1. nikko says

    Stephan is not a woman. She’s still a he, so this does not qualify as a lesbian couple. Good gesture on their part, though. And the age difference iof 32 years??! OMG.

  2. Tommy says

    John –

    If we’re going to be pedantic, Stephanie is male, regardless of how she identifies. Sex is a biological reality, not an emotional/social one. This is certainly a same-gender marriage, but not same-sex.

  3. says

    It’s only a “heterosexual marriage” if they identify as heterosexuals. It seems fairly clear that they aren’t presenting themselves as a man-woman couple, which points out the absurdity of marriage laws that discriminate on the basis of sex or gender.

  4. Phil says

    @Ratbastard: There are many *strikingly* beautiful transgender people. That having been said, yes, Ratbastard, you made a funny. It reminds us to view people as individuals regarding gender status AND race…(ahem).

  5. missanthrope says

    “Stephan is not a woman. She’s still a he, so this does not qualify as a lesbian couple. Good gesture on their part”

    What a load of transphobic fail.

  6. ratbastard says


    Thank you, I’m well aware there are ‘striking’ transgendered men and women. I see some pretty much every day where I live. If I could have managed it, I would have snapped a pic with my phone of the 6′-6″ [easily] ‘striking’ transgendered ‘chick’ who brushed past everyone in ‘her’ path in a huff, at the Haymarket subway station [Orange Line level] in Boston Friday evening. ‘She’ gave the tourists,commuters, and folks going to watch the Boston-Vancouver hockey game something to tell the grandkids.

    And I hate to bring it up, but ‘she’ was black. Seriously, 100% true story, Doesn’t matter what ‘her’ skin color is, of course, but I’m always amused some people who post on here think I’m a raging racist, which I’m not at all. I’m just comfortable discussing race related issues [maybe because I’ve spent my whole life in ‘diverse’ environments?] where-as many are not.

  7. Dalton says

    Sigh. Because it isn’t truly a thread into Miss Ratbastard injects her daily dose of colour arousal.

    Do you dream about black men Rattie? You truly must because your commentary invariably becomes about race. You’re very predictable.

    Such is life for the undereducated, underskilled, middle aged white gay “Hi May I Help You” crowd.

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