1. Rowan says

    When have gay ever done this when so many rights have been taken away? But how many times to straight people or gay right wingers or the Christian right call us ‘uncontrollable, aggressive and terrorists’?

    But look at these white males behaving like terrorists over a hockey match.

    Is it me or do human beings have a serious case of warped double standards? One rule for one but apparently Pride is an abomination?

  2. ratbastard says

    My guess: The police are forced by PC extreme rules of engagement with rioters into a kinder, gentler response. And I’m not referring to respecting human rights and Canada’s laws. The police response [even by it’s official spokeswoman] was VERY gentle and non-assertive. Obviously, it’s official police from the top to allow private property to be vandalized and the downtown area of town to be taken over by mobs. They even had to wait for cops to be brought in and mobilized [something that should have been done in advance, of course there was going to be mayham, win or loss].

  3. Christopher says

    Violence, or violent rhetoric, from the political or religious extremes elicits calls for other members of that group to condemn the violence. Where’s the call for ESPN or hockey fans to condemn this!

  4. Kirk says

    @Ratbastard — Too aggressive a police response can also cause problems, as we saw in Boston when the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS. At that time, the police were using the same plan they created for the earlier Democratic National Convention — a plan designed to deal with terrorists and anarchists. When implementing that plan against drunken college students, it was inevitable that they would kill someone. In that case it was an innocent college student who was standing on the sidelines.

    But in this case, you’ve got a point. Vancouver’s first error was putting up all those screens and having half a million people already on the streets. They’d been drinking all day, and when the game was over, it was still pretty early. There were bound to be elements in that crowd ready to riot, and a more noticeable police response up front might have help quiet some of it, at least.

  5. marc says

    There were people of all races down there last night thank you. Lots of spanish,arabic,asian, and brown guys so gimme af’n break!!!!!

    Horrible watching downtown burn from my window last night. Just horrible!!!!

  6. johnny says


    Canadian or not, yes, it’s a game. It does absolutely nothing to advance humanity, help people or solve any problems whatsoever.

    When players, officials and team owners come out and condemn this kind of bullsh*t, then I’ll perhaps believe the game (and this result) is nothing more than a bunch of lunkhead fans showing how much testosterone they have and having an adult, violent temper tantrum when they didn’t get what they wanted.

    What a bunch of horribly sore losers.

  7. AJ says

    What’s really funny is if you go to YouTube there is a list of other Vancouver Hockey Riot vids from other losses and WINS. Seems like the people of Vancouver need to buckle up whenever there is a Stanley Cup game held there. Sad.

  8. Embarrased says

    I’m ashamed to be a Vancouverite right now.
    After the amazing Olympics, the world has to see us in this light!
    The Canucks officials, team owners, and yes, the players should be all forced to pay for the damages. They certainly made a shitload of money on product sales through this whole series. They can afford it.

  9. Ken says

    I seem to remember something similar happened when they lost the finals in 1994. I had been rooting for them but now really glad they lost. And the booing during the cup presentation. Most low class fans in North America.

  10. Pira says

    The Canucks fell apart in that game and basically gave it up, and were treated with the embarrassment of losing the Stanley Cup on home ice. In all honesty, with the size of the crowds, the buzz they had for their team and the buzz they had from the alcohol, I was expecting the rioting to be worse. A stronger police presence was needed and the public drinking should have been clamped down on.

    This is why I have little faith in most of humanity. Really, a nearly inconsequential hockey game is not a good reason to trash a city, but for some reason when you put people into big groups they will follow whatever is going on even if they know it’s wrong. It’s going to be the whole city of Vancouver that ends up paying for this riot with their tax dollars

  11. HUH says

    Man, it sure must be hard living in a nation where you have a police force that’s willing to beat you to death when you protest against your tyrannical dictator.

    Oh wait, you’re telling me that these aren’t Syrians or Tunisians or Libyans fighting against the terror of an entrenched, institutionalized dictatorship? Man, these Canadians sure have it hard.

  12. redball says

    LOLLLL. I never have and prob never will understand sports culture. I was completely oblivious & didn’t even realize the Stanley-whatever was happening.

  13. Michael says

    Meanwhile, in Boston, a couple people got arrested for being too loud :-) I’m sure we’ll be just as well-behaved during the parade on Saturday.

  14. NorthoftheBorder says

    these aren’t Vancouverites rioting. They’re trash of various ethnicities from the suburbs and surrounding ‘cities’. We didn’t have this during the Olympics because we had the military and thousands of police officers around. These were organized anarchists (who goes to watch a hockey game with lighter fluid and backpacks full of rocks?!?!) bent on making a mess. The rest.. is alcohol infused lunacy. adolescent breeders from the burbs. go home!

  15. nikko says

    Two words: Straight trash. You never see gay men commit such atrocities. Yet we are the ones demonized by this ugly majority that rules the world with violence, environmental destruction, rape, murder,etc. and they never question the evils of their heterosexuality. Think about it.

  16. Johno says

    Like the majority of Canadians, I am embarassed by the behaviour of hooligans who used the opportunity of this and other mass gatherings to attempt some faceless criminal activity. Most people in the crowds were not smashing windows and burning cars, and some did try to intervene.

    This has nothing to do with being a sports fan. One major drugstore chain has already confirmed their video surveillance shows the ‘rioters’ had cased the store the previous evening.

    I find it funny that many previous comments attribute this behaviour to straight, white guys. Sexual orientation doesn’t determine one’s likelihood to become involved in crime anymore than it does one’s interest in sports, and I know a lot of gay hockey fans.

    A great outcome here is that over 56,000 have already joined a Facebook page created by the Vancouver police where people are encouraged to post photos of the perpetrators. Hopefully most will be held accountable.

  17. foobar says

    This is hardly the first sports-related riot in Canada. There are several western countries with a lot more fan rioting under their belts than us.

  18. Travis says

    As a Vancouverite who enjoyed the games, I can tell you this is not about hockey. This is about thugs who want to break sh!t and f#$k stuff up. About 100,000 people were in the streets to watch the games, but it was realistically only a few hundred who were rioting. Aside from those few bad apples, shame on those who watched this all go down while snapping photos for their facebook pages. Kudos to the thousands of people who cleaned up the streets, scrubbed the graffiti, and showed their community spirit today.

  19. Randy says

    One allegation has been that these were anarchists and assorted criminals who came to the event planning to do this no matter the outcome.

    Regardless, it’s disappointing that Canada virtually ignores the election of a hard-right government, and we have this happen around a hockey game.

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