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Watch: Jared Leto's First Hugo Boss Commercial


Jared Leto is the new face of Hugo Boss' fragrance HUGO. Here's his first spot.


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  1. looking a little emaciated there, Jared - I preferred to healthier look.

    Posted by: Steve | Jun 3, 2011 8:28:46 AM

  2. An average commercial, but JT is handsome.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jun 3, 2011 9:06:41 AM

  3. What a loser! He has never been either as hot or, especially, as talented as he has pranced around claiming to be. All hat no cattle.

    Posted by: Skep | Jun 3, 2011 9:39:57 AM

  4. I've never seen or heard anything about him "claiming to be" hot. I have read or heard countless claims of his hotness from others, me included.

    But I have not read similar claims of hotness about anyone named Skep.

    Posted by: ant | Jun 3, 2011 10:22:42 AM

  5. Incredibly hot that guy as always. Hard to think he’s almost 40. No wonder why they chose him for the commercial.

    Posted by: Lexxvs | Jun 3, 2011 11:16:32 AM

  6. I'm a bit surprised, actuallly. I mean, there's different and then there's different. He's a little crazy, it seems, which makes him an odd choice for such a big brand.

    Posted by: Michael in Toronto | Jun 3, 2011 12:35:24 PM

  7. He looks nearly half his age; I'm very impressed - he's got good genes, (and maybe a good moisturizing regimen?)....;-)

    Posted by: Terrance | Jun 3, 2011 1:08:12 PM

  8. Guys, watch it again. Really, GUYS, watch it again.

    Is that going to be a mainstream ad?

    Posted by: BobN | Jun 3, 2011 2:26:29 PM

  9. He looks like a real person only smaller.

    Posted by: joeblow | Jun 3, 2011 2:59:49 PM

  10. I like their cologne cuz it smells good, but Jared Leto is cute too.

    Posted by: Eric26 | Jun 3, 2011 6:34:41 PM

  11. Jared was cute when he had some meat on his bones. Now he just looks anorexic. Gives good stare, though.

    Posted by: Kyle Sullivan | Jun 3, 2011 8:01:20 PM

  12. I've had a boner for the guy from the first time I saw him - hot man!

    Posted by: TyInTenn | Jun 3, 2011 8:11:13 PM

  13. Go see his band "30 Seconds to Mars" play live if you can. The guy totally blows the roof off. Truly one of the best live band in the frakin universe.

    Posted by: Mintylaramie | Jun 4, 2011 1:39:52 AM

  14. He seems to spend so much effort hiding his beauty, it nice to see him cleaned up for mainstream media. Jared Leto will always be the prettiest person in the room, no matter where he goes or who he's with. I always figured camron diaz just couldn't deal with that.
    Plus, I've always liked Hugo Boss. Great clothes, great scents.
    I will admit though, I always liked his bleached blond look...

    Posted by: Scot | Jun 6, 2011 3:50:02 AM

  15. who are other guys in this commercial?

    Posted by: chantal | Aug 18, 2011 10:51:53 AM

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