsession leaves me hoping for Jason, Sam’s little brother (is he even alive?), or the werewolf dude.

    Maybe in a twist, they decide they don’t have to choose? Drool…

  11. JayC says

    If we’re following the book, I put my money on Jason. His new best friend (after Hoyt) and also a member of Hot Shot falls in love with him. Though, in the book, Jason never strayed to our side and the ending was quite tragic. If we through the books out the window, I agree, Tara seems the most likely to turn to another woman for companionship. Also, the rumor that Season 4 takes place a year or so after 3 leads a lot to happen in the inbetween. Either way, can not wait!

  12. Tony says

    Cruel trick posting Jason’s pic. I got all hot and bothered until I realized it was just a teaser. In my fantasies it would be a 3-way between Jason, Hoyt and Sam. (It would have been a fourgy if they hadn’t killed off the hottest werewolf). My guess would also be Sam. That shower dream sequence must have meant something.

  13. Dan says

    I agree on Lysana’s point – The character, i.e. person, is going “bisexual” rather than “gay”. That’s a distinction that should be recognized.

    However, I wouldn’t call “gay relationship” a miscatergorization. Yes, same-sex relationship is more politically correct and specific. But describing relationship as gay IS saying that it’s same-sex. The gay part in the term is describing the relationship not the persons involved.

    It wouldn’t make sense to call a relationship between a gay person and a bisexual person or 2 bisexual persons as “bisexual relationship”.

    I know this can be contentious – but from my view, I think this would be an example of perhaps the world being TOO politically correct?

  14. MadM@ says

    regardless of relationship, I just want to see Jason get dicked by Lafayette. Although with the new season’s big plot device being witches/paganism/wicca, we’ll probably see a relationship of two females.

  15. daws says

    Sam is the only one that wouldn’t seem like a stretch to me (Bill’s blood). I don’t see it happening with Tara. She may not be having any luck with men but her worst conflicts have been with women (her mom and Mary Anne).

    But I’m biased. Sam is hot and that teaser with Bill got me all hot and bothered :)

  16. peterparker says

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s Vampire Bill and Vampire Eric in a relationship with each other. They’ve both had Sookie’s blood, so perhaps there is some plot twist where they find themselves attracted to each other because there is a little bit of Sookie in each of them. After all, in last season’s finale Sookie seemed determined to stay away from vampires forever.

    (I know I’m dreaming here, but hey…a boy can dream, right?)

  17. Grover Underwood says

    I think Tara is probably the one but it’s such an uninspired choice; I’d like to see them take a chance; Jason would be totally unexpected but it will never happen

  18. Ryan says

    I’ll trade the gay storyline for Jason Stackhouse full frontal scene 😛

    Come on, HBO, let’s make this happen. That would have to be good for the sales of at least a million more DVD’s :p

  19. billy wingarden says

    Just like we had a struggle to get Black people into the media etc, we have the same re gay folks.

    Its so important that we do get gays into the limelight. Its hard to hate people you know and respect.

    BTW, why did you put up that pix – both my wife and I are oogling him.

  20. Steerpike says

    It’ll be a woman. I’m not saying women don’t count, lesbian sisters but hot lesbians really are not at all ground-breaking compared to gay men. The most conservative men LOVE hot lesbians. Women are much safer than men (look how they’ve been tip-toeing around LaFayette’s gay relationship while eevrybody else gets to screw like rabbits in the front yard). Dumb, really. The audience are mainly women and gay men, so a male gay relationship is right up their street. That said, if it’s Jason, I will happliy eat my own underwear.

  21. KevMusic says

    While I also think it will be Tara, I think people are forgetting that Lafayette drank Eric’s blood. Eric might get involved with Lafayette as another way of controlling him.

  22. AJ says

    Every single one of you is out of your mind. While it might be Tara, my most educated guess would be JESSICA! Helloooo! Can’t believe no one has guessed her. She is DEFINITELY the most likely choice knowing the characters and knowing series creator Alan Ball and how he operates. She is supremely unsatisfied in her relationships with men and is ripe for experimentation at her age. Sorry. I would love to see Sam, Jason and Alcide get it on, but that’s just ridiculous. I would bet MONEY it’s Jessica. Tara running a slightly close second because she did leave town in the last episode. And if its Jessica, she probably hooks up with Pam.

  23. Bob says

    My guess would be Tara. She is a minor character in the books which they have changed quite a bit in the shows. She has never had a healthy or deep relationship with a man. At the end of last season she went off in search of something new (with her new hair style). Yes–I think Tara. As much as I would like it, there is no way Jason Stackhouse is gay. Dream on..

  24. says

    Count me in with those who think it’ll be Tara.

    Although, I wouldn’t be disappointed with some steamy flashbacks suggesting Eric and Godric’s relationship went a bit deeper.

  25. Alessar says

    My guess is that Sam’s younger brother will turn out to be gay. I don’t think it’s going to be a “turn bisexual” situation at all, I think it’s just going to be revealed he was closeted the whole time and flirting with Jessica to stir things up or because he felt he needed to for a cover.

  26. Nightguy13 says

    O believe it will most likely not be a major male lead…. It will probably be Jessica or Tara…. More than likely Jessica though…. She had been sheltered all her life by majorly religious people so… Thats why I figure….

  27. J says

    I’d hope for Jason. He’s easily convinced to do/try things, isn’t he?
    I’m hoping for a male couple. When straight Joss Whedon had the chance to put a lesbian couple in his Buffy ‘verse, he did it. Why wouldn’t Alan Ball use his godlike powers to put a hot gay couple up there for us? Plzplzplz I’d love to see Sam and Bill, too. (And bring us some Godgic/Eric please! Father/broteh/son is all well and good, but how about boyfriend?!!)

    Let me put my two cents in and say I’d love to see Randy Harrison show up as a relative of Sookie’s, since they look so much alike. He could be an old vampire relation or an old fairy ancestor, but I’d love to see him come into the story and into a gay relationship with someone in town.

  28. wimsy says

    It would be helpful if the Thought Police would stop demanding that others adopt whatever fetish terminology they prefer. A little impulse control would help you shut the f*ck up.

  29. AJ says

    Jack M: Safer? Since when has Alan Ball or HBO been interested in what is safe? Did you see “Six Feet Under”? With one of the most well drawn out and complex gay love relationships on TV? If Ball were interested in being “safe” this would never even come up. He goes for what’s real.

  30. Brad says

    Although I would love to see one of the guys in this type of relationship, I would have to put my money on Tara….she just seems like the logical choice.

  31. arktrucker says

    What about Eric? He was hot as hell with Russell’s lover (can’t remember his name) so he’s already made overtures into the realm. He also told Russell that his tastes were a little different than most.

  32. Vicky says

    I’m for Sam being with Bill since Bill got dumped. Jason being bi would be cool too. But I guess it’ll be more likely Tara. Sam, Bill and Jason are not impossible choices imo. I don’t really want a lesbian couple. The media already accepts woman-on-woman-action more than man-on-man, more male gays and bisexuals are needed!!!

  33. Will says

    since Sookie broke up with Bill at the end of season 3, I bet Sam is going to hook up with him (Sam is already having naughty dreams about Vampire Bill)

  34. DaveyX says

    It couldn’t be Jason. He’s a total manslut with the women in the town, so I seriously doubt his character would switch sides so abruptly. That’s too much of a shock and I’m thinking most people would think it would be ridiculous for his character to do such a thing(not me however, I’m all for that :))If I’m wrong the only way I could see this happening is if he’s “enchanted” somehow.

    My bet is on one of the women, Tara especially. Someone mentioned Arlene and that’s definitely possible. She is starting to have a closer bond to the new wiccan waitress. Alot of people have mentioned it could be Terry. If it does happen to be a male character I’m thinking cousin Claude might be involved somehow with him “switching” and he is gay, based from the novels(you can see him in the first 8 minutes of season 4). We’ll just have to wait and see. Can’t wait!

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