1. Craig Mingus says

    People give Lady GaGa a lot of crap but with all the Tracy Morgan’s in the world, it’s good to see the Lady GaGa’s out there willing to speak up for those too afraid to do so themselves.

  2. The Iron Orchard says

    Does anyone know why when she sang this on Good Morning America, she left out the lyrics for…not matter gay straight or bi lebian transgender…

  3. adam says

    Didn’t she agree to censor the word “gay” from her performance of Born This Way on the Good Morning America concert two weeks ago? It’s a bit rich of her to call herself a revolutionary.

    Yes, Lady Gaga does more to support gay rights than Beyonce, Britney, Kesha and all the other so-called divas. But, at the end of the day, Lady Gaga is basically a politician. She will say and do anything to cater to the audience she’s playing to at any particular time.

    She’ll even agree to censor the word “gay” if it’s in her best interests….

  4. mike27 says

    Dear Adam and The Iron,
    Please go back to the post from that day, this issue was covered in great depth. Your complaints are a week or so too late. How about we talk about the fact that she is putting herself other there and doing some wonderful things rather than trying to find the worst in people. It would be a good life motto too. I really doubt she was trying to hurt anyone. If it was some “strategic” move, it is good to see that she is smart enough to ensure her future work and her future culture relevance. I hope she sticks around for a while and the more people that buy in to her message of acceptance the better. We could also talk about the fact that this is a pretty awesome performance. Thanks.

  5. mike27 says

    Actually Adam, I just looked up that day’s post and you were the person that started the frivolous complaining… when are you going to learn to get over things? No seemed to agree with you then and no one does now. Move on and find a legitimate reason to be upset because grasping at straws (especially the same one repeatedly) only makes you look desperate and bitter.

  6. Max says

    Hey Obama, this is what a fierce advocate looks like.

    Lady Gaga is 100x better when you strip away all that industry production garbage they pile onto her songs in the studio. There’s a real talent underneath it all.

  7. redball says

    Adam secretly loves Gaga. Why else would he be SURE to come on all the Gaga posts and say his trash. And he clearly loves all her music, hanging on that “gay straight or bi” lyric like it’s going to save his life!

  8. Mack says

    Yeah, Gaga dropped the “gay, straight or bi” lyric from her GMA performance, and in her infinite wisdom sold hundreds of thousands, if not millions of records more for having made that appearance that will result in kids and adults alike listening from their corners of the world those records and hearing those very same lyrics pump through their iPods, Mp3s and car stereos. She was able to do that for having made that one concession.

    She understands how to sell a lot of records, and the more she sells the more her calls for equality in her music will be heard by record buyers. Yeah, she’ll lose a battle along the way, but she will frickin’ win the war for us–and it seems she is willing to do so, even though there are some in the gay community who want to do nothing but tear her down.

    Good grief we can be bitchy, judgmental and ungrateful. No other artist EVER has done so much for Equality than this young woman. Yeah, Madge called for sexual liberation, and then dropped us when it was unpopular to do so (during the Bush Administration). Annie Lennox has fought tirelessly for AIDS causes. But in terms of fighting for our civil rights, our rights to Federal employement, housing and marriage…no one has ever come close to this 25 year old, who began speaking on our behalf before her celebrity was cemented.

  9. redball says

    Can we talk about her awesome speech for a second? I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture but I am guessing that she is the first American pop star in HISTORY to ever give such a clear, passionate, insistent call for gay equality.

    And that’s in addition to the many other previous calls for gay rights and pro-queer statements she’s made.

    Gay Gaga haters: you need to find a new schtick!

  10. Brion says

    She will be German in Germany, somehow.

    She does not speak for me, she is not my hero, she has no connection to me or my friends.

    I dread New York Gay Pride this year having to hear her “anthem” everywhere.

    Truly the most over-hyped singer of this or any generation.

  11. redball says

    She doesn’t speak for you but you sure will scoop up those rights that she is vociferously advocating for, won’t you?

    You could at least give credit where credit is due. Cattiness is not a good color on you.

  12. mike27 says

    Brion, what would you prefer her to say? If you actually listen to the speech it is pretty great. If you want to be hypercritical I am sure you can go off on some small nuance, but overall it is amazing.

    In regards to “over-hyped,” she is also one of the most successful singers of this or any generation. Hell, she was even named more influential than Oprah. I think she deserves a little bit of hype for her sales and influence.

    No one is saying she is has to be your hero, but you could have some appreciation that she has devoted so much time to the LGBT cause. Hating those that are helping us is in fact not helping anyone, including yourself. You are a set back. She has strong global influence and she is using it for good – not just at events like this but on day time television and talk shows as well. I guess I am just confused as to your angst. If you don’t like her music that is one thing, but someone with critical thinking skills should be able to separate her music and her LGBT work. While the music is certainly subjective, he advocacy is substantial and wonderful.

  13. Shane says

    Steve: Alemanno is an ex(?)fascist who is hardly “pro-gay.” As a “law and order” conservative, he has found it expedient to appear at the bedside of victims of brutal bashings, but that’s about as far as it goes. That’s why his name got boos from the crowd.

  14. The Iron Orchard says

    Dear Mike27,
    I was simply asking a question because I had not read or heard of LG giving an explaination, I wasn’t really looking for a diatribe on how I should act or feel. I actually enjoyed the performance posted, she’s not a great vocalist, but as I said I enjoyed it for it’s simplicity. I was actually thankful that you posted a link in your second comment, because as you informed me in your first this was so last week and I should keep up and get with the program, unfortunatly your link provided no information as to why she cut the lyric, just more of the same pro/con diatribes in the comments section.

  15. says

    Gay people who give GaGa crap for not REALLY being the gay advocate she says she is are either ancient (and that doesn’t always mean your physical age) or are focusing on pissy diva fights springing from Madonna worship instead of looking at the big picture of what she’s doing. She sold a million-plus CDs in a week and is still out there BLUNTLY calling for gay rights, and doing so as an out bi woman. So what if Madonna paved the way? Madonna deserves all her props and none will be taken away. But Madonna’s position as The Queen of Pop and a historically important LGBT supporter should not muddy the fact that Lady GaGa is picking up that mantle and taking it to the next level. Even if you loathe her music, every LGBT person should have the common sense to be thrilled by the stuff this woman is doing.

  16. DAVE says

    With all due respect it’s a bit rich to expect everyone to be thrilled with what she is doing, when we essentially demand this kind of acknowledgement from anyone who we perceive as being in power, not just those who benefit from a mutual level of support, as is the case with Gaga.
    Yes, she sold a million copies of her CD (almost half of them at 99cents a pop if I am correct), and she is undeniably the biggest act in the world at the moment, but I will tell you, as someone who was standing in that crowd, the reactions to her speech were quite rightly mixed…and that’s not necessarily an attack on her, but instead a reflection of the fact that we don’t ALL have to feel like we are represented by Gaga and her often inauthentic ramblings and self aggrandizing.

  17. Brion says

    Thanks Mike27 and DAVE.

    The whole thing strikes me as completely manufactured. Every part of this performer’s journey has been funded and created by a team of people. The music is by far the most directly annoying to me. The constant clucking about “She writes her own songs! She can play the piano! BLAH BLAH BLAH! As a gay man over 40 who is involved heavily with the music business, this is the most ridiculous banter I have ever heard. So did Debbie Gibson! If you think for even one moment that Hades Caca, created and produced the beats and sounds on her albums, then you are completely ignorant. Her “songs” are completely produced by other people, I guarantee you that.

    And someone please explain to me how a rising star (?) has designer headphones available at Best Buy before her track becomes a hit, as they were for Just Dance.

    She is not gay. She did not work her way up the ladder in NYC. I and my friends were all here waiting for a savior, and what arrived was a girl out of nowhere with heavy ties to Perez Hilton and pop goes the weasel.

    I choose my life. I have volunteered on the front lines of the AIDS crisis. I have been part of studies and aided my friends and counterparts whenever there was need. I have been part of years long research studies.

    I also have seen a lot of artists in my day. From Grace Jones to Boy George to Kate Bush (She writes her own songs! She plays piano!) to the current art music wonder of iamamiwhoami, all of whom blow this flash in the pan out of the water with their incredibly fresh ideas and musical directions.

    And NEVER has my basic human instincts and intellect been so riled by the complete falsity of intent and lack of originality in a persons statements and music. EVER.

    She makes Madonna look biblical and I hated Madonna until this one come along.

    Success does not mean good. Especially these days. My statement stands.

    I will fight for my rights as a person and not look to someone with with questionable, at best, roots and motives to be my spokesperson.

    I appreciate the debate.

  18. adam says

    Lady Gaga is not bisexual. Her “bisexuality” is a sop to the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action.

    If you look at the music industry, it’s a thread that runs right through many modern female singers. From Katy Perry to Rihanna to Britney, there is an organized marketing strategy designed to make females look bisexual. But, guess what, the same does not apply to male singers. The marketing strategy is not applied to males because it doesn’t serve the sleazy straight guy fantasy. If a male singer wanted to market his bisexuality, the music industry’s powers-that-be would tell him to put a sock in it.

    We are basically beholden to a musical marketing strategy based on the sleazy straight guy fantasy. As such, we shouldn’t be supporting it. It’s a selectively homophobic marketing strategy based on not offending sleazy straight guys.

    Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney, Rihanna etc are all spokes in the wheel of this selectively homophobic marketing strategy. We shouldn’t be supporting any of them.

  19. kodiak says

    Guys, c’mon. She knows the issues affecting lgbt peeps in detail.
    Other people don’t. She knows about gay teen homelessness, suicide, etc, etc. This is DEPTH. If you put her down for her musical ability, perhaps you should consider her a political activist that sings. She brings a fresh perspective to the fight for rights. She’s from the west village fer chrissakes! She’s for a revolution you can dance to! How gay is that!!

  20. Charlie-o says

    You need to do better reporting. Gianni Alemanno is in no way pro-gay!!! As Sean stated above, he is a far-right politician who gave the Roman Salute (picture Mussolini arm extended) when first elected. Aside from cutting off funds for various LGBT causes, there has been a marked increase in episodes of homophobic violence since Alemanni took over. He pro-forma condemns the violence but he creates an atmosphere where it flourishes.

    I know Lady Gaga gave Alemanni some high praise. Well, she can’t be able to assess the situation in every location on the globe. So maybe I should give Towleroad a pass on this too.

    But please! “. . .the pro-gay mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno” is so very, very wrong!

  21. Paul R says

    @Adam/Jason/Whatever name you’re using this week, will you please give it up? You make the exact same trite argument endlessly.

    And for the Gaga haters: why? You have (as someone said) “the biggest act in the world” giving a 15-minute speech to a huge audience. What exactly makes you so upset about that? I don’t care how old you are, why do you hate someone fighting for your rights? Hate her music, even hate her. But you’re utterly ignorant if you don’t see her positive influence. What would you prefer in her place? You just sound painfully bitter.

    Do you know any straight people? Most of my friends are straight, as are my four brothers. They tell me that Gaga has changed many straight minds, simply because she’s so attention getting, then has the voice (both singing and speaking) to back it up. I love Grace Jones, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox (dearly!), and others. But Gaga has made a global difference. And you hate her for fighting for your rights?

  22. aaron says

    Matt, you are an idiot. Caca didn’t sell one million albums. She practically gave them away. She is NOT a spokesperson for our community. She is a talentless product manufactured by record industry bigwigs. Her album is flopping big time now and she is becoming a has-been.

  23. Brion says

    Oh Paul please…

    All of my straight friends think she is the biggest phoney that has ever walked the earth. And none of them are watching gay pride event in Europe.

    I do hate her. For being a pandering copy cat and a liar. I’m allowed. Just as you are allowed to like her for the same reasons.

  24. redball says

    You gays who hate the SIMULTANEOUSLY MOST FAMOUS, MOST VOCAL, AND MOST PRO-GAY RIGHTS celebrity in world history…

    are a STRANGE BUNCH!

    I guess I’ll never understand your peculiar mental condition.

    Fortunately, I think you are a minority in the queer community, so the loud bunch of you on Towleroad is not indicative of the community’s overall attitude.

    Kodiak: **LOVE** how you put it. “A revolution you can dance to.” AMEN!

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