24 Gay Couples Wed In Pop-Up Chapels At Central Park

What's better than a beautiful Saturday wedding?

A beautiful Saturday wedding that's completely paid for and in Central Park, of course, and that's exactly what 24 same-sex couples got yesterday when wedding site The Knot sponsored a two pop-up chapels and organized clergy, bands and florists to help them seal the deal.

The results were appropriately sweet.

“I promise to always help you find your keys; I promise to give you all the credit when people compliment me in your clothes… I promise to always have your back,” said one blushing bride, Tiffany Hopkins to new wife Katrina Olson. “The only thing I can’t promise you is my heart, ’cause you stole it so many years ago.”

While the event was unique, one of the organizers, Bex Schwartz, predicts more pop-up chapels — not just in New York City, but from coast-to-coast.

"I’m an eternal optimist; I hope the right way will win out," she said. "People realize that we can’t say some people are better than others.”

I didn't get a chance to visit the two special chapels — picked from more than 50 design entries –  but one of my friends, a typically jaded man who has previously scoffed at love, admitted, "I know it's cheesy to say that a wedding was beautiful, but it was really cute to see all these couples standing up and marrying, for all the world to see."

Sounds like a perfect day to me. 

For pictures of the nuptials, check out FarmBoyz's Flickr page.