1. Chris Gable says

    Well, that’s not the view of the state as a whole. He might not sign it, but 1) the NJ Supreme Court may require it in 2012 or 2013, and 2) at this point Christie would not be re-elected in 2013; his approval is about 43% now.

  2. J.P. says

    The part that really pisses me off is when he got angry when he was questioned about sending his kids to private school. He said it is nobody’s business, It doesn’t hurt anyone else and it’s a personal matter between him and his family.

    Can someone please ask him why he views gay marriage differently? It seems to me that those same principles should apply.

  3. Scott says

    Christie is completely lacking in any humility. He’s also reminds me of every bully I ever known – pushy, arrogant, ignorant and proud of all three. Marriage Equality will come to NJ too.

  4. WebHybrid says

    Another politician who’s forgotten what a representative form of government is.

    Apparently whatever his opinion is shall rule: “That’s my view and that’ll be the view of our state.” Wonder if he can spell f-e-u-d-a-l-i-s-m.

  5. Jack says

    CHRIS CHRISTIE IS VERY, VERY FAT! His risk for heart attack or stroke is probably very, very high! He’s obviously not as smart as he thinks he is.

  6. BobN says

    Uh… NJ civil unions do not come burdened by the “religious exemptions” stuck onto SSM in NY. That makes them, in some cases, better than marriage.

    This hostility to duly-entered-into marriages from his neighboring state when his own state is REQUIRED to view those marriages as legitimate civil unions strikes me as coming pretty close to an impeachable offense.

  7. MikeB says

    I am not a resident of NJ and know very little about CC. How bad was his Democratic opponent that this glutton got elected in the first place? I mean this guy is not just fat, he’s morbidly obese. How could anyone justify voting for him to control a state when clearly he has zero self control?

  8. walter says

    another tea party a–hole. are all tea party
    members bigoted hate spewing rich and white . they want to take everybody’s rights and stomp on them. i hope goproud and lcr see how much the repuks really them. the repuks want to roll back dadt and marriage equality. have to roll back the repuks.

  9. MonsieurV says

    I don’t understand what he means by “That’s my view and that’ll be the view of our state because I wouldn’t sign a bill like the one that was in New York.”

    Wtf is he smoking? It’s not like her owns the state of NJ. LOL

  10. anon says

    He’s angling for national recognition, despite being very moderate overall (pro-abortion at one point). He also knows that the NJ SC will dutifully take this matter out of the hands of pols in the next few years (they do all the controversial stuff in NJ). So, easy for him to say.

  11. Daniel says

    Interesting how he doesn’t try to make an actual argument. He just asserts his position imperiously. I actually think he is doing a lot of the right things that need doing in NJ but on gay marriage, Christie won’t have the last word.

  12. chris says

    the Republican establishment pushed gay marriage through in NY…Christie is on the wrong side of the (R) establishment and will eventually eat these words too.

  13. Chance says

    Is there a way some of you can refrain from using fat jokes? Or do you forget that there are quite a few members of the LGBT community who are overweight?

    And Hunter, was that comment supposed to be funny?

    We talk about how “It Gets Better” for those who are bullied but overweight people get ridiculed daily as well, by straight AND gay people. Hypocritical much?

  14. DJ says

    Wow… it is sad to a see a group of people who have been hurt by bullies start to sound like bullies. Attacking a person for their looks or religious affiliation is no different than what the gay and lesbian community has had to deal with.

    You people have become the thing very thing you have claimed to hate… bigots.

  15. Gobear says

    Chris Christie is about half a chocolate eclair away from attaining sufficient mass to undergo gravitational collapse and become a black hole.

  16. Brian B. says

    Remember when some gays were hoping Jon Corzine and the Democrats lose in NJ for failing to bringing marriage equality to a vote? Well, now we have this bigot and marriage equality will not be in NJ for the next few years.

  17. Brian says

    Niiiice! I love how you slipped that in there. I wonder if the commenters will bash their own race over his comments!

    Per Christie, it may be shallow to call him fat but he acts like a person that is tougher than everyone else because he is the biggest one in the room. He obviously believes that he was elected to office to represent his own views. He’s a sad bully and completely out of touch with voters!

  18. Dustin says


    sorry I didnt want Hunter to get the back lash for my comment, i was using his computer. I also dont feel bad about my comment, sorry If i hurt your feelings. It did provide my with a few laughs actually. I do think that it being fat “over-weight” and being gay have interesting similarities. One of which being people who arent(over-weight or gay) such feel that it is a choice to be fat or gay. While I didnt have a choice in being gay, Im not sure if you have a choice in being over-weight. Not having that plight, I can understand to some degree your angry at my comment. If you are a over-weight; own it or change it. My comment was also geared at Chistie himself not at the entire over-weight community and I should have left a comment that reflected that. While I dont feel bad about my comment, I can say that Im sorry for the way it made you feel. Once again this is not hunter but Dustin, hunter wouldnt agree with this comment at all. He is a much more understanding person than I.

  19. redball says


    Note: Ratbastard has not made an appearance to bash the (non-existent) people of color in this article making homophobic statements!

  20. Sean says

    I like how Gov. Christie was ok with deciding that the government should decide who we marry but dare anyone question his right to select a school for his children! I really liked how he went on and on about how personal that was and it was no one’s business to tell he and his wife what to do, and the reporter never turned it around to point out the contradiction.

  21. Danny says

    @ Chris: “will eventually eat these words as well.” It’s obvious that people like him eat everything in sight that they can get their hands on.

  22. kodiak says

    Enuf with the fat jibes. Sheesh! If he showed up at a Bear Party, he’d be quite popular, based on his size. Remember, it was a few Republicans in NY that switched from NO on marriage equality to PRO on marriage equality, one of which went against a campaign promise to NOT vote for equality. He switched based on becoming enlightened about the basic humanity ALL people have. Go online and watch these guys explain their votes. It’s remarkable. He needs to open his eyes to the gay people on his staff, who are friends of his wife and kids, etc. This is how change happens. Not by calling him fat. Maybe he’ll never come around, but somebody in his family will.

  23. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Considering that his view of Gay Marriage isn’t any different than Pres. Obama’s…why all the vitriol? Oh, because he’s a Republican?

    But it OK to be against Gay Marriage if you’re the Democratic President of the US?

  24. x man says

    Hey were not a fan of your FAT ASS but we have to accept your TYPE 2 Diabetes and blow hard crap so learn to accept it and shut TWINKIE eating dum ass

  25. walter says

    if christie feels this way there is a good way to show how we feel about him. there are casinos in conn., great beaches in ny and mass and these states are more gay friendly. time to stop spending gay dollars in places that hate us. it is time to start using the gay dollar to fight against the people who hate us. maybe if nj loses millions of dollars they will get the message.

  26. J.P. says

    @ Ted B… Christie’s position is quite different than Obama’s. Obama supports equal rights for Gay Couples in whatever form states want… Marraige or Civil Unions. As President, he is on our side regarding ALL Federal legistlation. He opposes DOMA and supports the Federal Governement recognizing same-sex marriages that are performed in states.

  27. Jim says

    I just don’t see HOW this man was ever elected in NJ in the first place. He also fails to recognize that a Governor’s Veto can be over-ridden by the State Legislature. Arrogant SOB! Probably doesn’t even know that! Jerk.

  28. Judy Was A Punk says

    He’s not a fan of Gay Marriage, because he cant slather it in mayo and wrap it in bacon along with a side of steak fries. That big fattie.

  29. Judy Was A Punk says

    He’s not a fan of Gay Marriage, because he cant slather it in mayo and wrap it in bacon along with a side of steak fries. That big fattie.

  30. says

    His days as Givernor are numbered. Not because he’s morbidly obese (though that may play a role in the near future) and not just becuase he’s a homophobe. Have you seen his polling numbers among New Jersey voters? He’s about as popular asherpes. New Jersey is now suffering a major case of “Buyer’s Remorse” as the “reformer” they thought they had voted for turns out to be a throughly corrupt hack who wastes thousands of dollars on gettign his Plus-Sized self to his sons baseball games via helicopter.

    Then once the helicopter lands he has a limo drive him a few feet forward to the stands in the ball field!

  31. candideinncc says

    People are “fans” of baseball and football teams. They are either supporters or opponents of things like equal rights for gays. Had the governor chosen to describe himself more aptly, he would have said, “I am an arrogant Rethug bigot who has no clue as to what my moral responsibilities are toward my constituents.”

  32. Pete n SFO says

    hey Gays…. STOP. Enough w/ the ‘fat comments.’ There’s plenty to be critical of w/o that kind of idiocy.

    Christie’s comments are SOooo dismissive of the equality of gay ppl. THAT’s the problem & should be the question asked of him repeatedly: “How do you justify inequality under CIVIL, not religious law???”

    Repeat as needed…

  33. Matt says

    As a recent graduate of Rutgers, NJ’s state university, all I have to say to Mr. Christie is you cannot impose millions of dollars in state funding cuts to your state’s premier research university and still claim to be a proponent of education. I understand that NJ had a budget crisis, just like every other state in the union, but there are ways around cutting funding for education while still balancing a budget.

    Secondly, as far as gay marriage in NJ is concerned, a governor cannot impose his personal views on his/her state. He may veto a bill legalizing gay marriage, but the state legislature can override his veto and pass it. That is what a government with checks and balances is all about.

    And Finally, she was not criticizing your parenting ability, she was simply asking you why you send your kids to private school, and then cut funding for public schools. It was simply, “Oh, so your kids don’t go to public school, so you are fine with not giving them any money, it’s not hurting your kids.”

  34. Tommy says

    He really trivializes the whole issue by saying he’s not a fan of same sex marriage. It’s a fundamental right, not a pop star! He says it like some people say they’re not a fan of Lady Gaga or Madonna. Issues don’t have fans! Does he say he’s not a fan of tax increases or spending increases?

  35. codyj says

    if you look at his suit..the back side of his coat says “this way to the side show’,the back of his trousers say “entrance’…yup…its a GENUINE 1940s Barnum & Bailey CIRCUS TENT.(an then some). Also, if you look at his left hand rear pants pocket…the small steel plate ..says “Garden State Parkway’..OVERLOAD PERMIT”

  36. GINA says

    “Chris Christie” HaHaHa!!! What a sissy name for such a “big man”…..not an attractive big muscular man either, but a big, sloppy, no physique hog!
    I love big men, fat ones too…but this man has no muscle on him at all…probably devours hamburger, fries and pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    ‘Chris Christie”….what a sissy/dumb name!

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