1. Mrs. Sippi says

    Sorry, but if you believe marriage should be decided by the states you should immediately speak out and work towards ending DOMA. I was a supporter, but this is really killing my interest in another 4 years of this.

    He’s missing the opportunity to lead here.

  2. X says

    lame. ARUGHGHASJLDAKSJ: I’m sooo disgusted sometimes at America. It’s easier to be treated like a human being in Canada and Europe?! I wish this country would shape up.

  3. Bill says

    I believe we are a hell of a lot closer to reaching our common goals with Obama’s support and leadership than we might otherwise be. Consider where we would be with John McCain as president! UGH! Since Obama has been in office, there has been steady (remarkable) progress in achieving equality for all. Attitudes in America are changing and our goals are going to be met…sooner rather than later. Yea, I would want things to move faster, but the reality is that “Rapid progress comes slowly.” Obama deserves our continued support for what he has accomplished. If you want better progress, you won’t find it in any Republican candidate, that’s for sure.

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