1. nodnarb says

    Meh. That show’s gone off the rails.

    It’s all about Game of Thrones now. They shoulda put Daenerys Targaryen and a mother-effing baby dragon on their cover.

  2. neverstops says

    still haven’t decided if i’m gonna pick up HBO for TB this season

    not sure i can deal with 12 episodes of “who will Sookie choose” — ugh

    now tell me Ryan Kwanten will be running around in his briefs every episode, that’s a different story :)

  3. MadM@ says

    I squealed… Anna Paquin is looking FIERCE in these promo shots. While I admit some of the romance stuff is going to be a snoozer, I think the show has dealt with relationships before in a non-sappy way, and I doubt it will devolve into a “Team Jacob/ Team Edward” goopfest. Really looking forward to what crap Russel Edgington will pursue and the return of the Fellowship of the Sun, hopefully with some good evangelical satire.

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