1. Paul R says

    No idea how those kids were chosen, but some were incredibly articulate (though I’m notoriously bad at guessing the ages of pretty much anyone, especially young’uns!).

    The older blonde girl and the two boys with brown sorta bowl cuts made more insightful comments than I’ve seen from many Towleroad regulars.

  2. ratbastard says

    Lady GaGa does what she does to attract attention, which then hopefully translates into name recognition and opportunities to make $.

  3. AJ says

    Wow!! There were some incredibly astute observations there. Even by some of the very young ones. And it was interesting to see that this generation gets all of their music videos from youtube. Do they even know what the M in MTV stands for anymore? Wow. Times have changed.

  4. Old Hag says

    My kids have never seen Gaga but they go nuts when her songs come on the radio, so her music does have some kind of appeal to them.