1. PLAINTOM says

    I thought he was smarter than that. I mean both the action and the earlier denial.

  2. sparks says

    Well Mr. Toe-tapper-republican refused to resign after his little incident, and Weiner’s didn’t even violate any laws or ordinances.

  3. Mr. Jockey says

    We share the same preference for horizontal fly Jockey pouch boxer briefs.

  4. TJ says

    Effin’ idiot, indeed. He is a public servant, not a private citizen (not that anyone ought to be this careless). He has disappointed us. We have a right to feel disappointed. If an argument against the likes of Palin includes the belief that we ought to expect more from our leaders with regard to integrity, intelligence, and character, it’s a standard those who we support ought to uphold as well.

  5. daftpunkydavid says

    enough already…. (1) the guy did not break any laws apparently and (2) the guy is no hypocrite; he’s no “family values” guy.

    soooo, this, in my book, is an error in judgement, but in his private life. not enough to have him resign.

    there are many, many, many more important problems than this, seriously.

    i just hope no law was broken.

  6. justme says

    Sex makes men stupid. We all know that. He’s not the first guy to be ruled by his penis.

    But he didn’t do anything illegal — and he did most of it while single and none of it in person — so this was nothing compared to David Vitter or Larry Craig. And it’s not only nowhere near a John Edwards, it doesn’t even remotely approach a Bill Clinton. And we know he’s never going to do it again, so that’s the end of that.

  7. Rowan says


    No LAW says he was lying.

    This is CRAZY. Capitol letters!, lol!

    Ps how were they lewd?like Newt and what he did to his wife?

  8. JT says

    He’s a dick (too easy)…and was thinking with his other head (also…tooooo easy) Im very disapointed in him. He seems much smarter than the behavior he has shown. Do I think he should resign…I dont know…he didnt do anything wrong as far as the law or his job, but it leaves his judgement in serious question.
    The only thing i wont listen too is any political pandering…as NEITHER side has a clean record on this…though, as has been pointed out, the Dems dont pontificate about “morals and values”…probably because, like all politicians…they dont seem to possess any.

  9. dms says

    he lied. to the media, to his constituency, to his wife. Clearly he’s been busy but instead of worrying about jobs, he’s been worried about blow jobs.

    So maybe he didn’t break any laws, but he violated our trust, didn’t focus on his job and disappointed all those who believed in him. What a colossal waste. For wasting all that good will, he should step down. The republican he runs against will surely have a field day and we’ll lose another seat if he doesn’t.

  10. Jack says

    I have done similarly dumb things I don’t deserve to lose my job or be executed for. This guy’s the perfect representative for me. Besides, he gave a great presentation at the National Correspondent’s dinner.

  11. Paul R says

    No way should he resign. As others have said, sex and power make men dumb. BIG SURPRISE.

    With what we know now, he’d be doing us a huge disservice to step down. Hell, Palin stepped down so she could rake in a bunch of money. Weiner sent some pictures and texts of a fairly tame nature. Who cares?

    He just needs to continue doing his job. Recall that Barney Frank’s partner was nearly running a gay brothel from Frank’s residence, with Frank’s knowledge, and Frank has managed to do pretty well. And that was the “filthy” gay stuff, 20 years ago. Who cares if he cheated on his wife, for real or just for fantasy? Half the GOP guys so livid at the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal were later shown to be adulterers themselves.

    Abuse of power comes as no surprise. And unless I hear otherwise, he didn’t abuse his power.

  12. bicurious says

    I for the life of me can’t understand why people care about his private sex life. He is good at his job and isn’t a family values holy roller hypocrite. I feel like the gays in particular should allow him his privacy.

  13. Zlick says

    I don’t care about his sex life, just whether he is too stupid for the job. Doing this deed was halfway to too stupid, forgetting that it’s always the cover-up, almost never the crime was way past the other half of TOO STUPID to serve in office.

    I like Weiner, I really do. (The man, btw – no gay jokes meant). But the lack of judgment displayed in the childish sex tweets and overwhelmingly in lying about it when getting caught was obviously just a matter of moments in today’s world simply astounds me and leaves me with little faith in the man’s abilities in any field of complex work.

    But, I no longer live in New York and he’s not my representative. I’m so disappointed, though.

  14. Jerry says

    This is what republicans DONT do. When one of theirs gets busted they DONT all decry his actions, they act like it didnt matter. Thats why they get further ahead, by not attacking their own. Hes got a nice cock, he was in an arranged marriage, he didnt run on a family values platform and I dont care who he shows it to.

  15. says

    “So maybe he didn’t break any laws, but he violated our trust, didn’t focus on his job and disappointed all those who believed in him.”

    Not sure why he violated “our trust.” He never promised me he wouldn’t send out body pics of himself via the Internet. And he never promised me he wouldn’t lie about it. And, as has been proven throughout history, many men are quite capable of focusing on their jobs while indulging in various sexual antics.

    Like many politicians who think with their “weiners”, his biggest flaw was being foolish enough to believe he wouldn’t get caught, that in today’s political climate private shenanigans will remain so. A liberal with his name, loathed by many a right-wing scumbag, should have known better! I hope he’s learned his lesson and that he won’t cave in to the pressure to resign because he did something embarrassing that shouldn’t be any of our business.

  16. justme says

    “he lied. to the media, to his constituency, to his wife. Clearly he’s been busy but instead of worrying about jobs, he’s been worried about blow jobs.”

    He was ambushed in the hope that he would be forced to lie. He lied to the media because he was ambushed. He lied to his constituency only via his lying to the media because he was ambushed. If he lied to his wife, there’s nothing to indicate she hasn’t forgiven him. None of the rest of us have anything to either forgive or condemn him for, since he wasn’t flirting with us online and we’re not married to him.

    Nice try in attempting a sound bite with the blow jobs thing, except for the tiny little detail that he was never involved in blow jobs. In other words, in saying that blow jobs were involved, you just lied. And, according to you, you now can’t be trusted.

    This is the second place today I’ve seen your posts, so I guess you’ve been busy, too, worrying about blow jobs that Anthony Weiner never got.

    Since nobody can trust you since you’re a liar, I have to ask — what’s up with that?

  17. RJ says

    A bit disappointing. I thought he was smarter than this. Especially with a last name like his, he should have known better than to take ANY pics of his “weiner”. And then to actually send it to someone via the internet and not expect it to get more widely circulated?

  18. Cal says

    Makes you wonder how many other politicians are sweating right now, wondering when their number is up?

    Perhaps we should just elect women from now on? Though not sure how many Bachmann and Palin’s I could handle.

  19. Max says

    Whatever. I didn’t think the Republican congressman should have resigned over his topless pic, and I don’t think Weiner should either. Nor did I care if Clinton got a BJ. None of my business.

    I can’t stand how prudish America is. How is this a 24/7 “scandal,” but starting a third way in Libya is ignored?

  20. Zlick says

    I’m not gonna watch any TV coverage, so I’m gonna go by the opinions of most thinking people I’ve heard comment on this: No one cares about his sex life. It’s his poor judgment in tweeting weiner pictures over the internet. It’s his stupid attempts at a cover-up. These are the acts of an absolute idiot.

    Weiner did not strike me as one. And I guess your cock can lead you to all sorts of stupid things, and it’s quite a pathetic yet common human quality to lie when cornered. But human or not, male or not, these are NOT qualities I want to see in my elected representatives.

  21. mike says


  22. Francis says

    To me, the pictures are so little of an issue. Like, really, that’s not the issue at all here.

    However, his poor decision making, denials, lies and covering up of what happened for a week is something that is poor form for an elected official. Very poor form. Especially from a guy who prides himself as being no-nonsense. He looks hypocritical in that sense, and he looks naive in thinking this wouldn’t blow up in his face. He should have known better than to do this, it’s such a boneheaded decision. He honestly looks stupid right now more than anything else, and that’s not what you want to see from someone who was just a few weeks ago seen as a future tenant of the Democratic party.

    Personally, whether he resigns from here comes down to what his constituents ask for. I do think maybe a leave of absence is necessary for the time being. He’ll never recover fully from this situation and he could have saved himself to a certain extent, had he stepped up to the accusations and been forthright from the beginning. Even “no comment, it’s private” would have been better than lying. He put himself in this position.

    These COUNTLESS stories of politicians engaging in illicit activity (sexual and otherwise) just goes to show how none of us should trust anything the overwhelming majority of them have to say.

  23. dms says


    re: blow jobs. usually when someone sends a photo of their package, they are looking for some kind of sex. Quite possibly blow jobs. It’s not that much of a stretch to think that. I’m not sure how I’m a liar because a politician sent pictures of his weiner to strangers across the country and I made the assumption that he was looking for sex.

    Actually I am job hunting. Which is why I have time. Which is why I’d prefer that my politicians would work on figuring out why corporations are not creating jobs instead of distributing pictures of their genitals to random people.

    In this country, when you do that, you get skewered. It’s happened time and again. A republican just did it with a far tamer photo, quit and the conservative constituency elected a democrat. Great in that case, but what if this guy gets sacked and a republican gets his job?

    So yes, I did expect more of him. He did betray me by making himself politically vulnerable. He stands for a lot of good things and now he’s a punch line.

  24. says

    Everyone has their vices. His, because he’s a Democrat in the House of Representa­tives, were vigorously sought out and exposed for the whole world to see. To me, he’s no different than a lot of people I know. Yes, he technicall­y may have violated House rules of conduct and decorum, but I don’t think that deserves to be punished severely enough that he should have to resign. Not when there are David Vitter’s and Tom Coburn’s in the world who have committed much more serious transgress­ions.
    Representa­tive Weiner should just apologize on the House floor and try his best to put this behind him. I know I will.

  25. says

    DMS: Flirting/ Online sex is way different than actually having physical contact. The trust is still there if I’m his wife.
    But, then, I’ve always been much more liberal when it comes to sex than the average prudish American.

  26. says

    In the final analysis, when all the faux outrage over Anthony Weiners lapse of good judgement has been exhausted, will this incident have any affect on my life personally? NO!

    I’m more concerned with the people in Congress who have become the bought and paid for shills of Corporate America who’s votes DO affect me personally in the form of jobs, sky rocketing gas prices, higher food prices, the raping of our natural resourses and the list goes on and on.

    Where’s the outrage? Granted, these things aren’t as tittilating as a good old fashion sex scandal, but they are far more important in my opinion and are really where our outrage ought to be focused.

    I’d love to see the media go after the bought and paid Corporatist Representatives and Senators for selling out their constituants in order to line their own pockets as voraciously as they do when their is the slightes hint of a sexual impropriaty.

  27. Jerry6 says

    It is not the SEX that bothers me; It is the fact that he lied, and lied, and lied. How can we ever believe anything else he ever makes a statement about.