1. Jim says

    Yeah, well now he knows what it feels like to have “vile” things said about a person. This guy is scum. These people have to learn that they are talking about human beings who have souls and feelings. I’m sorry… I don’t feel sorry for him!

  2. DAVE says

    I was thrilled when fellow Pennsylvanians finally voted this idiot out of office years ago. Here’s hoping he and his followers will throw A LOT of their money away on his futile presidential campaign..

  3. says

    Whenever I see his vile face I go immediately to Google, type in Santorum, and click on the appropriate website. So pleased to see it is back at the number one spot again.

  4. anon says

    It looks like both he and Gingrich are using their presidential runs to get back into politics in general, not to win the office. All the press candidates receive is too compelling to miss out on. However, their negatives remain too high. My guess is that Romney will win the nomination.

  5. Mona says

    I just wonder why we’ve stopped at Santorum. Surely, there are other vile politicians out there whose names we could web-associate with something equally distasteful (distasteful to them, that is).

  6. says

    the irony is alternately hilarious, appalling and saddening. Sometimes at the same time, actually.

    Nobody has died because of the new meaning of Santorum. Many have died because of the bigotry Santorum promotes.

    look at his family. look at his kids. they’re not all straight.

    i worry for them.

  7. gayalltheway says

    Hey frothy, ever heard of the saying ‘treat others the way you wish to be treated’?

    Compared to the things you say about my people, equating SANTORUM to FROTHY MIX is really nothing and you should be thankful.

    Keep googling, binging and yahooing, guys!!

  8. mike says

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

    Santorum is doing tangible and even physical harm (no medical benefits for partners, against bullying laws) … to us … and he’s complaining about a a few words?

    Grow up, Frothy.

  9. pete N SFO says

    So, he doesn’t appreciate people saying outrageous, hurtful things???

    Well, yeah… that’s the whole point, d-bag.

    Personally, I google frothy-mix regularly. I think it’s hilarious.

  10. jaragon says

    Rick should think before he speaks “vile, evil, filthy” comments about other people and then his name would not be a national joke. ( but seriously can this dull, dull, dull man really think he has any chance to be President?!)

  11. Mark says

    I am personally hoping Santorum wins the republican party’s nomination to run for president. This way Obama will need to do almost no campaigning and still win by a landslide.

    Can you imagine Santorum and Obama on the first televised presidential debate? The moderator will ask Santorum “What’s your plan to create jobs and reduce the deficit?” and Santorum will answer “Uhm yea, the first thing we need to do to take this country back is to pass a federal amendment to ban gay marriage.” Then he will be asked “But what is your plan to strengthen the economy?” Answer: “We need to criminalize acts of sodomy to get America back on track.” This man will do Obama’s campaigning for him. LOL

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